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Do you ever struggle with finding the right words to describe yourself or someone else? You want to be precise, yet encouragingly present them. You rack your brain and the words are just out of reach. Trust me, the struggle is real. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to struggle any longer. In this post, we’ve listed 101 positive words that start with A (seems as good a place as any) that you can use when describing yourself or someone else.

Why Are Positive Words Important?

Positive words are important because they make a positive impact on the listener. In other words, positive words create positive vibes. These vibes can be about you or someone else. Furthermore, these vibes make the listener think positively about the person being described. After all, words matter.

A simple word can generate:

  • Encouragement
  • Confidence
  • Inspiration
  • Faith
  • Honesty

It’s also important to remember that we can affect people’s opinions of others by what we say. Positive words will encourage your listener to put their confidence and faith in the person mentioned. Even more, it can inspire the listener to appreciate that person more. Above all, positive words cause your listener to take an honest look at the person and search out these qualities for themselves. 

Often, we don’t realize the power our words have when speaking about someone. With our words, we can build up or tear down someone in the opinions of our listeners. This even holds true for ourselves. Using positive words is the key to unlocking some many of the things we seek to gain or be in life.

Situations When You Can Use Positive Words

Since it's important to use positive words, you’ll want to use them whenever you can. Plus, the more often you use them, the easier it becomes to use them again. You build your vocabulary through repetition. With that in mind, look for opportunities to speak positively about someone. 

Positive Words about Someone to Others

These positive words can be used in:

  • A letter of recommendation
  • Team meetings
  • Referrals
  • When asked your opinion about someone
  • Social Media posts and comments

As you can see, opportunities to use positive words about someone else abound. This is true in both your professional and personal life. This is true for adults and children.

Let’s be honest. There’s enough negativity in the world. If someone looks hard enough, they can find fault with everyone. Instead of joining in the gripe session, choose the high road and offer positive words. This will positively affect your listener, the person you’re discussing, and yourself.

Positive Words Spoken Directly To the Person 

Not only can you speak positively about someone, but you can also speak positively directly to that person. Look for opportunities to praise someone – face to face. For instance, congratulate them on winning an award. Or thank them for their care and consideration during a time of need.

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Positive words will encourage your listener to put their confidence and faith in the person mentioned.

People need this type of encouragement. They may not show it, but someone may be in need of the positivity you have to offer, especially if they are experiencing difficulties. Reach out to them and use your positive words to lift them up. 

You can speak positivity into a person’s life when:

  • They didn’t get the job
  • They experienced loss
  • They experienced a breakup
  • They are suffering from an illness

As you can see, the opportunities to speak positive words to someone are endless. Your positive words will be a source of encouragement and support in a time of need. Your words will build them up, which inspires them to think positively about themselves. 

Speaking Positively About Yourself

Finally, it's important that you speak positively about yourself. Often, we’re our own worst enemy when it comes to how we think and speak about ourselves. Negative self-talk leads to negative action or inaction.  It will keep you from trying your best. This will have negative results. Not only will it affect your performance, but it also affects how others perceive you.

Therefore, you need to speak positively about yourself. In fact, speaking positively about yourself increases positive thinking, which increases performance.

This includes how you describe yourself in:

  • Interviews
  • Resumes
  • Letters of interest
  • Emails
  • Social Media posts
  • Speeches

For example, how many times have you heard someone giving a speech start off their speech with, “I’m not a good speaker”? Right off, they’ve negated everything else they’re going to say. If you’re not a good speaker, why should anyone pay attention?

Instead, you should speak positively of yourself. Now, that doesn’t mean bragging. There’s a difference between speaking positively about yourself and bragging. Being positive means being honest about your accomplishments, skills, and character traits. That’s not bragging. It’s speaking positively about your strengths.

101 Positive Words That Start With “A”

Now that you know why and when you should use positive words to describe yourself or someone else, it's time to share with you these 101 positive words that start with A.

To help you incorporate these words better, we’ve listed them alphabetically and included a short definition.  But before you use them, here are some tips:

  • Make sure the word fits the occasion
  • Be honest
  • Be creative with them

With that being said, here’s the list.

  1. Abiding- continuing for a long time
  2. Ablaze- lit up with emotion
  3. Able- having the skill and knowledge to do something
  4. Absolutely- without any limitations
  5. Abounding- in great supply
  6. Abundant- large quantity
  7. Academic- related to studying and learning
  8. Ace- being an expert in something, 
  9. Acceptance- agreement with something
  10. Accessible- open to access
  11. Acclaimed- attracting approval or praise
  12. Accolade- praise and approval
  13. Accommodate- to provide what someone needs
  14. Accomplishment- the act of completing something
  15. Accountable- capable of giving an explanation
  16. Accredited- to recognize as meeting a standard
  17. Accrue- to acquire or multiply
  18. Accurate- hitting the intended target
  19. Accuracy- being exact, correct, or precise
  20. Achieve- to get results
  21. Acknowledge- to take notice of
  22. Active- engaging in movement
  23. Activate- to start or initiate something
  24. Adaptable- able to adjust to new conditions
  25. Adept- being skilled or proficient in something
  26. Advisable- recommended, sensible
  27. Alacrity- brisk and cheerful readiness
  28. Align- bring into agreement
  29. Ally- One who is united with something or someone else
  30. Amicable- displaying peace-loving characteristics
  31. Admirable- deserving respect or approval
  32. Ample- more than enough, in large supply
  33. Amusing- causing laughter or providing entertainment
  34. Adorable- inspiring, great affection, charming, delightful
  35. Advanced- ahead in development or progress
  36. Advantage- favorable or better position
  37. Adventurous- willing to try new things or ideas
  38. Advocate- to recommend or support
  39. Affable- friendly, easy to talk to 
  40. Affection- fondness or liking
  41. Affinity- natural liking or sympathy for someone or something
  42. Affirmation- emotional support or encouragement
  43. Affirmative- supportive, hopeful, encouraging
  44. Ageless- appearing not to grow old or last forever
  45. Agility- ability to move or think quickly and easily
  46. Aglow- glowing with excitement or happiness
  47. Agreeable- enjoyable, pleasant, willing to agree
  48. Alert- quick to notice
  49. Alive- full of life
  50. Allegiance- loyalty and commitment to something or someone
  51. Altruistic- selfless concern for the well-being of others
  52. Amazed- greatly surprised
  53. Amazing- causing great surprise or wonder
  54. Ambition- desire and determination to achieve success
  55. Amiable- having a friendly, pleasant manner
  56. Amity- a friendly relationship
  57. Amusement- finding something funny
  58. Anew- in a new or different, often more positive way
  59. Angelic- exceptionally beautiful, innocent, or kind
  60. Animated- full of life or excitement
  61. A-OK- gaining approval, satisfaction, agreement
  62. A-plus- added quality, outstanding
  63. Appealing- attractive or appealing
  64. Applaud- showing approval or praise
  65. Appreciation- recognizing the good qualities of someone or something
  66. Appreciative- showing gratitude 
  67. Approachable- friendly and easy to talk to
  68. Appropriate- suitable or proper for the situation
  69. Apt- appropriate or suitable
  70. Ardor- enthusiasm or passion
  71. Arousing- to evoke or awaken an emotion or response
  72. Articulate- speak fluently or coherently
  73. Artistic- having a natural creative skill
  74. Artistry- displaying a creative skill or ability
  75. Ascertain- to find out something for certain
  76. Aspire- directing one’s hope or ambition toward a goal
  77. Assistive- providing aid or assistance
  78. Associate- partner, colleague, or a connection
  79. Assurance- confidence, a promise
  80. Assuring- comforting, instilling confidence
  81. Astonishing- extremely surprising or impressive
  82. Astounding- surprisingly impressive or noteworthy
  83. Astronomical- exceedingly large or an extremely great amount
  84. Astute- ability to assess a situation and use it as an advantage
  85. Athletic- physically fit, active
  86. Attain- to succeed in achieving
  87. Attentive- paying close attention to something
  88. Attractive- pleasing, appealing, or inviting to the senses
  89. Attuned- aware, adjusted, or adapted
  90. August- respected or impressive
  91. Auspicious- conducive to success, favorable
  92. Authentic- genuine, original, or real
  93. Authoritative- commanded, self-confident, or reliable
  94. Avant-garde- new, normal, or experimental
  95. Avid- showing keen interest or enthusiasm for something
  96. Awake- fully conscious, alert, aware
  97. Award- prize or mark of recognition
  98. Aware- concerned, or well-informed
  99. Awareness- knowledge about a certain situation or fact
  100. Awe-inspiring- breathtaking, amazing, stunning
  101. Awesome- extremely impressive, inspiring admiration

Final Thoughts on Positive Words That Start With A

Speaking positively about someone, whether it’s yourself or someone else, is important for many reasons. It incites feelings of encouragement, inspiration, and confidence. Plus, it creates positive vibes about the person.

You should use positive words when talking about or to someone… as often as possible. This doesn’t mean you should “kiss up to them”, but just let them know you’re appreciative of their contribution to your life.  

This list of positive words that start with A makes it easy for you to do that. It can be hard to think of positive words on the spot, so this will help take off some of the pressure… or so that’s the idea. For more positive words, you can use, then read our other posts:

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