5 Best Creatine Supplements for Men in 2020

5 Best Creatine Supplements for Men in 2020

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Creatine is an amino acid found in our heart, brain, and muscles. Our bodies use it for energy production, i.e. it boosts our performance and aesthetics. People are usually more focused on their protein intake and neglect this amazing substance.

Creatine is a relatively cheap supplement that will give you that much-needed boost when working out and improving your physique. It has many more benefits, and we’ll talk about them later. Now, let’s focus on the best creatine for men.

Read on and you’ll find only the best products, which will help you with bodybuilding, weightlifting, cross-fit, all kinds of sports, and overall performance and energy levels.

Quick Look of our Top Picks

If you are in a rush and want to make those gains quickly, here’s a brief list of what’s to come in this article:

Best Overall Creatine SupplementBest Overall Creatine SupplementBulk Supplements Micronized Creatine Monohydrate PowderCLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best Keto-Friendly CreatineBest Keto-Friendly CreatineOptimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate PowderCLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best German CreatineBest German CreatineUniversal Nutrition CreatineCLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best Premium CreatineBest Premium CreatineBeast Sports Nutrition Creature Creatine ComplexCLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Best Workout CreatineBest Workout CreatineMuscle Pharm Micronized Pure Creatine MonoHydrate PowderCLICK HERE FOR PRICE

The Best Creatine Supplements for Men

Best Overall Creatine Supplement: BulkSupplements Micronized Creatine MonoHydrate Powder

BulkSupplements Micronized Creatine MonoHydrate Powder

The overall best creatine comes from BulkSupplements, and here is why. All in all, this supplement has the best user ratings, coming from a huge user base. Interestingly enough, it is also the best budget option, having the lowest per-ounce price out of all top quality creatine supplements.

It also has a very versatile option — you can use it either before or after your workout. Micronized creatine monohydrate will give your muscles energy which will allow you to train explosively. If you are focused on improving the intensity of your training, this is the right supplement for you.

This product is tested in a lab and verified by scientists. It is 99.99% pure, so you know exactly what you’re getting — only quality creatine, without any fillers or unhealthy additives. It is very safe to use and it’s even vegan-friendly.

This creatine supplement doesn’t have any dairy, sugar, yeast, soy, gluten, or additives. The explosiveness of your training will not be short-term. Actually, this supplement will give you strength for longer workouts.

You’ll get many benefits from creatine, including better endurance, speed, muscle growth, energy levels, and general sports performance. Finally, BulkSupplements offer this product in many different packages and sizes.


  • Best value for money
  • Very pure and safe to use
  • Great performance boost
  • Can be used prior to or after a workout
  • Good variety in product amounts


  • Not ideal for women because It interferes with menstrual cycles

Best Keto-Friendly Creatine: Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder

Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder

Optimum Nutrition offers completely pure micronized creatine monohydrate powder. It is very potent and effective, but still, it is healthy and safe. You can choose between several options, as it comes in 28, 100, 120, 240, and even 400 serving packs.

What’s great about this creatine is that it offers you 5 grams of pure creatine monohydrate in every serving. That is quite impressive, and very few competitors can match it. Its potency is clearly visible after regular use, as it provides increased power, strength, and muscle gains.

This creatine is so effective thanks to its outstanding absorbency. It offers muscle-building support, but it also boosts recovery which is very important for building muscle. You are tearing muscle fibers with every workout and they heal up while you’re resting, thus bringing you the gains.

Just taking creatine will not grow your muscles. You’ll have to train hard, of course, using the extra energy this supplement provides. Only with explosive, effective and regular training will you notice the difference, and don’t worry because the improvements won’t take long to show.

Optimum Nutrition creatine is tested for banned substances, and it is completely safe to use. It doesn’t have a taste, so you can mix it with any beverage you like. It is also keto-friendly, and it won’t disrupt your diet, no matter what you eat.


  • Pure creatine monohydrate powder
  • A great diversity of product packages
  • Very effective
  • Has no flavor
  • Suitable for any diet


  • Scoop not included

Best German Creatine: Universal Nutrition Creatine

Universal Nutrition Creatine

Germans not only make great cars, they also make great supplements. Universal Nutrition creatine is made in Germany, following the highest industry standards. Even though it is imported to the US, its price is still fairly affordable. You get great value for your money because this is a very pure creatine monohydrate powder.

You get 5 grams of pure creatine per serving. It is even more effective thanks to the top bioavailability, which means it allows your body to use up all of the useful substance. This creatine can be universally used, so its name is quite accurate.

You’ll boost your overall training performance, reduce fatigue, and increase your energy levels with this great supplement. It is a superb choice for building muscles because it restores your muscles quickly after an intense workout session.

Put in simple words, this is due to the phosphates transferred from creatine, which boost the bonds between muscle and nerve tissues. This creatine has no additives and it will help you get lean muscle mass, making your training results clearly visible.

Universal Nutrition offers many other great pre and post-workout supplements which work great in combination with their creatine. However, this creatine is highly effective even on its own. Using it will give you an edge, a slight push in the right direction, which is especially good for motivating beginners.

Choose from 100 to 1,000 gram packages, available in unflavored, fruit punch, and blue raspberry taste options.


  • German-quality creatine
  • Great value for money
  • Solid variety in product amounts and taste options
  • A good amount of creatine and absorption


  • Doesn’t come with a scoop

Best Premium Creatine: Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Creatine Complex

Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Creatine Complex

The Beast Sports Nutrition Creatine Complex comes in various sizes (30, 60, 180 servings) and flavors (cherry, punch, citrus, lemonade, unflavored). Frankly, it is on the costly side, but it pays off.

It gives you fuel for intense training and exhausting activities. You will boost your lean muscle mass with it, and your muscles will recover faster than usual. Also, it helps prevent muscle breakdown, which means that you don’t have to worry too much when training hard.

This is a mixture of the top five quality creatine types. You get 4 grams of pure creatine with every serving. Use it with water 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after a workout. Use just one dose on your rest days.

Remember to stay hydrated when using it. Don’t use it if you are under 18, have a medical condition or if you are taking medication. This creatine mixes well with other Beast Sports Nutrition products, but you can use it on its own and still get great results.

The benefits of using this product are increased muscle mass, increased strength, and improved recovery time. The reason why this creatine is so effective is thanks to its quick and total absorption, meaning it goes straight into your muscles.

What sets this creatine apart from others is that you can actually enjoy its taste, without adding any flavors to it.


  • Tastes great and comes in many flavors and serving sizes
  • Quality blend creatine
  • Highly effective and absorbent
  • Improves muscle growth and recovery


  • Slightly expensive

Editor’s Choice: Muscle Pharm Micronized Pure Creatine MonoHydrate powder

Muscle Pharm Micronized Pure Creatine MonoHydrate powder

Muscle Pharm is a well-known brand in the supplement industry, and they are highly praised. This creatine powder is not flavored, which is probably for the best. it also means there are no additives. Several serving options are available — 60, 120, and 200 serving packages.

This micronized creatine powder has scientifically researched contents that are guaranteed to boost your performance. It increases muscle mass and power. You can get on par with professional athletes and weightlifters with the help of this product, as well as train harder and longer than before.

Additionally, your muscle recovery time after workouts will improve and you won’t experience as much fatigue as you did before. Don’t worry, this product has been thoroughly tested by scientists, and it doesn’t contain any banned substances.

With every serving, you get 5 grams of pure creatine monohydrate, which gives your muscles an incredible boost in performance. Many professional athletes actually use this product and they are very satisfied.

Muscle Pharm offers many other great supplements, which work well in synergy with their creatine. Using them is optional though, the creatine itself is a great start for anyone who wants better results.

You should never use this creatine more than the recommended dosage, which is one scoop (5 grams of creatine) in 8 ounces of water, protein shake, or juice. Remember to drink a lot of water throughout the day because it will boost your results even more.

Don’t use this creatine if you are allergic to fish, tree nuts, shellfish, milk, eggs, peanuts or wheat, as it may contain traces of these ingredients.  If you are not satisfied with this creatine, you can return it for a full money-back refund within 30 days.


  • Premium quality creatine for a decent price
  • Good serving options
  • Scientifically tested
  • Improves overall performance


  • Has no flavor

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What are Creatine Supplements?

Here is a brief explanation of how creatine supplements work. Many people are misinformed about this great substance and think that it has many side effects. This common misconception can be quickly shut down with some scientific facts.

Creatine already exists in our bodies and is a completely natural substance. Our body turns creatine into creatine phosphate. Then, creatine phosphate boosts the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This substance is the fuel that allows the muscles to contract.

Creatine supplements give your body a boost, allowing it to create increased amounts of energy for your muscles which results are more powerful workouts. Increased intensity workouts guarantee better results, i.e. muscle growth and strength increase.

The recommended dose of creatine supplementation is about 5 grams per serving. You should take it 30 minutes prior to a workout, and thirty minutes after a workout. Why take it after? Because it helps with muscle regeneration and this results in better muscle gains.

Creatine stays in the body for up to three hours after ingestion. Even though some people keep saying creatine is bad for you, there’s no scientific evidence of it. In fact, most people can safely use it. Pregnant women, people who take medication or have medical conditions, as well as underage persons shouldn’t use creatine.

Creatine Supplements Benefits

Creatine doesn’t have side effects, but it surely has some good effects on the body. Not only does it give you more energy, but it also:

Grows Your Muscle Mass

Simply put, creatine will grow your muscles if you exercise regularly while taking it. It also provides more water to your muscles, which is why you should drink a lot of water while taking creatine supplements. Creatine boosts lean muscle mass and improves biological pathways for muscle growth.

Helps With Explosive Workouts

best creatine pills | best creatine monohydrate powder | which is the best creatine
Creatine are great for workouts that require a lot of energy and strength.

Many fitness experts claim that explosive workouts are the most effective.

Creatine gives you an edge in these types of workouts that require a lot of energy and strength. With less downtime between reps and less fatigue, you can train harder for longer periods of time.

It Helps Reduce Blood Sugar

Creatine actually has beneficial effects on your blood sugar, as it removes excess sugar from your blood. The sugar is transported to your muscles quicker, thanks to the GLUT4, a transporter molecule. Creatine boosts the production of these molecules, thus even helping in diabetes prevention.

Good Against Neurological Diseases

Creatine boosts phosphocreatine in the brain, decreases the number of dying cells, and increases the overall brain function. All of that is good against neurological diseases but it works as a means of prevention, not as a cure.

Choosing the Right Creatine Supplement

It is very hard to choose the right one because there are so many available options. The most effective type of creatine is by far creatine monohydrate. There are many modern versions of creatine supplementation, but they simply can’t replace monohydrate.

Many studies confirm this statement, so feel free to look them up online if you are not sold. Next, the quality of ingredients in a creatine supplement is very important. You want your creatine to be as pure as possible; 99-100% pure creatine would be ideal.

There is no difference in effectivity between powdered creatine and the one that comes in pills. Powdered is probably better for those who want a good tasting supplement. Also, the solubility of powdered creatine is important because you want creatine to mix easily with your drink of choice (juice, milk, water, protein shake).

Then, some creatine supplements are made specifically to be used prior to a workout, or after a workout. They are also called pre-workout or post-workout. The best creatine for men can be used both before and after working out.

The more versatile the product the better, but versatility comes with a cost. Usually, quality creatine supplements are not cheap. When comparing the prices between competitor products, look at the price per serving.

Sometimes you might be misled by the price because one of the products comes in a smaller package than the other. Buying creatine in bulk is not a bad idea if you want to stay committed to working out. This way you’ll save money too, so it’s a win-win situation.

Finally, always look into the ingredients of a creatine supplement. Buy only scientifically tested products that contain no additives or any other harmful substances. If you are on a special diet, make sure the ingredients agree with it.

Well-known brands are usually worth the extra dollar because you know what you’re getting. There are many great American brands, but the ones that come from Europe are not half bad either.

When to Use Creatine

Now you know that you can use creatine before and after a workout. Still, that doesn’t answer the question of when you should use it.  For example, people often ask should they use creatine when they want to lose weight.

The answer is no because weight loss is not an intended effect of creatine. It actually draws extra water to your muscles, which means that you can even gain some weight. However, creatine will not build up fat in your body.

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Creatine is good for muscle growth, it is also great for endurance and strength increase.

You will get lean muscle mass because the fat will be burned off during the exercise. That means that creatine should be used by people who want to increase their lean muscle mass — athletes, weightlifters, CrossFitters, etc.

People who want to make their workouts more explosive and need more energy should use creatine. It is a natural substance, and it has no harmful side effects if you are healthy and have no medical conditions.

Creatine is good for endurance and strength increase, but it is also great for muscle regrowth. This is what is commonly called “gains” because muscles grow only after they shred through effective exercise. Your muscles will really look bigger, especially because creatine draws a lot of water to them.

Most professional athletes and weightlifters use creatine, and they wouldn’t be doing it if it didn’t bring any results. Creatine is not enough, though. It takes a lot of dedication and regular exercise to get in good shape.

Can You Mix Creatine with Other Supplements?

The answer to this question is a simple yes. There are no drawbacks of mixing creatine with protein supplements, for example.  In fact, this is a great combination after a hard workout. It will help you regenerate muscles in the best fashion.

However, always consult your physician before using any supplements. Even if you only plan on using creatine, ask your doctor if that is a good idea or not. Many creatine supplement manufacturers offer a plethora of other products.

If a manufacturer says that their products work well in combination, you can usually trust them. They have to do a lot of lab tests to get their product on the market, and science doesn’t lie.

Many people ask if creatine should be mixed with caffeine. Both serve a similar purpose — they boost your energy levels. They can be used together, without any consequences, but it is probably not the best idea to mix them all the time. Maybe take a combination of the two when you want a powerful workout. It is best to ask your doctor before using these two together, though.

Coffee is not the best source of energy if you are working out. Consider using a pre-workout supplement, which is specifically designed for increasing your performance levels.  This, combined with creatine, should give you lots of strength and endurance.

Our Favorite Creatine Supplement for Men

Creatine supplements are a great tool for increasing your strength, muscle mass, and overall performance. Not all creatine supplements are created equal, which is why we chose only the best products for you.

BulkSupplements Micronized Creatine MonoHydrate Powder

The best creatine for men is the BulkSupplements Micronized Creatine MonoHydrate Powder. This is a premium quality product, affordable to everyone. Even though it is cheap, it is pure and very effective.

Nearly any man can use it and achieve great results. It is safe to use and it doesn’t contain any additives. This means that it is suited for any diet, including the vegan diet. Give it a try and boost your performance, push your limits, and increase your strength every day.

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