37 You Are Special Quotes and Sayings

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Tired of always trying to fit in—of constantly trying to be like everyone else in order to be accepted? Well, we’ve got news for you—you’re not meant to fit in. You’re not even required to think and act like everybody else. You are special, and you’ve got unique contributions to share with the world. Today, … Read more

35 Silence Quotes About the Power of Quiet Reflection

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Silence has the power to transform our lives for the better and bring us closer to enlightenment. However, sitting in silent contemplation can be challenging for many of us who are used to hearing the noises of daily life. Nevertheless, incorporating periods of silence into your daily routine can be one of the most rewarding … Read more

Courage is Not the Absence of Fear: 3 Lessons from This Quote

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courage is not the absence of fear | courage is not the absence of fear franklin roosevelt | courage is not the absence of fear quote

When I think of raw courage, my mind always goes back to a story I read many years ago about a boy who was asked to give blood in an emergency to his sister, as he was the only known potential donor with her blood type. The boy misunderstood and thought the doctor and his … Read more

91 Success Quotes from History’s Most Famous People

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Success is something that everyone wants. It may be success in business. It may be having successful relationships. It may be success for your family. It may be success in living healthy. It may be success in some specific skill. Success takes all forms, and so do people’s viewpoints on success. Collected here are 51 … Read more

121 Thought Provoking Questions to Make You Think

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 Inquisitiveness. Curiosity. Creativity. These skills grow when you take the time to think about the tough questions in life. Even if you do not come up with strong answers to thought provoking questions, the process of thinking about these questions will help gain control over your life. Kinda funny, that…. questions that make you think … Read more

Best Financial Quotes: 15 Awesome Finance Quote Pictures from Pinterest

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Read the best financial quotes from Pinterest with awesome quote pictures.

I love good financial quotes. ​Good financial quotes can inspire you to treat your money the right way instead of indulging in wasteful spending. They teach you sound finance principles like the ones below. Sound Finance Principles: Budget. Live within your means. Avoid impulse buying. Buy value. Don’t borrow unless you can afford it. Pay bills … Read more

74 Fear Quotes for When You’re Scared of the Unknown

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Fear quotes show the bad side of fear and how it can affect people.

In this collection of quotes about fear we will look into the darkest recesses of our minds. We will look at the things that truly scare us, and see why they often don’t matter. These fear quotes will help us face our fears and vanquish them. Let’s get to it… Fear. It is human nature … Read more