17 Mind Map Examples for Students in 2023

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Feeling uninspired by conventional note-taking? Why not let mind mapping inspire you to study in a fun and creative way? To give you a visually interesting way to organize your thoughts and ideas, you can use any of our recommended websites and apps for mind mapping or check out the awesome collection of mind map … Read more

21 Mind Map Examples & Ideas for 2023

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Need to generate new ideas or find creative solutions to problems? If you haven’t done it yet, consider mind mapping for your next brainstorming session. To help you get started, we’re sharing an awesome collection of mind map examples and ideas from which you can draw inspiration for your own mind map. But before we … Read more

What is Brainstorming? (and 6 Rules for Maximizing Each Brainstorming Session)

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Learn what is brainstorming and effective brainstorming techniques to help you solve problems.

Want a quick way to come up with a wealth of great ideas? Then one technique you can try is to build the brainstorming habit. It doesn’t matter how you brainstorm.  You can do it on your own or in a group setting.  What matters is setting aside at least 30 minutes to think of … Read more