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Before reading this article, beware. You are about to be blasted with a wave of positivity! Some of the greatest influencers in the world are inviting, cheerful and, most of all, positive.

If you are going to have a significant impact on the world, it will happen through the positivity you bring to it. Furthermore, positivity helps you reduce stress and live a longer life. Because the words we speak shape the world around us in which we live.

This article will explore “Why are positive words important?” Then we will look at 85 Positive Words That Start with B and a simple definition of each one.

Why are Positive Words important?

Positive words are like water to life's situations, good or bad. It's like watering a dying plant that has turned brown and watching it come back to life again, looking green and vibrant. When we have positive thinking, a heart of gratitude, and speak positive words – even in dire situations – we give those words permission to grow and manifest positive things into our lives.

Speaking positive words also reinforces positive thinking. It's like a highway department crew fixing broken areas in a roadway. It allows travelers to pass over the highways more smoothly and safely than before. Positive words help smooth out the negative feelings within us and our situations. It attracts favor, positive things, and positive people into our lives, and we build each other up. Negative words tear down.

Like road construction, speaking positive words and attracting positivity in bad situations takes work. However, positive comments also help us focus on the progress and the process rather than the failure and disappointments of the past.

You should speak positive words over your family, health, career, finances, and anything else you set your hands to. Positive words keep us going and attract the best life has to offer. But, on the contrary, negative words repel. They repel people, hurt our self-esteem, and frame of mind, and keep us from achieving a level of greatness we are destined to achieve.

When I was about 11 or 12-years old, my dad bought my mom a Cadillac. She loved that car and looked great driving it. However, my mom's love for her car quickly turned when she started having issues with the vehicle. She would try to speed up after a stoplight or stop sign, and the car would shake and tremble violently. As a result, she had issues getting the car up to speed on the highway.

One day, after talking to my uncle about her car troubles, he asked my mom what type of gasoline she had been putting in her car. She said, “regular unleaded.” However, the dashboard and owner's manual stated that the car was to run on “premium fuel only.” So he explained to her that the source of her troubles was using the wrong gasoline.

For many of you, navigating through life has been like a car shaking and trembling violently. You feel something is holding you back from achieving the great things you desperately desire to achieve. It is probably not because of circumstances; it is because we are using the wrong fuel. Positive words are like premium fuel, powering the engine of our lives to operate at a peak level.

So, speak positive words and watch your life change in a great way! To help you along the way, here are 85 positive words that start with B. 

85 Positive Words That Start with B 

  1. Baby – term of endearment for a special someone
  2. Backbone – someone strong that has your back
  3. Balanced – showing balance; arranged in good proportions 
  4. Balm – ointment used to heal and soothe skin
  5. Bask – relaxing and exposed to light and warmth for rest, pleasure, and relaxation.
  6. Beautiful – alluring, appealing, and attractive. Also, pleasing to the senses
  7. Bedrock – the fundamental principle of a thing
  8. Beefy – muscular, buff, and robust
  9. Befriend – act as a friend and offer support
  10. Begin – to start or perform an action or an activity 
  11. Believe – accept something as accurate or feel sure about a thing
  12. Belong – a member or part of a group, class, or organization 
  13. Beloved – someone who is much loved and adored
  14. Benchmark – a standard point of reference against which things are evaluated or measured
  15. Benefactor – someone who blesses another with finances or material possessions 
  16. Benevolent – well-meaning, kind, and charitable
  17. Best – most desirable, excellent, and effective kind. The most or highest degree of something 
  18. Best-Seller – a product that sells in very large quantities, well above the most others in its category
  19. Bestow – to be presented a gift, honor, or present 
  20. Better-Known – thoroughly and widely known
  21. Better-Off – more desirable or advantageous position, financially or otherwise.
  22. Beyond – farther or on the other side of something 
  23. Beau – your boyfriend or admirer who is a male
  24. Big – considerable size, immense, enormous, important, or considerable
  25. Bigwig – an important and influential person in an organization 
  26. Bingo – an expression of satisfaction or surprise because of a sudden outcome of an event
  27. Birthday – the day you were born, usually celebrated in a positive manner. The day you graced the world with your presence.
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Positive words help smooth out the negative feelings within us and our situations.
  1. Blameless – without blame, unable to find any fault
  2. Blessed – spiritually prosperous, happy, to be admired
  3. Blessing – God’s favor, provision, protection, and grace
  4. Blissful – full of great joy, happiness, and jubilation 
  5. Blockbuster – great success, great power, and a great drawing of people
  6. Blood-Brother – sworn to treat another man as a brother 
  7. Bloom – youthful, healthy glow on one's complexion
  8. Blue-Ribbon – an honor or award given for being of high quality
  9. Bodacious – attractive, admirable, and considered excellent
  10. Bodyguard – to protect or escort a person or group, to keep from harm
  11. Boisterous – rowdy, cheerful, and energetic person
  12. Bold confident, and courageous; someone who is willing to take risks
  13. Bonus – extra reward for achievement after a good performance 
  14. Bonjour – the French word for meeting someone during the day. “Good day”
  15. Boom – loud, deep, and resounding noise
  16. Boost – to improve, help, encourage, or increase something
  17. Bootylicious – attractive in a sexual way, often referring to a backside
  18. Born – having a natural ability or perfectly suited to do a task
  19. Boss – excellent, in charge of a group, outstanding quality
  20. Bought – obtain by exchanging payment for, acceptance of the truth of a matter
  21. Bounce – to recover well from a setback
  22. Boundless – immense, limitless, never-ending, and everlasting
  23. Bountiful – large and abundant; to give generously
  24. Bounty – something occurring or provided in a generous amount
  25. Bouquet – a beautiful expression of adoration, acceptance, and approval. Usually in the form of flowers.
  26. Boxer – a fierce and competitive athlete in the sport of boxing
  27. Boyfriend – a male companion with who one may have a romantic or sexual interest or relationship with
  28. Boyish – characteristics of a youthful and vibrant young man
  29. Brainstorm – a group of problem-solving ideas through group discussion or meditating
  30. Brainy – someone who shows excellent intelligence
  31. Brave – displaying a readiness and showing no fear when facing danger or pain
  32. Bravo – applause or praise for a task well done
  33. Brawn – physical strength and toughness, having muscles
  34. Breadwinner – a person who provides financially for their family or household's needs
  35. Breakthrough – achieving success, a development, or discovery; sometimes in a sudden or dramatic way
  36. Breathless – short of breath because you suddenly became excited about something
  37. Breathtaking – awe-inspiring and astonishing quality, leaving one breathless
  38. Breeze – something easy to do or accomplish
  39. Breezy – pleasant winds, informal or relaxed
  40. Bridge – a connection between two things, usually found on a roadway
  41. Bright – intelligent, smart, enlightening, full of light, bold, and vivid
  42. Brilliant – very good, excellent, superb, outstanding, impressive, clever, and intelligent
  43. Brotherhood – kinship and closeness, usually between brothers in an organization or community
  44. Brotherly – showing concern or affection for another brother in a fraternal way
  45. Bubbly – cheerful, bright, and in high spirits. Wine….
  46. Buddies – a close friend with whom you can spend time with
  47. Budget – the number of finances needed for a project or purpose. To designate or provide for.
  48. Buff – polishing or smoothing out. Also means solid or muscular.
  49. Build – to make it more intense or stronger. It also means to construct something.
  50. Bulletproof – resist the penetration of bullets. Also, means no holes in the argument.
  51. Bullseye – the center or target one is intended to hit. Achieving the goal set perfectly.
  52. Buoyancy – having an optimistic or cheerful dispensation
  53. Business – leads to volume and profitability within an organization or company
  54. Busting – to decimate or cause to collapse
  55. Bustling – filled with much activity, in an energetic or busy way
  56. Busty – a woman who is shapely and voluptuous
  57. Busy – full of activity on assignments or projects that have your attention
  58. Buy – exchanging or purchasing something, obtain through payment.

Final Thoughts on 85 Positive Words That Start with B

An excellent way to help you be a positive person and speak positive words is to surround yourself with positive people. In addition to being surrounded by the right people, we also want to be careful of what we watch on TV and the music we listen to. Our environment is so essential to having a great outlook on life and speaking positively.

Our lives are like jugs of milk. If we place the milk in the refrigerator, it is the perfect environment to preserve it so that we get the most out of it. On the contrary, if the milk is left on the counter, it will soon spoil, and you won’t get the most life out of it. 

Speaking positive words opens doors to the right environment to get the most out of life. Negative words or comments close the door on many opportunities… leaving a bitter taste in our mouths and limiting the potential of what we could achieve in our lives.

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