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Human beings have an innate desire to be accepted, affirmed, and supported. A community can provide all of these things.

When you’re a member of a supportive community, you get the following:

  • Growth – The sharing of ideas fosters innovation and increases your knowledge.
  • Connection – You have the opportunity to touch lives and be touched by the lives of other members of the community.
  • Support – When you need it, help comes easier if you’re a member of a community.

If you belong to a community right now and it’s helping bring out the best in you, consider yourself very fortunate.

To honor this gift to humanity, we’ve put together a collection of songs about community.

Add these tracks to your playlist to celebrate the wonderful things that happen when humans come together and decide to work for the common good.

[Learn more about the different types of communities & community organization styles]

1. We Are the World 25 for Haiti, Artists for Haiti

We Are the World 25 for Haiti | Artists for Haiti | community song examples

via wearetheworld

There comes a time when we heed a certain call. When the world must come together as one. There are people dying. And it's time to lend a hand to life, the greatest gift of all.

The original version of this song was composed by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. Several of the most popular musical artists of the 1980s performed this charity single to support efforts to end famine in Africa at that time.

This version is a remake of the original, with prominent artists of the 2000s performing the song as tribute to the victims of the magnitude 7.0 quake that hit Haiti in 2010.

The song is a call to lend a helping hand to those who are in need. It reminds listeners that we are all part of one big family.

2. Stand By Me, Ben E. King

Stand By Me | Ben E King | songs about community spirit


If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall or the mountains should crumble to the sea, I won't cry. I won't cry. No, I won't shed a tear just as long as you stand, stand by me.

This song is a reminder that, as humans, we all need support from each other. We can only take so much before we start to break down.

A supportive community does wonders for us. It becomes our support system and allows us to accomplish things and reach greater heights.

3. We're All in This Together, High School Musical Cast

Were All in This Together | High School Musical Cast | pop songs about community

via DisneyMusicVEVO

We're all in this together. Once we know that we are, we're all stars and we see that we're all in this together. And it shows when we stand hand in hand. Make our dreams come true.

Perhaps you find making friends and mingling with other people challenging. The thing is, everyone is unique, and that’s why belonging to a community is an amazing experience. [This post recommends 15 social hobbies you may want to try in order to meet people and make connections.]

This song celebrates this experience and reminds us that we can do great things together. Regardless of our differences, we can create something meaningful that’s worth celebrating.

4. One Love, Bob Marley & The Wailers

One Love | Bob Marley & The Wailers | rap songs about community

via Bob Marley

One love! One heart! Let's get together and feel alright.

This song tells listeners that conflict often occurs when there is division among people. It encourages everyone to unite because it’s the only way to achieve peace for all.

5. People Have the Power, Patti Smith

People Have the Power | Patti Smith | community songs in english

via Patti Smith

I believe everything we dream can come to pass through our union. We can turn the world around. We can turn the earth's revolution. We have the power. People have the power.

This song is filled with optimism. It tells listeners that, by coming together, people can make things happen.

It’s up to us how we use this power. We can make changes that impact humanity in a positive way, or we can go the destructive route and suffer the consequences.

6. Get Together, The Youngbloods

Get Together | The Youngbloods | songs about community coming together

via The Youngbloods – Topic

If you hear the song I sing, you will understand, listen. You hold the key to love and fear all in your trembling hand. Just one key unlocks them both. It's there at your command. Come on, people now. Smile on your brother. Everybody get together. Try to love one another right now.

This song is a reminder to unite in the name of love.

In 1969, the year this song was re-released, there was a lot of fear and strife around the world, especially in the United States.

There was a lot of violence happening in the nation, and the people needed a reminder that everyone must unite. This song encouraged listeners to foster tolerance, non-violence, and unity.

7. Wonderful World, Beautiful People, Jimmy Cliff

Wonderful World Beautiful People | Jimmy Cliff | pop songs about community

via Jimmy Cliff – Topic

Man and woman, girl and boy, let us try to give a helping hand. This I know and I'm sure that with love we all could understand. This is our world, can't you see? Everybody wants to live and be free instead of fussing and fighting, cheating but biting, scandalizing and hating, yeah.

This song encourages each member of the community to reach out and help in any way they can. Instead of focusing on negativity, listeners are encouraged to become more loving toward each other.

8. Nina Cried Power, Hozier ft. Mavis Staples

Nina Cried Power | Hozier ft Mavis Staples | community songs in english

via Hozier

And I could cry power. Power has been cried by those stronger than me. Straight into the face that tells you to rattle your chains if you love being free.

One of the reasons members of a community come together is to fight against things that threaten their basic freedoms.

Throughout the years, American communities have come together to challenge the status quo. These people paved the way for the freedoms we enjoy now.

This inspiring song reminds listeners that each of us has the power to challenge oppressive acts and change the course of history for the benefit of all.

9. Make a Wave, Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

Make a Wave | Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas | songs about togetherness

via therealdemilovatoPH2

Just a pebble in the water can set the sea in motion. A simple act of kindness can stir the widest ocean. If we show a little love, heaven knows what we could change. So throw a pebble in the water and make a wave…

This song assures listeners that even a small positive act can have a big impact. If we act with kindness, it will have a far-reaching impact on our community and the world.

10. I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony), The New Seekers

Id Like to Teach the World to Sing | The New Seekers | songs about community spirit

via The New Seekers – Topic

I'd like to see the world for once, all standing hand in hand. And hear them echo through the hills for peace throughout the land.

Although this song started out as a commercial jingle for a popular beverage, it became a hit with the public who loved the upbeat and light melody, as well as the positive message in the lyrics.

The song describes the aspirations of someone who wishes to live in peace and harmony with others and is willing to work to make that happen.

11. Yes We Can Can, The Pointer Sisters

Yes We Can Can | The Pointer Sisters | best songs about community

via TOP401974

Now's the time for all good men to get together with one another. We got to iron out our problems and iron out our quarrels and try to live as brothers. And try to find peace within without stepping on one another.

When communities are harmonious, people are better able to manifest their potential. It’s often a challenge to maintain peace in our communities, but it can be done.

This song encourages listeners to try and live as harmoniously as possible. It reminds us that more can be achieved when there is peace in the community.

12. One Tribe, Black Eyed Peas

One Tribe | Black Eyed Peas | christian songs about community

via Black Eyed Peas

One love, one blood, one people. One heart, one beat, we equal. Connected like the internet. United, that's how we do. Let's break walls so we see through. Let love and peace lead you.

Here is another song that tells us to come together in the name of love. It is a wonderful reminder that, despite our differences, we are all connected and all one.

All we need to do is open our hearts in order to see this.

13. One Day, Matisyahu

One Day | Matisyahu | country songs about community

via Matisyahu

All my life I've been waiting for, I've been prayin' for, for the people to say that we don't wanna fight no more. There'll be no more war and our children will play. One day, one day, one day…

Although we enjoy relative peace as Americans, there are still places around the world where fighting and violence are the norm.

People cannot unite and create supportive communities when violence is a daily occurrence.

In this song, Matisyahu sings about waiting and praying for the day that war will end and children can play again. We hope that day comes soon.

14. People Got to Be Free, The Rascals

People Got to Be Free | The Rascals | songs that talk about community

via The Rascals – Topic

You should see what a lovely, lovely world this'd be. Everyone learned to live together, ah hah. Seems to me such an itty bitty thing should be. Why can't you and me learn to love one another?

This is another song that calls for a beautiful and peaceful world. Communities can only function at their best if everyone learns to set aside their differences and work together for the common good.

Love plays a major part in creating communities that support and encourage their members to be the best that they can be.

Do you see this happening in your community?

15. Everyday People, Sly & The Family Stone

Everyday People | Sly & The Family Stone | broadway songs about community

via Sly & The Family Stone

I am everyday people. There is a long hair that doesn't like the short hair for being such a rich one that will not help the poor one. Different strokes for different folks. And so on and so on, scooby-dooby-dooby. We got to live together.

This song tells listeners that we can be different in appearance, interests, and backgrounds, but if we are members of the same community, we share the responsibility of helping each other out.

We need to set aside our differences. All of us need to learn to coexist in harmony.

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16. Ubuntu, Colby and Awu

Ubuntu | Colby and Awu | musical theatre songs about community

via Colby Jeffers Awu Donson

Every nation all over the world is like many boats on one river of life… And we've only got one word: Ubuntu…

Ubuntu is a South African word that describes the virtue of humanity and compassion. It is a powerful term to describe how we are all connected to each other and how the whole world is a community.

17. Hello Bonjour, Michael Franti & Spearhead

Hello Bonjour | Michael Franti & Spearhead | songs about community love

via Michael Franti

“‘Cause every bit of land is a holy land and every drop of water is a holy water. And every single child is a son or a daughter of the one earth mama and the one earth papa.

Here is another song describing our oneness and our membership to one community.

This song tells us that we are all children of this planet. It opens our eyes to see the world differently and realize that we are made holy because we are children of the earth.

For this reason, we need to treat each other—and the rest of creation—with more reverence than we have been.

18. Black or White, Michael Jackson

Black or White | Michael Jackson | songs about community and togetherness

via Michael Jackson

See, it's not about races. Just places, faces. Where your blood comes from is where your space is. I've seen the bright get duller. I'm not gonna spend my life being a color.

Here is another song from the late Michael Jackson. In this single, he sang about how we should not be judged by the color of our skin. It is a reminder that a thriving community embraces diversity, practices acceptance, and strives to achieve harmony among its members.

19. Power of the People, Monster Truck

Power of the People | Monster Truck | rap songs about community

via Monster Truck

Hey now, everybody. We got to work together to save what we have left to lose. We gotta help each other and maybe we'll see a brighter day.

In order to create a truly supportive community, it is up to each member to put in an effort. This song tells us how to do so.

This can involve accepting those who are different us and sharing our skills and talents with others.

Every one can make a commitment to create a better community.

20. We All Stand Together, Paul McCartney and The Frog Chorus

We All Stand Together | Paul McCartney and The Frog Chorus | popular songs about community


Play the game, fight the fight. But what's the point on a beautiful night? Arm in arm, hand in hand, we all stand together.

If you’re looking for a song about community for kids, this track from Paul McCartney is worth considering. It is about unity and standing together through both hardships and triumphs.

21. If You're Ready (Come With Me), The Staple Singers

If Youre Ready | The Staple Singers | hip hop songs about community

via The Staple Singers

If you're ready…come on go with me. No hatred will be tolerated. Peace and love come go with me, will grow between the races. Love is the only transportation to where there's total communication.

This final song is an invitation to become a member of a community built on peace. There will be harmony among the members and there is no room for hatred—only for love.

Final Thoughts

To belong somewhere is a basic human need. But these days, with all of our responsibilities, finding a community and creating ties can be challenging.

We hope that this collection of songs about community will inspire you to reach out to people you resonate with.

We hope you find your tribe.

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