How to Find and Work with a Mentor

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​We could all use mentors in our lives. A lot of successful people acknowledge the role that a mentor has played in the success they have. With the right person guiding them, they had access to information and connections that would have been impossible to have if they were doing it alone. A mentor can … Read more

7 Steps to Ask Someone to Be Your Mentor (with an Example)

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how to ask someone to be your mentor | how to ask someone to be your mentor sample letter | how to ask someone to be your mentor at work

Asking someone to be your mentor can be seriously overwhelming, and if you do it wrong, it can be super creepy. There’s a trick to how to ask someone to be your mentor, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of situation. You have to be super self-aware, conscious of the reactions of others, and work … Read more

9 SMART Goals Examples for Mentoring (Both Mentor & Mentee)

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Mentoring is all about communication and having clear objectives. As a mentee, you shouldn’t expect much from mentoring if you don’t have goals. Likewise, as a mentor, you can’t expect your client to reach their goals without help setting them correctly. This is why you’ll want to use SMART goals. Mentoring effectively is a lot … Read more