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Even if you never heard the word affirmation, it is likely that you have said a few throughout your life. Affirmations are short, positive statements that you repeat to give yourself a boost of self-confidence or strength, especially in situations that are difficult.

Think about the times you've told yourself “I've got this!” or “I can do this!” Those were affirmations.

Our brains are elastic and are constantly changing. We believe what we think. By telling ourselves about the positive things in life, we can push back the negative thoughts that keep us from growing and becoming our best selves.

What are Productivity Affirmations?

Productivity affirmations are those designed specifically to keep you motivated and working towards your goals. They are designed to keep your confidence high. We live in a society where being productive is important.

The majority of us have jobs, a family, a social life… and even added activities like caring for an elderly relative or going to school. We become overwhelmed and, when that happens regarding getting things done, it can create a situation where you freeze and procrastination takes over

Today, we are going to look at some affirmations that can help, especially at these times.

Why Are Productivity Affirmations Important?

After years of allowing negative self-talk to cause self-doubt, your brain needs to rewire some of its pathways. Even if you say you are positive, you can't hide your thoughts from yourself.

As you find the affirmations that resound with you and repeat them often enough, the negative neural pathways will start to close and new, positive ones will open.

This will allow you to approach situations with a positive attitude that makes success more likely. Remember, you are your own best friend!  Talk to yourself as you would any other friend.

How to Use Productivity Affirmations

Using affirmations doesn't require a lot of work or preparation. Choose a couple that you feel comfortable with or that pertain to what you want to achieve. Write them down. Say them aloud.

You can post notes around your home and office with your affirmation written on them. Make sure it is in a place where you will notice and read the words often during the day.

Start a journal specifically for affirmations and write each of your affirmations for the day 3-5 times each morning.

Say your affirmations. It helps to say them out loud, but they will work just as well if you think them silently. Whenever you think about them, repeat the affirmation.

When doubt or another negative thought enters your mind, repeat your affirmation. The important thing is to truly believe in the words.

65 Productivity Affirmations to Master Your Workload

  1. I am my own greatest advocate.
  2. Confidence? Check! Ability? Check! Motivation? Check! I got this!
  3. I communicate effectively in every area of my life.
  4. I love my job and pride myself on doing it well.
  5. I am exactly where I need to be and will know when to take the next step.
  6. I will not wait for the perfect moment. I will act now.
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  1. I deserve my success. I worked hard for it.
  2. I am the best person to accomplish this task.
  3. I will speak up with confidence and be heard.
  4. I will confidently step outside my comfort zone.
  5. I see difficult people as dealing with their own problems, and I'm not the problem.
  6. I approach all tasks, regardless of size, with enthusiasm.
  7. I will remember that “No!” is an acceptable answer, especially if saying yes isn't in my best interest.
  8. I respect my commitments and will meet them without resentment.
  9. I will meet all deadlines without stress because I give myself enough time to complete them.
  10. I will do one task at a time to maximize efficiency.
  11. Time is my friend. I will treat it as such by using it wisely.
  12. I will think before I act to see the clearest path to my destination.
  13. I am the sole creator of my success.
  14. I see mistakes as learning experiences.
  15. I will write my ideas down and work to make them a reality. They are good ideas.
Affirmations for Productivity - I will write my ideas down and work to make them a reality. They are good ideas. | affirmations for work success | affirmations for confidence | how to write affirmations for manifestation examples #work #motivation #affirmation
  1. It is okay to not be perfect as long as I do my best.
  2. I welcome constructive advice and will consider utilizing it.
  3. I de-clutter my mind as I de-clutter my space.
  4. I will conquer today. It will not conquer me.
  5. I see the opportunities around me and will grasp them without fear.
  6. Today is a fresh chance. I can do nothing about yesterday and will release it.
  7. I will eat healthy foods to fuel my mind and body.
  8. I will adapt easily if needed.
  9. My to-do list is now a making-progress list.
  10. I will set and honor boundaries on interruptions.
  11. Procrastination is no longer an option.
  12. I am energized and ready to act.
  13. I have mastered goal creation.
  14. I am in control of my own thoughts and banish all negative ones.
  15. I keep my eye on my ultimate goal.
  16. I lead with both authority and compassion.
  17. I don't wait for others to take action.
  18. Getting on my feet requires getting off my butt.
  19. I love being a doer and won't stand still.
Affirmations for Productivity - I love being a doer and won't stand still. | affirmations to stop procrastinating | manifestation for productivity | affirmations for work success #success #workload #productive
  1. Being productive makes me feel good.
  2. Asking questions makes me smarter, not dumb.
  3. I am not afraid to ask for help when needed.
  4. I compete with nobody but who I was yesterday.
  5. I have no need to prove myself to anyone.
  6. I understand that giving my best requires self-care.
  7. Every day, I see a better me in the mirror.
  8. I have all the motivation I need to persevere.
  9. The attitudes of others will not ruin my day.
  10. My attitude will remain positive.
  11. I respect myself and my coworkers and will act accordingly.
  12. I will take my breaks to rejuvenate my mind.
  13. I will prioritize my tasks for better execution.
  14. I do not have to be perfect.
  15. I will delegate less important tasks and not micro-manage.
  16. I will practice patience with both my coworkers and myself.
  17. I am adept at what I do and won't allow self-doubt to take over.
Affirmations for Productivity - I am adept at what I do and won't allow self-doubt to take over. | best productivity affirmations | personal productivity affirmations | work productivity affirmations #productivityaffirmations #mantras #inspirational
  1. I am letting go of all fear and anxiety.
  2. As I breathe deeply, I exhale the negative and inhale the positive.
  3. I am strong enough to overcome any challenge.
  4. I am able to stay focused on the task at hand.
  5. I will be present at every moment.
  6. I am organized and can find all I need immediately.
  7. I am strong, smart, and capable.
  8. I am good enough.

Final Thoughts on Productivity Affirmations to Master Your Workload

You don't need to use all these affirmations. Choose the ones that resonate with you. The most important thing is that you are willing to believe what you say.

They aren't magic and won't work immediately… but with consistent practice, your mind will rewire itself and the pathways will grow stronger. You truly are the designer of your own reality.

Giving yourself the best chance at success is the greatest gift you can give. Using affirmations is part of that gift, and can be used in every area of your life.

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