35 Funny Night Shift Memes to Enjoy When Working Late

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35 Funny Night Shift Memes to Enjoy When Working Late Looking for night shift memes? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a collection of hilarious memes dedicated to those hardworking, sleep-deprived people perpetually assigned to the night shift. While caffeine—in the form of coffee or energy drinks—definitely helps to keep you … Read more

Lifestyle Design: A Simple Overview

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lifestyle design | what is lifestyle design | | lifestyle design coach

If you’re like me, you’ve designed your living and working spaces in a way that suits you best. You want them to be functional areas, but also have elements that reflect your personality and the things that are important to you–such as displayed photographs of family and friends. You create your space on your own … Read more

7 Common To Do List Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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The following is a sample from my book To-Do List Makeover: A Simple Guide to Getting the Important Things Done. Many people start writing out a to-do list with good intentions but end up abandoning it because of overwhelm. If you want to learn how to write to-do lists that work, avoid and fix the … Read more

13 Social Loafing Examples Throughout Work and Life

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Working in a group can be difficult. In addition to differences of opinion, another more serious issue can crop up… when not everyone pulls their weight and some people just ride in your slipstream, cruising through life. This is known as social loafing, and it’s a scary phenomenon that happens at work, in family life, … Read more

7 Ways to Not Get Distracted at Work or While Studying

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how to not get distracted by a crush | how to stop getting distracted by thoughts | how to not get distracted from your goals

Life is chock-full of distractions.  Social media. TV commercials. Billboards. Noise. Attractive people. Unattractive people.   Plastic bags blowing in the wind.   Let’s be honest… at some point in our lives, we’ve all been in one place and wished we were someplace else.  Or been caught daydreaming when we should have been wrapping up something important.  … Read more

11 SMART Goals Examples for Social Media Marketing

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social media smart goals examples | social media goals examples | social smart goals examples for students

These days there’s no way of avoiding social media. It’s everywhere. Setting goals in social media is a sure way of improving the overall impact of your marketing strategy. Having goals in place can also help increase overall motivation and more likely result in success. One way of ensuring that social media marketing goals are … Read more

14 Bad Habits that Kill Your Productivity & Time Management Efforts

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Do you often find yourself unable to resist the allure of social media when working? Is getting yourself psyched up for long stretches of work impossible to do? Is staying on task when you’re working just not possible for you? You’re not alone, both engaging and maintaining productivity is hard for most, especially with our … Read more

11 SMART Goals Examples for Recruiters & Recruitment

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In a fast-paced, target-driven recruitment industry, you need to develop strategies to find the best hires. Becoming a great recruiter or talent advisor will produce the best results. Setting SMART goals is an effective way to get the results you want and drive your career progression. This article presents seven smart goals for recruiters and … Read more

25 Work and Life Hacks for Maximizing Your Productivity

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At the end of your workday, do you ever feel like you could’ve done more? Maybe written more words. Completed more tasks. Or simply just did more work. And does it leave you feeling a little… incomplete? Like you’ve wasted your day? …Sound familiar? Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can leave … Read more

6 Steps to Answer the “What Motivates You” Interview Question

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If you’re in the market for a job and spend a lot of time practicing your answers to common interview questions, you might find yourself laughing at what your “real” answer to a question may be versus what a solid, professional answer would look like. One of the questions that this probably happens with is… … Read more