77 Integrity Quotes to Build Your Character

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Integrity is one of the most sought-after and also one of the most misunderstood character traits. It is often defined simply as straightforward honesty. A couple other definitions are “doing the right thing” and “being reliable.” But what exactly is integrity, and why does society put such a high premium on it? Having integrity is … Read more

101 Thinking Of You Quotes To Let Someone Know You Care

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thinking of you quotes | just thinking of you quotes | quotes to let someone know you are thinking of them

Letting the people we care about know how much they mean to us has a positive, healing benefit for us and for our loved ones as well. There is nothing like being reminded that a person is constantly in your thoughts, with the reminder expressed in a most sincere, endearing way. It does not merely … Read more

101 Daily Motivational Positive Affirmations for 2024

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Are you feeling a little apathetic lately? Motivation gives you the power to get ahead, improve yourself, and reach goals. But if you lack the drive to get through the day, it can be challenging to get anything done. One way to improve motivation is through mindfulness. The power of positive thinking can increase your … Read more

77 Quotes About Building Good Habits in 2024

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What’s the big deal about habits, anyway? Well, for one, the things we do repeatedly and consistently end up shaping our future. Whether we’ll be successful or not often depends on the quality of our habits. Our belief that habits form the crux of every person’s success led to the development of this blog called … Read more

79 Quotes About Life Lessons to Motivate Your 2024

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Life can be hard—there’s no denying that. It seems like you need to be on constant lookout so that you don’t miss crucial life lessons to help you face challenges, overcome obstacles, forge relationships, and chase your dreams. All of this can feel overwhelming at times. You’re not alone in feeling this. Other people also … Read more

121 Self-Confidence Positive Affirmations for 2024

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Affirmations are positive statements we tell ourselves in order to reprogram our brains. This is in an effort to let go of negative thoughts and start thinking more clearly and productively. Self-confidence positive affirmations allow us to use the science of brain reprogramming to help us learn to face the world with less fear.  Today, … Read more

71 Progress Quotes for Taking Action in 2024

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progress quotes | growth and progress quotes | quotes about progress and moving forward

Does it feel like an uphill battle when you’re chasing your dreams? You know you’re working hard, but somehow you don’t see the results of your efforts. Although you may feel tempted to do so, don’t give up just yet. We’re here to assure you all your effort isn’t for nothing. When you want to … Read more

103 Quotes About Having Strength During Hard Times

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True strength is not about how much you can bench, squat or curl. It is not a measure of your chest and biceps. Strength is about what you can face and overcome. Strength is only found in adversity, and sometimes the strongest people are the most unlikely ones. When times get tough, when you fall … Read more

55 Personal Mission Statement Quotes for 2024

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Do you ever feel like you’re just drifting through life? Have you ever asked yourself what more you could be doing with the abilities and talents you possess? Many people have had the same feeling and asked the same question in their quest for a more meaningful life. The truth is, we all hunger for … Read more

157 Goal Setting and Achieving Quotes for 2024

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Read these 157 Quotes About Setting and Achieving Goals to Help You Realize Your Dreams!

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to make your dreams come true and to be successful in life? Some people would say that all you need to do is work really hard to achieve what you really want in life. Others think that it’s all about whom you know and using that connection … Read more