35 Free Weekly Planner Template Printables for 2022

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Like most of us, you probably start the week strong, determined to get as many things done as possible. However, as the weekend approaches, you realize that you’ve accomplished very little when it comes to your priority tasks. It seems like all the time you had was used on non-priority tasks. You might be wondering, … Read more

13 Fun Outdoor Team Building Activities (That Aren’t Lame)

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For many of us, working from home has been an eyeopener.  It’s made us re-evaluate our priorities and, in many cases, spend more time with family.   Add to that, the newfound flexibility and ability to work from anywhere with an Internet connect… at times, working remotely could be (dare I say it?) fun! But … Read more

15 Leadership SMART Goals Examples for Your Workplace

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With leadership comes a wide range of responsibilities, from making a commitment to your team to being a role model to those who are looking to you for direction. Being a leader is not just being a boss. Effective leadership can fuel an organization’s success by boosting employee morale as your group is working toward … Read more

5 SMART Goals Examples to Improve Workplace Teamwork

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Everyone knows how crucial teamwork is for a company’s success; working alone just isn’t as effective as collaborating with others. Tackling a big project with colleagues allows for multiple perspectives, and that’s a significant advantage. However, it’s not enough to simply work on a task together. To truly succeed, you need to set and achieve … Read more

6 SMART Goals Examples for Your Accounting Career

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Goals can motivate you to stand out and become the best accountant you can be. Using a SMART goal framework, you’ll have measurable objectives that systematically help you increase your chances of achieving them. For any goal for career enhancement, SMART goals can help get you there. Read on for six accounting smart goals examples … Read more

5 SMART Goal Examples for Your Musician Career

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Being a musician can be fun, and if you’re good, it can lead to a lucrative career. However, being a musician comes with, especially when just starting out. But, if you know how to set proper goals, overcoming these obstacles becomes easier. This article will discuss SMART goals—specific goal types that follow five principles. We … Read more

6 SMART Goals Examples for Digital Marketing Professionals

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Digital marketing is a great field to be in. With the ever-growing world of online sales, digital marketing can be a very lucrative career. This is not to say that digital marketing does not have any obstacles to overcome. In fact, this career has many challenges that you will face on a daily basis. Today, … Read more

5 SMART Goals Examples for Personal Training & Fitness Trainers

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Being a personal trainer can be highly lucrative, but it’s not easy. Personal trainers in the fitness industry face many challenges, which we will discuss. Having a regular income, a weird work schedule, and demanding clients are just some of the challenges you might encounter. However, one way to overcome challenges that personal trainers face … Read more

6 SMART Goals Examples for Technicians

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Technicians or maintenance personnel have demanding careers. As a maintenance technician, you have many responsibilities. This can be a real challenge, considering so many facets of this job position. However, you can make overcoming any obstacle more manageable with SMART goals. This article looks at six SMART goal examples for technicians that could help you … Read more