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People have complicated relationships with money.

There are those who associate having money with negative emotions. Others long to have money, but overspend and end up having very little (or none at all).

Today’s collection of songs about money highlights the ambivalent relationship we have with money.

There are tracks about the positive aspects of having money, and other songs that illustrate how, for the right price, some people will sell out their dignity, principles, and personal values.

Continue reading to check out our collection.

1. Money Talks, Rick James

Money Talks | Rick James | 80s songs about money

via Rick James

Where do all the cash and the dough and those greenback dollars go? Money's walkin', the money's walkin'. People need to eat, to put shoes on their little baby's feet. That's money talkin', yeah!

This song highlights the poverty, discrimination, and corruption that plague our society. Rick James laments the face that, regardless of your current situation, money ultimately determines how far you’ll go in life.

2. Price Tag, Jessie J feat. B. O. B.

Price Tag | Jessie J feat. B. O. B. | new songs about money

via Jessie J

It’s not about the money, money, money. We don't need your money, money, money. We just wanna make the world dance. Forget about the price tag.

Jessie J’s song is about rejecting fame and fortune and the controlling power of capitalism in the music industry.

By turning her back on money, she gains the freedom to do what makes her happy.

In turn, what she does brings happiness to other people’s lives.

3. Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money), Pet Shop Boys

Opportunities (Lets Make Lots of Money) | Pet Shop Boys | old songs about money

via Pet Shop Boys

I've got the brains. You've got the looks. Let's make lots of money.

The Pet Shop Boys wrote this song as a commentary on the growing trend of mindless consumption in the United Kingdom during the 1980s.

This song is about capitalizing on one’s looks or intelligence (or anything you can put a price tag on) to make money.

4. I Don't Want Your Money, Ed Sheeran ft. H. E. R.

I Dont Want Your Money | Ed Sheeran ft. H. E. R. | clean songs about money

via Ed Sheeran

There ain't no diamond, silver, or gold that can replace a man's love in a home. And she keeps telling me over and over. She say, ‘I don't want your money, baby, oh. You know I just want your time.'

In this song, listeners are introduced to a couple who have to be apart because of the guy’s job.

The guy is at the pinnacle of his career and is bringing in a lot of money.

However, this isn’t what the woman wants. She longs for the guy’s presence, even if they annoy each other sometimes.

5. Money Make Her Smile, Bruno Mars

Money Make Her Smile | Bruno Mars | pop songs about money

via Bruno Mars

Oh it's not complicated so this won't take a while. You see, music make her dance and money, money, money make her smile.

In this song, we meet a woman obsessed with money. She has a job where she earns a lot of money, so she’s happy.

6. Money in the Bank, John Anderson

Money in the Bank | John Anderson | songs about money problems

via John Anderson

Got my paycheck in my pocket and some gas in the tank. Honey, your love's better than money in the bank.

Meanwhile, here is a song that tells us that not all people are after money. This song is about someone who thinks that having someone to love and who loves him in return better than having money in the bank.

7. Money Changes Everything, Cyndi Lauper

Money Changes Everything | Cyndi Lauper | songs about money and love

via Cyndi Lauper

Money changes everything. I said money, money changes everything. We think we know what we're doing. That don't mean a thing. It's all in the past now. Money changes everything.

Sadly, the title of this song is true for many people. The woman in this song leaves her guy for someone who’s wealthier.

8. Money (That's What I Want), The Beatles

Money (Thats What I Want) | The Beatles | best songs about money

via The Beatles

The best things in life are free. But you can keep them for the birds and the bees. Now, give me money. That's what I want… Your lovin' gives me a thrill but your lovin' don't pay my bills.

In this song, the Fab Four declare that they want money. Even when they’re offered love, they choose money because love doesn’t pay the bills.

9. If I Had $1,000,000, Barenaked Ladies

If I Had $1,000,000 | Barenaked Ladies | rock songs about money

via Barenaked Ladies (official)

And if I had a million dollars, if I had a million dollars, well, I'd buy you a K-car, a nice reliant automobile. And if I had a million dollars, I'd buy your love.

Despite the current level of inflation, $1,000,000 is still a lot of money.

In this song, we are introduced to a guy who imagines the things he’d buy for the person he loves if he had a million dollars.

Unfortunately, one of the things he lists is the other person’s love. Maybe someone should tell him he deserves better in a relationship.

10. Lay Your Money Down, Bread

Lay Your Money Down | Bread | songs that talk about money

via Bread – Topic

Put your cards on the table. Gotta lay your money down. Show your heart if you're able. Gotta lay your money down.

Many of us are afraid of taking risks. We cannot bear the thought of losing, whether it’s our money, reputation, or daily comforts.

Because of this fear, we seldom venture out of our comfort zones.

This song is an invitation to take a risk on something. In this case, the person is encouraged to take a risk at love.

11. Take the Money and Run, Steve Miller Band

Take the Money and Run | Steve Miller Band | money songs

via Steve Miller Band

They got the money. Hey, you know they got away. They headed down south and they're still running today. Singing, go on, take the money and run.

Here is a song that was likely inspired by the notorious couple Bonnie and Clyde.

It describes a robbery pulled off by a couple known as Billy Joe and Bobby Sue, where they too the money and managed to slip past the authorities who were after them. They could still be on the run, for all we know.

12. Rich Girl, Gwen Stefani ft. Eve

Rich Girl | Gwen Stefani ft. Eve | love songs about money

via Gwen Stefani

All the riches, baby, won't mean anything. All the riches, baby, won't bring what your love can bring. All the riches, baby, won't mean anything. Don't need no other baby. Your lovin' is better than gold, and I know.

Here’s a song about a girl who dreamed of becoming wealthy. When her dream finally came true, she was unimpressed by the rich men who flaunted their money to get her attention.

Instead, she now dreams of someone who can show her what true love is.

13. Material Girl, Madonna

Material Girl | Madonna | rock songs about money

via Madonna

They can beg and they can plead but they can't see the light (that's right). ‘Cause the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mr. Right.

This iconic song is about a girl who is obsessed with wealth.

Being a “material girl,” she prefers a wealthy man who can support her passion for the good (and expensive) things in life.

14. All ‘Bout the Money, Meja

All Bout the Money | Meja | songs about money

via mejaofficial

It's all 'bout the money. It's all 'bout the dum dum da da dum dum. I don't think it's funny to see us fade away. It's all 'bout the money. It's all 'bout the dum dum da da dum dum. And I think we got it all wrong anyway.

You have likely heard the old saying, “Money makes the world go ’round.

There are people whose decisions are motivated by money—where they work, how they live, who they marry, etc.

Maybe seeing this around her is what prompted Meja to write this song.

15. The Money Song, Dean Martin

The Money Song | Dean Martin | songs that focuses on money

via Dean Martin

Ask the rich man, he'll confess money can't buy happiness. Ask the poor man, he don't doubt but he'd rather be miserable with than without. If you spend it, please be wiser. If you save it, you're a miser. You don't want it, you're cuckoo. Funny, funny, funny what money can do.

Here’s a rather hilarious song about human beings’ ambivalent relationship with money. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis enumerate the ways people perceive having and not having money.

16. Just for Money, Paul Hardcastle

Just for Money | Paul Hardcastle | songs about money rap

via Chrysalis Records

Some are willing to murder for a night out on the town. Others hang around you when there's lots of it around. But worst of all are people who really have no need. They do it for these reasons. In spite and out of greed. Just for the money.

Meanwhile, here’s a dark song about what some people are willing to do for money. It also highlights a painful revelation that there will be people who only want your company if you’re rolling in dough.

17. Ka-Ching!, Shania Twain

KaChing! | Shania Twain | songs about money and greed

via Shania Twain

Can you hear it ring? It makes you want to sing. It's such a beautiful thing, ka-ching! Lots of diamond rings. The happiness it brings. You'll live like a king, with lots of money and things.

This song is a parody of the current situation in society. It highlights the materialistic world we live in.

In the song, Shania Twain describes a society where happiness, love, and acceptance are attainable only if you have lots of money and material possessions.

18. Money's Too Tight (To Mention), Simply Red

Moneys Too Tight (To Mention) | Simply Red | country songs about money

via Simply Red

Money's too tight to mention. I can't get an unemployment extension. Money's too tight to mention.

Here is another song that’s a commentary on the situation of many people across the world. In this song, Simply Red introduces listeners to a guy who is in dire straits.

He has lost his job at a time when he most needs money to support his family. However, he can’t get the help he needs from his friends, financial institutions, or the government.

19. For the Love of Money (Driven OST), Rare Blend

For the Love of Money (Driven OST) | Rare Blend | old songs about money

via Rare Blend

For the love of money people will steal from their mother. For the love of money people will rob their own brother.

This song shows the consequence of being obsessed with money. It states that some people will do things that are against the law just to get money.

Moreover, we are told that there are people who are willing to betray their loved ones because of their love for money.

20. Bills, Bills, Bills, Destiny's Child

Bills, Bills, Bills | Destinys Child | new songs about money

via Destiny's Child

At first we started out real cool. Taking me to places I ain't never been. But now, you're getting comfortable, ain't doing those things you did no more. You're slowly making me pay for things your money should be handling.

This song describes a freeloader who’s not ashamed to let a person who loves him spend money on the things he wants.

Having to deal with this toxic trait in a partner should definitely not be part of anyone’s relationship goals.

old songs about money | latest songs about money | clean songs about money

21. How to Be a Millionaire, ABC

How to Be a Millionaire | ABC | latest songs about money

via ABC – Topic

So tell me… How to be a millionaire. Tell me! Tell me how to be a millionaire. Millionaire! Billionaire! Trillionaire!

Is there a secret formula for becoming super wealthy?

Should you start with sound money habits? Or is it more a matter of luck?

This is what ABC (and the rest of us) wants to know in this song.

22. Love and Money, Marianne Faithfull

Love and Money | Marianne Faithfull | rap songs about money

via Marianne Faithfull

See you at the parties. You're never the same. Do you make money? What is your name? Where can I find you? Out in the night. Who are your friends? Are they dark or light?

In this song, Marianne Faithfull laments the fact that in social interactions we are often judged by our connections and how much money we make. If we don’t meet society’s standards, we are cast out from the social circle.

Is there anything we can do to stop the typecasting?

23. Money Blown, John Legend

Money Blown | John Legend | songs about money lyrics

via akara1987

Whatcha gonna do when your money's blown, your friends are gone and you're all alone? Now you barely hanging on with no one else to run to. You should know it won't make you whole. You gain the world but lose your soul. Spend your life in the search of dough. You'll find out it just won't save you.

Many people who have made and lost their fortunes will tell you that the most painful part is realizing that they don’t have real friends. They discovered that the people they considered their friends abandoned them once the money was gone.

This song is a powerful reminder that money won’t save anyone from loneliness. It can’t buy you a happy, meaningful life.

24. You're Not My God, Keith Urban

Youre Not My God | Keith Urban | rap songs about money

via Keith Urban

But you're not my god, and you're not my friend. You're not the one I will walk with in the end. You're not the truth. You're a temporary shot. You ruin people's lives and you don't give a second thought. You're not my god.

In this song, Keith Urban talks about the way that money causes harm to people’s lives.

He defiantly rejects money, declaring that it is not a god and is not something that should be worshiped.

25. I Got Money Now, P!nk

I Got Money Now | P!nk | 90s songs about money

via P!NK

You don't have to like me anymore. I've got money now. I don't care what you say about me anymore. I got money now.

This song offers a glimpse into the life of a famous music artist. Despite P!nk’s fame and fortune, she longs for real friendship and the company of family and loved ones.

26. All the Money's Gone, Babylon Zoo

All the Moneys Gone | Babylon Zoo | popular songs about money

via Babylon Zoo – Topic

All the money's gone and I feel satisfied for once. But my friends, they play dead. What a crazy world.

This song introduces us to a guy who has lost all of his money, yet feels a sense of peace because of it. However, it seems that his friends do not share his feelings. Instead, they “play dead.” He concludes that it’s a crazy world where the wealthy are treated like royalty.

27. It's Only Money, Cliff Richard

Its Only Money | Cliff Richard | 80s songs about money

via Cliff Richard

It's only money, it won't make the grass grow. It's only money, it won't make the wind blow. It's only money, it won't make the sun shine. It's only money, it won't make you feel fine. It's only bread, don't let it go to your head.

This song from Cliff Richard is a powerful reminder that money should not go to our heads.

Money is simply a tool. When handled correctly, it serves to make our lives comfortable and support our needs and those of the people we love.

But money should never become a gauge of our happiness.

Final Thoughts on Songs About Money

There you have it—a collection of songs about how we relate to money.

Do you find yourself resonating with some of the tracks featured today?

Keep in mind that money is just a tool. It is our view of money that gives it a negative or positive value in our lives.

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