19 Leadership SMART Goals Examples for Your Workplace

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With leadership comes a wide range of responsibilities, from making a commitment to your team to being a role model to those who are looking to you for direction. Being a leader is not just being a boss. Effective leadership can fuel an organization’s success by boosting employee morale as your group is working toward … Read more

21 SMART Goals Examples for HR (Human Resources) Professionals

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smart goals for hr | hr goals and objectives | hr manager goals and objectives examples

HR professionals regularly face new challenges that require them to effectively find solutions while staying within the ethical framework. This demands constant learning. And like any professional, most entry- and mid-level HR employees would like to advance their career to senior or specialized positions. Smart goals for HR professionals can help you achieve your main … Read more

31 Good Excuses to Miss Work on Short Notice (EXAMPLES)

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fake excuses to get out of work | great excuses to miss work on short notice | good excuses to miss work on short notice reddit

The need to take a day off on short notice from work happens to all of us. Life happens, and when it does, we need to take some time to take care of the circumstances that come our way. Sometimes we may need to go into work later than scheduled, and other times we may … Read more

11 SMART Goals Examples for Event Coordinators

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examples of smart goals for event coordinator | event goals and objectives examples | event manager performance goals examples

An event coordinator has many responsibilities that pose specific challenges, including hiring the correct number of staff, maintaining a budget, networking, dealing with the weather, not having experience, not being organized, etc. However, the SMART methodology enables you to set goals that can help overcome these challenges. This article looks at 11 examples of SMART … Read more

11 SMART Goals Examples for Growing Your Career

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smart goals examples for career | smart goals examples for career development | smart goals examples for career growth

For most people who like their jobs, advancing their careers is something they strive for. Unfortunately, too many people think waiting around for someone to notice their potential is enough… and, thus, end up disappointed and feeling unappreciated when it doesn’t happen. You need to actively work at making things happen. You need to set … Read more

11 Examples of SMART Goals for Project Management

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If you’re struggling to communicate with employees effectively, your problems might stem from a lack of precise goals rather than insufficient soft skills. One of the best ways to create a good baseline for a project is to use SMART goals. Project management relies on proper planning to get the project underway, and it’s those … Read more

11 SMART Goals Examples for Time Management & Productivity

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We all have ambitions, aspirations, and objectives that we want to achieve in life. But we hardly take a systematic approach towards them. Do you know that out of every hundred people, only twenty set their goals, and from those twenty, only eight are able to accomplish what they plan for? The concept of SMART goals can … Read more

9 Printable Wheel of Life Templates & Worksheets

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Do you often find yourself juggling priorities at work and in your personal life? Are you constantly short on time when it comes to doing things you love? Does hearing the term “work-life balance” send you into a panic? We know that life can get busy at times. You devote all of your attention to … Read more

35 Funny Procrastination Memes About Putting Things Off

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Procrastinators often sabotage their own success and happiness. Research shows that people who constantly put things off on purpose because they don’t look forward to completing a task or activity (or because they’ve found something else more pleasurable to do) often experience: Higher stress levels Increased anxiety Increased fatigue More depression Reduced life satisfaction Today, … Read more

Efficient VS Effective: 5 Core Differences

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My great aunts were both incredible cooks. They could make the most amazing feasts for their guests by being efficient and effective, and I learned to love the kitchen as I grew up at their feet.  Aunt Daisy was a stunning and efficient cook, and while she didn’t have the best kitchen and she had … Read more