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None of us want to be the person at the office that everyone avoids because we have nothing good or positive to say.  But unfortunately, many cannot see the positive in anything, and it can be pretty off-putting to those around them. 

When we are negative, it is usually because of some great disappointment we have experienced and our inability to make things better at the moment.  Furthermore, it could be that we have suffered one blow after another. 

Still, being positive and speaking positive words give us hope and keep hope alive until the day we see our desires fulfilled.  Because we all know positivity attracts, and being a “Negative Nancy” repels.   

Why are Positive Words Important?

Positive words are so important because our words create the life we have around us.  For example, if you love to gossip and complain, you will either be alone or be surrounded by others who do the same. 

However, suppose you have positive energy and attitude about you.  In that case, others gravitate toward that and even seek to emulate your behavior.  Therefore, before you know it, you are surrounded by a cheerful group of people (in the inner circle of your life).   Then you can feed off those good vibes when you have disappointing days or fall on hard emotional times. 

Furthermore, someone may desire to bless you with a gift, or a boss will consider you for a promotion; however, your impact will weigh heavily on them positively or negatively.  No one desires to be a blessing to anyone or promote anyone to a position of greater influence who is always speaking negative words. 

They need to feel that their gesture of goodness, goodwill, and consideration will matter to you.  Negativity will have an adverse effect on the workplace culture.

So, let’s turn those frowns upside down and kick Debbie Downer to the curb with a list of positive words you can throw into the daily mix!

85 Positive Words That Start with the Letter C

  1. Calm – quiet, tranquil, and without frustration or nervousness
  2. Camp – a temporary structure used for accommodations when camping, at war, or displaced.
  3. Candid – to be sincere, truthful, straightforward, or frank
  4. Can-do – Willingness to achieve results or to take action
  5. Cantabile – having a great melody and smooth sound
  6. Canty – being cheerful, lively, and in a state of happiness
  7. Captivating – the state of being enchanting or alluring, able to hold one's attention
  8. Carefree – not worried about responsibilities, the absence of anxiety, fear, and stress
  9. Caring – to be tender, loving, and kind toward others.  It also means to show great concern for a person or matter.
  10. Casual – Easy-going and relaxed in dress or in manner.
  11. Catchy – easy to remember or to be unforgettable
  12. Cautious – the action of avoiding risk and being careful
  13. Cease – to finish, terminate, or bring something to an end
  14. Celebrated – renowned or revered for an exceptional achievement or quality
  15. Champion – Someone who overcomes and wins a contest
  16. Charged – filled with emotion and excitement
  17. Charismatic – a charm that appeals to others and draws them to be fascinated by and devoted to you
  18. Charming – to be sweet, pleasant, or appealing in appearance or personality
  19. Cheerful – state of being merry, optimistic, happy, or jolly
  20. Cheery – bubbly personality, happy demeanor, and optimistic outlook
  21. Chill – To relax or to take it easy
  22. Chivalrous – Defender of women facing calamity and being courteous, kind, and fair.
  23. Clap – to applaud, express approval for, or congratulate
  24. Classic – having excellent standards of quality.  The standard by which others are judged.
  25. Classy – high class, elegant, or sophisticated person, place, or thing
  26. Clean – to be neat, clear, morally innocent, and uncontaminated
  27. Clear-headed – the ability to think clearly and logically
  28. Clever – to be bright, intelligent, mentally sharp, and ingenious
  29. Close – to be adjacent to or near to someone or something
  30. Clue – a hint or piece of evidence about a particular manner
  31. Cognizant – being aware, understanding, or realizing something
  32. Collect – to accumulate, gather, and keep things
  33. Collector – a person that collects things
  34. Color – a tint or shade in the appearance of an object
  35. Colossal – something massive or huge, coming in a large amount
  36. Comedy – funny, hilarious, or amusing film, book, or play
  37. Comely – to be pretty, beautiful, attractive, and pleasant to gaze upon (usually describing a woman)
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Positive words are so important because our words create the life we have around us. 
  1. Comfortable – to provide relaxation and a sense of ease.
  2. Comical – hilarious, amusing, silly, strange, or funny way or quality
  3. Commander – a person who directs, orders, and commands, a position of influence and authority
  4. Commendable – to be praiseworthy and display admirable qualities or behavior
  5. Committed – willing to dedicate time and energy to something or someone you believe in.
  6. Communicative – display an eagerness to share information or vocalize feelings about a situation
  7. Companion – a friend or buddy you spend a lot of time with
  8. Compelling – very exciting and fascinating, makes you desire to watch closely
  9. Competent – to be good at or skillful in doing something
  10. Compile – gathering information from various locations and sources
  11. Complete – Whole, absolute, or total.  Have all the pieces together.
  12. Compose – to write, produce, create, or originate something
  13. Comprehend – to fully grasp, follow, or understand something
  14. Compulsive – determined and driven to achieve something
  15. Concentrate – give attention to a problem, subject, or particular activity
  16. Conclude – to end or finish a thing
  17. Conduct – to coordinate or organize a particular activity
  18. Confident – displaying confidence in one's qualities or abilities
  19. Confirm – to verify or check a matter for correctness or truth
  20. Congenial – warm, pleasant, and friendly.  Makes one feel comfortable
  21. Congratulations – to express pleasure or joy to someone for a positive occurrence or achievement in their lives
  22. Conjunction – associating with, combining, joining, coming into union with
  23. Connection – state of being connected to something or someone
  24. Conquer – to forcibly subdue, master, obtain, or win victory over someone or something.
  25. Conscious – to be woke, awake, and alert concerning one's surroundings
  26. Consider – pondering or contemplating on a matter so that a decision can be made
  27. Consist – to be made up of, to composed from
  28. Consistent – a positive way of behaving that is unchanging and unwavering
  29. Console – to give comfort to someone; to lessen their sorrow, disappointment, or grief; alleviate the pain
  30. Constructive – to be useful in helping with or improving something
  31. Consult – Ask or look to another for expertise or guidance
  32. Consultant – to give someone expert or professional advice about a situation
  33. Continue – to commence or resume a matter, activity, or process
  34. Cool – displaying a calmness, not worried or afraid
  35. Cool-Headed – unstressed and able to stay calm amid turbulent circumstances
  36. Cooperative – willing to follow the leading of others, doesn't mind helping others
  37. Cope – to deal with the terms of a subpar situation with positive results or outlook
  38. Cost-effective – producing great results for an investment made
  39. Courageous – Brave, daring, showing great courage.
  40. Cozy – to be inviting, pleasant, and comfortable in a place
  41. Craftsman – someone who is a highly skilled artisan or artist
  42. Creative – having innovative or unique ideas, to be artistic or unusual
  43. Credible – to be trusted or believed; to find convincing
  44. Crisp – easily breakable though it is hard, something that is firm or fresh
  45. Crucial – being essential, a person or thing that many other matters depend upon
  46. Current – popular, in vogue, belonging in the time that is actually passing
  47. Cut – to remove something or make something shorter than it once was
  48. Cute – to be lovable, adorable, pleasant, and attractive to look upon

Final Thoughts on 85 Positive Words That Start with C

Having a positive outlook can make the darkest of days sunny.  So, as you use positive words to describe situations that you may face and people you may encounter, don’t forget to speak positive words when describing yourself

When you see yourself in a positive light, it serves as a defense against negativity surrounding you.  Furthermore, speaking positive words changes your outlook.  Finally, it gives you the confidence to take on situations you would never have with a negative mindset. 

Positivity and negativity are like lenses from two different pairs of glasses.  When you think or speak negatively, your outlook on a situation will not be the best.  This is because you are looking at things through pessimistic lenses.  On the contrary, when you think and speak positively, you begin seeing things through the lenses of optimism

This is because you look at the same situation as a negative person and see the cup as half full, while they see it as half empty.  Check out our article on “Positive words that start with the letter A” for more inspiration! We should all make it a life goal to speak positive words.

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