67 Mindfulness Quotes to Live in the Present Moment

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Mindfulness Quotes About Love, Work, Meditation

What are mindful quotes? A mindful quote is any quote to directly about the practice of mindfulness or that exhibits the experience or action from mindful thought on a subject. Mindful thought is the minute-by-minute awareness of everything that is going on in and around you. If you are taking a mindful walk, for example, … Read more

30 Goal Setting Affirmations to Stop Your Procrastination

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30 Awesome Goal Setting Affirmations

Are goal setting affirmations important? I would give that question a definitive, “yes”. Sometimes affirmations can be a mixed bag. They can help some people, but will give give others a false sense of ‘mission accomplished’. But goal setting affirmations are a little bit different. To achieve goals one of the important factors is to … Read more