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Feeling uninspired by conventional note-taking? Why not let mind mapping inspire you to study in a fun and creative way?

To give you a visually interesting way to organize your thoughts and ideas, you can use any of our recommended websites and apps for mind mapping or check out the awesome collection of mind map examples for students featured in today’s post.

What’s a Mind Map?

A mind map is one of the many brainstorming techniques you can use to understand concepts, generate fresh ideas, find solutions to problems, easily memorize information, etc.

When you’re mind mapping, you’re creating a diagram of the concepts surrounding a certain topic. “Branches” radiate outwards from the central topic, showing the connection of the concepts/ideas to each other and to the main topic.

Some mind maps are color coded, while others are rich in imagery rather than text.

What Are the Benefits of a Mind Map for Students?

Visual learners or those who absorb information better when it’s associated with imagery can understand lessons quicker through a mind map.

However, it’s not just visual learners who can benefit from mind mapping. Research shows that a mind map can boost the academic performance of students regardless of their learning styles.

Here are more benefits of using a mind map:

  • Helps connect new information to what you already know
  • Makes memorization and recall of information easier
  • Helps you understand even the most complex concepts
  • Allows you to develop a brainstorming habit
  • Sparks your creativity
  • Makes learning fun

Let’s dive into the mind maps we’ve rounded up for you.

1. Long Way Down Lesson Mind Map

If you’re looking for an example of how a mind map can be applied to a lesson, we’ve found a great one from The Daring English Teacher.

This example shows a mind map created by a student for their lesson on Long Way Down, a novel by Jason Reynolds.

2. Illustrated Mind Map

This image-rich mind map shows different ideas on the main topic of “texture.” Sometimes, what others see as a doodle is actually a mind map for a very visual learner who wants to understand a lesson more deeply.

3. Let’s Explore Goals

This colorful mind map is about goals.

Whether you’re learning about the concept of goals or you’re actually setting your own goals, a mind map can help organize your ideas so that it becomes easier to accomplish your objectives.

4. Map Out Your Goals

Here’s another version of a mind map on the topic of goals. In this example, the creator created a diagram of her personal goals.

You’ll notice that a color-coding system is in place:

  • Red = Family
  • Yellow = Development
  • Purple = Work
  • Green = Finances
  • Orange = Mind

5. Handwritten Study Notes

Need an example of a text-rich mind map? We’ve got one from @hexa_studies.

The dedication of this mind map’s creator to include as much detail as possible is truly admirable. With a mind map like this, any complex lesson can be broken down, analyzed, and understood.

6. Food Forest

Here’s an image-rich mind map representing a person’s notes on permaculture. In addition to helping the creator understand a specific topic better, this mind map showcases the creator’s artistic abilities.

7. Project Notes

Mind maps are helpful for organizing ideas for a creative project that seems impossible to accomplish, as shown in this example.

This mind map was created to show that although it seems impossible, there is a solution that can help move the project forward.

8. Media and Propaganda

Mind maps are a great tool for taking abstract ideas and seeing where they are applied in real life. In this example, the creator brainstorms where “media and propaganda” manifest in real life.

9. Soundscapes Mind Map

This next example shows an interesting brainstorming session. It involves soundscapes, with the creator of this mind map drawing simple illustrations representing sounds he heard in several different locations.

10. The Elements of a Personal Letter

Learning something new can often be challenging, but a mind map can bring clarity to unfamiliar concepts, terms, and steps, regardless of what new topic you’re learning.

Meanwhile, check out this post on other Styles for Learning New Things and Actually Remembering Them.

11. How to Remember “Memory”

This mind map shows all the possible details related to the central topic of “memory.” It is a text-rich mind map that has some watercolor illustrations to add a point of interest and break up the monotony of the all-text mind map.

12. Word Associations

If you’re learning a new language, a mind map is an awesome tool you should try to utilize, just as in this example. It can help with building vocabulary, creating word associations, and understanding sentence structure.

[Check out our recommendations for the Best Language Learning Software & Apps for this year.]

13. US and UK Holidays

A mind map can also be used as a cheat sheet for any type of information, giving you quick access as needed. In this example, a mind map makes for a great reference page. It was used to write down the holidays and cultural events of two countries.

14. Notes on Geography

Ace your next geography exam with this mind map.

It features a hand-drawn map of all the member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), reference tables, and other pieces of information relevant to the topic.

15. Learning About Electricity

Using a mind map for note-taking in class makes it easier to remember information related to the main topic. This mind map features different formulas for calculating different ways of measuring electricity.

16. Mind Mapping Current Issues

Mind maps are also great for seeing the “big picture” when it comes to current events and social issues. In this example, a teacher introduced a new lesson to the class by letting the students brainstorm what they know about the topic.

17. The Nervous System

This mind map combines illustrations with text to create an awesome study material. A brainstorming tool like this can help you boost your academic performance.

Final Thoughts About Mind Map Examples for Students

There you have it—a collection of mind maps to elevate the way you take notes in class.

Which one is your favorite?

By using mind mapping as a brainstorming technique, you’re training your mind to rapidly see the links and associations between ideas and concepts. This gives you an edge when it comes to studying, presenting your ideas, and sharing your thoughts with others.

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