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Have you ever heard the phrase, “Words have power!”?  Well, it's true.  I know many of us grew up saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  But that is so far from the truth.

Words not only hurt others, but they hurt us.  Many friendships and relationships have ended due to negative remarks.  Wars have been declared due to harmful and hurtful words. 

This article will discuss why it is important to speak positive words daily.  In addition, we will look at 365 Positive Words to Use Daily [A to Z].  Meaning you can choose to focus on speaking one positive word per day for a year.

Many of us had to overcome the oppressive and traumatizing power of negativity spewed our way.  These are words that have echoed in the thoughts of many of us for decades However, positive words can reassure us, helping us rise out of the ashes of negativity and accomplish remarkable things.

Negative words are a great way to clear a room and clear our lives.  But unfortunately, people who are always negative have a way of chasing people away.

However, just as words have a negative power to change the world around us, positive words can shape the world around us in an extraordinary way.  And bring us much success.

Why It is Important to Speak Positive Words Daily

Words are the building blocks that shape our lives.  We can build a life with a positive “can-do” infrastructure or negative “I can't” structures.  Positivity will stand the test of time, while negativity manifested in our lives can leave us emotionally bankrupt and our life in shambles… similar to building a house with subpar materials.

Positive words can relieve much of our daily anxiety and stress. When speaking positively, we are proclaiming that we are open to new possibilities… and may even “wow” ourselves with the things we can accomplish.  We will discover something inside of us that we never knew was there.  

When we are positive, we become more confident and vibrant people.  Also, we become absolutely unstoppable when we build our lives on positive words.  We are determined more than ever to reach and excel in our potential.

Negativity is like letting all the air out of your car tires then driving the car.  It slows progress and creates more significant problems as we move forward.  On the contrary, positive words and affirmations are like having our car properly running and functioning on all cylinders.

Positive words spoken are similar to running in running shoes and gear.  You are prepared and equipped with what you need for the journey.  However, negativity is any force that keeps you held back, like trying to run two miles with 100-pound dumbbells in each hand.  You may run for a very short time, if at all, but it will significantly limit how far you go on your journey to run, and you risk severe injury in the process.

Speaking positive words helps us see through the negativity to see the possibility of a situation or circumstance.  Many call it faith; others, the power of positive thinking, either way, it helps us to keep pushing forward with the belief that we will make it.  We aren't moved by the obstacles that stand in our way.

Lastly, when we speak positive words, we reinforce them in our hearts and minds and to those around us.  So many times, we hear, see, and have been spoken to negatively.   To the point, that positivity can be a refreshing and welcomed change.  

Positive words serve as a blueprint to a building or the architectural drawings of it.  Negativity says it may not look like much now.  Still, positively we see and speak what we want to see manifested and believe it will become.

365 Positive Words to Use Daily [A to Z for 2024]

Positive words that start with A

  1. Able – having skill, power, and resources
  2. Acceptable – capable or worthy of being accepted
  3. Accepted – generally approved
  4. Accepting – open, amiable
  5. Accommodating – easy to deal with or easy to please
  6. Accomplished – completed, achieved
  7. Accountable – responsible
  8. Acknowledged – widely recognized and generally accepted.
  9. Active – engaged in action, energetic, busy.
  10. Addition – uniting or adding to something or someone
  11. Admirable – worthy of admiration, reverence, or affection
  12. Admired – to regard with wonder, pleasure, or approval
  13. Adorable – very attractive or charming
  14. Affectionate – showing or indicating love
  15. Affirmative – validity asserts the truth
  16. Agile – quick and well-coordinated in movement
  17. Alluring – very tempting or attractive
  18. Amazing – causing great surprise or wonder
  19. Amusing – pleasantly entertaining
  20. Angelic – virtuous, above the norm
  21. Animated – full of life, action, or spirit
  22. Appreciated – to be grateful or thankful for
  23. Approachable – capable of being approached, accessible
  24. Articulate – to utter things clearly, capable of speech, expressive with clarity
  25. Assertive – confidently self-assured, aggressive
  26. Astounding – capable of overwhelming with amazement
  27. Attractive – providing pleasure or delight to one’s sight
  28. Authentic – genuine or real
  29. Awake – to wake up, not sleeping concerning a thing
  30. Aware – having knowledge, cognoscente
  31. Awe – causing wonder and amazement
  32. Awesome – causing or inducing awe, reverence, or fear
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Looking for more? Here's 101 more positive words that starts with A.

Positive words that start with B

  1. Babe – an attractive person
  2. Balanced – being in proper balance or arrangement
  3. Beaming – radiant, bright
  4. Beautiful – having beauty, having qualities that delight the senses
  5. Beauty – wonderful, fantastic
  6. Believe – to have confidence in the truth of something or someone
  7. Belong – to be in the relation of a person or group
  8. Beloved – greatly loved and dear to the heart
  9. Beneficial – to benefit significantly, helpful
  10. Best – of the highest quality of excellence or quality
  11. Better – the superior quality or more acceptable
  12. Blessed – fortunate, blissfully happy
  13. Blessing – a unique benefit to, favor, or gift by God to bring happiness
  14. Blissful – full of abounding in happiness, joy, or contentment
  15. Bold – ability to take a risk, confident, courageous
  16. Bountiful – large in quantity
  17. Brave – possessing heroic endurance
  18. Bravo – to praise or celebrate someone’s performance
  19. Breathtaking – remarkable, beautiful, exciting
  20. Breezy – appearing relaxed
  21. Bright – intelligent or quick-witted
  22. Brilliant – bright, radiant, exceptionally clever, or talented
  23. Bubbly – a person full of cheer and high spirits

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Positive words that start with C

  1. Calm – tranquil, doesn't agitate.
  2. Celebrated – renowned, well-known
  3. Centered – balanced, or grounded
  4. Challenger – takes on challenges, demonstrates strength, and will
  5. Champion – a person who has crushed all opposition
  6. Charismatic – someone who exudes charisma
  7. Cheerful – happy, joyful, at peace with oneself
  8. Choice – a notch above the rest, unique significance
  9. Clean – fresh, wholesome quality
  10. Clever – mentally bright, able, and intelligent
  11. Comfortable – give support
  12. Committed – devoted to someone or something
  13. Companionship – associated with or fellowship with someone
  14. Compassion – the feeling of deep sympathy or sorry for someone struggling
  15. Compliment – an expression of praise or admiration
  16. Composed – calm, serene
  17. Confident – having a full assurance of a thing, sure
  18. Congratulations – to praise or celebrate, expressing joy for someone else’s good fortunes
  19. Connection – joining or linking with
  20. Conqueror – someone who overcomes obstacles
  21. Conscientious – controlled by someone’s sense of right
  22. Contributor – a person who assists another
  23. Courage – quality to help a person face difficulty and pain without fear
  24. Courageous – possessing courage, having the mind or spirit of bravery
  25. Cozy – comfortable, snugly
  26. Creative – having the power to create
  27. Cuddly – suitable or inviting to cuddle
  28. Curious – eager to learn or know, inquisitive
  29. Cute – attractive or pretty in a dainty way

Looking for more? Here are 85 more positive words that start with the letter C.

Positive words that start with D

  1. Daring – adventurous courage, bold
  2. Dazzling – to overpower
  3. Debonair – courteous, gracious, sophisticated charm
  4. Dedicated – wholly committed to personal goals
  5. Deep – having considerable thought and understanding.
  6. Delectable – delightful, highly pleasing
  7. Delicate – excellent quality, choice
  8. Delicious – highly attractive to the senses
  9. Delighted – highly pleased
  10. Delivered – agile, quick, free from binding
  11. Desire – longing, craving, satisfaction, or enjoyment
  12. Detailed – thorough with the details of
  13. Devoted – zealous, loyal, and affectionate
  14. Diligent – constant effort to accomplish something
  15. Direct – to manage or be helpful, undeviating
  16. Discrete – keep secrets confidential
  17. Distinguished – made famous by excellence
  18. Diverse – different in form or character
  19. Divine – supreme being
  20. Dream – most desirable, ideal
  21. Dreamy – most desirable or suitable in nature
  22. Drive – moved by force, driven
  23. Dynamic – energy or forceful, energetic action of someone that motivates others

Positive words that start with E

  1. Easy – effortless
  2. Ecstatic – incredible overpowering emotion
  3. Educated – displaying qualities of learning
  4. Effective – adequate to accomplish a purpose
  5. Electric – thrilling or exciting personality
  6. Elegant – tastefully fine in dress and style
  7. Elevate – raised or elevated to another status
  8. Empathy – understanding the thoughts and feelings of another
  9. Empowered – to give power or authority to
  10. Encouragement – to inspirit with confidence or courage
  11. Endearing – to make dear or beloved
  12. Energy – having available power
  13. Engaged – busy, involved, focused
  14. Enjoy – take pleasure in
  15. Essential – absolutely necessary
  16. Esteemed – to hold in high regards
  17. Ethical – having much integrity
  18. Exact – specified
  19. Excellent – possessing superior or outstanding character
  20. Exciting – producing excitement or stirring someone up
  21. Exemplary – worthy of imitation, commendable
  22. Exhilarating – to enliven, stimulate
  23. Expression – the act of putting thought into words
  24. Exquisite – exceptional beauty or charm.
  25. Extraordinary – beyond the ordinary
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Positive words that start with F

  1. Fabulous – almost impossible to believe, wonderful
  2. Fair – sought after, favorable
  3. Faith – belief in God
  4. Family – part of a close social unit
  5. Fancy – superfine quality
  6. Fantastic – something remote from reality, extravagant
  7. Favorable – approval or support, advantage granted out of goodwill
  8. Favorite – preferred above others
  9. Fearless – without fear, bold, brave, intrepid
  10. Flourishing – growing, thriving, doing well, and experiencing success
  11. Focused – to focus
  12. Forever – lasting endlessly
  13. Forgiving – merciful, magnanimous
  14. Fortunate – having good luck, prosperous
  15. Frank – sincere, genuine, or natural
  16. Free – unrefined personally
  17. Fresh – different, crisp, further, renewed
  18. Friendly – intimate, cordial, supportive
  19. Funny – comical and humorous

Positive words that start with G

  1. Generous – giving and big-hearted and fair
  2. Genius – high intellect
  3. Gentle – having or kind nature, considerate
  4. Giving – bestowing, offering, or yielding
  5. Glamorous – sophisticated, fascinating, alluring
  6. Glory – fame, importance, dignity, great beauty
  7. Glowing – burning bright, vivid, vibrant, very happy, fiery
  8. God – Supreme Being
  9. Good – pleasant, acceptable, great, satisfying, or respectable
  10. Gorgeous – beautiful and magnificent
  11. Grace – charm, finesse, and dignity.  Having compassion
  12. Graceful – appreciative, thankful, beholden, and nice
  13. Grand – impressive and extraordinary, noble, awe-inspiring
  14. Gratitude – appreciation, thanks, and recognition
  15. Great – essential and celebrated, remarkable
  16. Grounded – base, set, educate, or coached
  17. Growth – prosperity, growth, and development

Positive words that start with H

  1. Happy – satisfied and in high spirits, fortunate, successful
  2. Harness – utilize
  3. Harmonious – agreeable, friendly, cordial, peaceful, and balanced
  4. Harmony – social agreement, tranquility, and peaceful
  5. Healthy – in good condition and tough
  6. Heartfelt – genuine, pleasant, warm, and profound
  7. Heartwarming – pleasant, heartening, and heartfelt
  8. Heavenly – very pleasant, celestial
  9. Hero – brave, champion, noble or daring
  10. Hilarious – funny, humorous, and lively
  11. Holy – religions, spiritual, humble
  12. Honest – truthful, virtuous, straightforward
  13. Honorable – reputable, dignified, ethical
  14. Hope – longing, desire, confidence, longed for
  15. Hug – embrace, lock, clinch, hold to, loved, or caressed
  16. Humble – meek, timid, respectful, and modest
  17. Humorous – funny, comical, or playful

Positive words that start with I

  1. Illuminated – bright or to light up
  2. Imaginative – the ability to be creative
  3. Impartial – unprejudiced and fair-minded
  4. Influence – power, impact, control, or force
  5. Innocent – blameless, virtuous, harmless, and naive
  6. Inquisitive – curious
  7. Insight – intuitiveness and awareness, to be understanding
  8. Inspired – stimulated or influenced
  9. Integrity – honor and uprightness
  10. Intellectual – visionary or a deep thinker
  11. Interactive – communicate mutually
  12. Inventive – creative and ingenious
  13. Invigorated – to stimulate, restore, energize, and strengthen
  14. Involved – elaborated or sophisticated, interested
  15. Involvement – a love affair, intimacy

Positive words that start with J

  1. Jolly – happy, friendly, excited
  2. Jovial – cordial, festive
  3. Joy – great happiness, joy, pleasure, and satisfaction
  4. Joyful – happy, elated, enjoyable, ecstatic
  5. Just – fair, impartial, blameless
  6. Justice – rightful, moral principle

Positive words that start with K

  1. Keen – showing eagerness or enthusiasm.
  2. Kindness – the quality of being kind, generous, and considerate
  3. Kiss – a sign of love,
  4. Knowing – affecting or implying knowledge of a secret
  5. Knowledgeable – aware, well rounded, experienced and educated

Positive words that start with L

  1. Laughter – the action or sound of laughter
  2. Leader – commands a group or organization, principal person in a group
  3. Legend – notorious person, well known
  4. Lesson – section of formal instruction, to give a lesson to
  5. Liberty – being free from the oppression from authority
  6. Life – vitality, vigor, or energy
  7. Light – descend, not heavy, workable
  8. Like – to be favored or shown favor
  9. Linked – to be connected to someone or something in a unique way
  10. Listener – someone who listens
  11. Longevity – long life or service
  12. Lovable – inspiring, to be loved or shown affection
  13. Love – to have strong deep affection toward, great pleasure toward something
  14. Loyal – giving strong support or allegiance toward
  15. Luminous – bright shining light, especially in darkness
  16. Luxury – state of great comfort and extravagant living
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Positive words that start with M

  1. Magnetic – exuding magnetism, very attractive or alluring
  2. Majestic – having or showing impressive beauty or great dignity
  3. Masterful – powerful and able to have control in a skillful way
  4. Matchless – unable to be equaled or compared to
  5. Meditate – to think deeply or focus one’s mind for religious reasons or to relax
  6. Memorable – easily remembered, special
  7. Mesmerizing – capturing one’s attention
  8. Mindful – conscience or being aware of something
  9. Miracle – divine intervention, a welcome event
  10. Modest – moderate, unassuming
  11. More – a more significant or additional amount of something
  12. Motivating – stimulate the interest or enthusiasm of something
  13. Moving – strong emotion of sadness or sympathy

Positive words that start with N

  1. Natural – in agreement with some environment or someone
  2. Neat – something is in order
  3. New – never existed, never experienced
  4. Nice – pleasant, satisfying, friendly manner
  5. Noble – showing great personal qualities, principles, and ideas
  6. Nurturing – cherishing

Positive words that start with O

  1. Objective – not influenced by personal biases
  2. Onward – going without stopping
  3. Open-minded – willing to try new ideas
  4. Opportunistic – taking chances, spontaneous with little planning
  5. Order – quality, importance, or nature of something
  6.  Outgoing – continually progressing
  7. Outspoken – expressing one's opinion, even when unpopular
  8. Outstanding – standing out about the rest
  9. Overcomer – a person who overcomes something

Positive words that start with P

  1. Paradise – ideal place to be
  2. Passionate – intense feelings toward something or firm belief in
  3. Patient – can tolerate problems or delays
  4. Perfect – maturity, do things right, can’t get any better than
  5. Persistent – existing for an extended period
  6. Persuasive – convincing, effective to get someone to believe
  7. Playful – amusing and lighthearted
  8. Pleasant – giving others enjoyment or satisfaction
  9. Plentiful – having an abundance
  10. Poised – self-assured
  11. Polished – skillful and accomplished
  12. Polite – pleasant, sweet personality
  13. Popular – to be well known
  14. Positive – constructive, confident, and optimistic
  15. Powerful – possessing great strength
  16. Precious – a beloved person
  17. Prepared – ready to handle something
  18. Prestige – respect and widespread adoration felt for someone
  19. Pretty – pleasing to the eyes
  20. Pristine – clean, fresh, and new
  21. Productive – achieving a significant result
  22. Prompt – assist or encourage someone
  23. Prosperity – state of being prosperous, profitable, or successful
  24. Proud – pleasure or satisfaction in one’s results
  25. Purpose – God’s intention or objective

Positive words that start with Q

  1. Quality – standard other things are measured against
  2. Queen – powerful, superior
  3. Quick –  living, lively, learner, intelligent
  4. Quiet – secretly and discretely carrying out something

Positive words that start with R

  1. Rainbow – promise from God never to flood the entire earth again by water, colorful.
  2. Ready – fully prepared for action
  3. Reassuring – remove a person’s doubts
  4. Refreshed – regaining energy
  5. Reliable – trustworthy
  6. Relief – release or distress and anxiety
  7. Resilient – the ability to bounce back from setbacks
  8. Respectfully – to be polite, to mitigate disagreement
  9. Responsibility – being accountable or person who takes blame
  10. Rest – relax and cease from labor
  11. Reward – gift earned based on performances
  12. Right – morally excellent or acceptable      
  13. Righteous – very good or excellent in character
  14. Risk-taker – tries things while facing exposure to potential harm
  15. Romance – mystery, and excitement surrounding love
  16. Rosy – promising, hopeful; outlook toward the future

Positive words that start with S

  1. Sacred – dedicated to God
  2. Satisfactory – outstanding, fulfilling expectation
  3. Secure – safe, cannot be moved
  4. Self-assured – confident in one’s own ability
  5. Self-care – taking participation in one’s own well-being
  6. Self-love – regard for one’s own happiness
  7. Sensitive – having a deep appreciation of feelings
  8. Serendipity – development of benefits that are beneficial
  9. Serene – calm, peaceful, tranquil
  10. Selflessness – concerned more with another’s needs than your own
  11. Service – helping or serving someone
  12. Shelter – protection from harm
  13. Sincere – genuine feelings
  14. Skilled – showing knowledge, ability, or training
  15. Smart – quick-witted intelligence
  16. Smile – the facial expression of amusement, pleasantness, and kindness
  17. Soul – emotional or intellectual part of a being
  18. Special – better, more fantastic, or different than usual
  19. Spectacular – impressive on a large scale
  20. Spirited – showing courage and liveliness
  21. Spontaneous – unplanned performance
  22. Still – peaceful and calm
  23. Stimulating – encouraging enthusiasm or interest
  24. Strong – having the power to conquer demanding tasks
  25. Stunning – extremely impressive or very attractive
  26. Suave – charming, elegant, or confident man
  27. Sublime – excellence, beauty, or awe-inspiring
  28. Successful – accomplished
  29. Sunshine – unbroken light
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Positive words that start with T

  1. Tactful – showing tact
  2. Talented – having a great skill to do something
  3. Teachable – able to learn by being taught
  4. Tender – showing gentleness or sympathy
  5. Terrific – of a tremendous amount
  6. Thorough – utterly attentive to every detail, not partial
  7. Thrilling – causing excitement or great pleasure
  8. Trustworthy – able to be relied on as being truthful and honest

Positive words that start with U

  1. Unbelievable – unlikely to be accurate, mind-blowing
  2. Unbiased – showing no favoritism
  3. Unconditional – no conditions or requirements
  4. Unconventional – not based on what is usually done in a situation or believed
  5. Understanding – ability to comprehend, sympathetically able to listen, and forgive
  6. Upbeat – cheerful and optimistic
  7. Uplifting – inspiring optimism and hope in others

Positive words that start with V

  1. Valuable – worth a great deal
  2. Versatile – able to adapt to many different environments or activities
  3. Vibrant – full or energy
  4. Victory – an act of defeating or overcoming an obstacle or enemy
  5. Virtue – showing high moral standards
  6. Vitality – in an energetic or lively way

Positive words that start with W

  1. Warm – showing great kindness and affection
  2. Wealthy – having many resources
  3. Well – satisfactory way
  4. Wholehearted – sincerity and complete commitment
  5. Willing – eager, ready, and prepared
  6. Win – victorious over competition
  7. Wise – having experience or excellent knowledge
  8. Wonderful – inspiring pleasure and delight
  9. Wow – astonishment and admiration

Positive words that start with X

  1. Xenial – being nice or friendly to others, hospitality
  2. XOXO – Hugs and Kisses

Positive words that start with Y

  1. Yay – an expression of triumph, approval, or victory
  2. Yes – positive response, expressing delight
  3. Yummy – highly attractive or delightful

Positive words that start with Z

  1. Zealous – showing great zeal

Final Thoughts on 365 Positive Words to Use Daily [A to Z for 2024]

Positive words can complement, encourage, console, and boost our confidence. They can make us smile, inside and out.  They can also inspire us to always be the best version of ourselves

Negative words do the exact opposite. They can cause self-doubt, worry, anxiety, pressure and depression. And unlike positive words and actions, it’s often the negative things that way heaviest on our minds and hearts… and hold us back the longest.

In 2024, may we all be more committed to building others up, and ourselves, on a daily basis. It’s important now, more than ever, with what’s been going on in our world that we send positive vibes out there and affirm them daily.  After all, happy thoughts are the key to unlocking the negativity that is trying to hold us captive.

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