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Looking for the best books on speed reading?

Today, we’re sharing our list of the best speed reading books to help you master the formidable technique of speed reading.

It is important to cultivate a reading habit. Doing so develops and strengthens your mind. Reading also widens your viewpoint, allows you to become a better functioning member of society, and ensures that you can perform your duties well.

It is also a pleasant way to wile away the time.

The ability to read faster and understand what you’ve read is highly beneficial. It is a great way of keeping up with the plethora of information we need to process every day, not only at work, but also in our personal lives.

In addition to helping us keep up with information, speed reading also benefits us cognitively and socially.

More Benefits of Speed Reading

Some of the other benefits that you can reap from speed reading include:

  • Improved social interaction – Speed reading helps you stay up to date on current events, allowing you to contribute more in conversations.
  • More confidence – Reading faster and retaining details from what you’ve read adds to your knowledge, building your confidence when it comes to topics of interest.
  • Faster problem solving – As you become more adept at speed reading, you’ll notice an improvement in how your brain organizes information. You’ll discover that you are able to find solutions to problems quicker than you previously did.
  • Makes reading enjoyable – As your confidence soars, you’ll find reading to be a pleasant activity and enjoy it more.

We recommend the following books on speed reading.

1. Limitless Expanded Edition by Jim Kwik

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Let's start off with a book that helps you unlock your limitless potential for learning, including speed reading.

This book teaches you how to tap into your inner resources in order to achieve more in life. Whether you want to become more productive by adopting good habits or achieve your greatest dreams, this book can help you.

Within the pages of Limitless, Jim Kwik provides science-based practices that help you speed up just about any aspect of life.

Whether it’s speed reading, improving your memory and recall, or learning how to communicate well, this book shows you that it can be done fast.

2. How to Read Better & Faster by Norman Lewis

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This manual on speed reading was first published in the 1970s, but remains relevant today for the valuable information it imparts on how one can become a speed reader.

The book provides step-by-step instructions on how to improve your reading skills in order to read faster than the average 300 words per minute.

It is a hefty book, with tons of useful tips and drills that really help readers master the art of speed reading.

3. Speed Reading With the Right Brain by David Butler

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If you’ve ever been frustrated by being a slow reader, Speed Reading With the Right Brain: Learn to Read Ideas Instead of Just Words might be what you’re looking for. It will help increase your reading speed and improve your comprehension.

Engaging the right side (big-picture thinking) of the brain enriches your reading experience. It allows you to grasp concepts and ideas rather than merely memorizing words from the reading material.

In addition to helping you become a faster reader, this book can help improve your visualization skills. Within its pages are at least 20 reading exercises that tap into the power of the right side of your brain.

4. 10 Days to Faster Reading by the Princeton Language Institute and Abby Marks-Beale

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This book promises to equip you with speed reading skills in days rather than the months that it usually takes to become a fast reader.

The book provides helpful tips for weeding out bad reading habits and replacing them with useful techniques. It promises to make you a speed reader in 10 days.

Each chapter builds on the previous one. The book also contains quizzes and exercises to apply the techniques you are learning.

5. Breakthrough Rapid Reading by Peter Kump

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If your job involves a lot of reading, or if you are a student who has required readings and reports for different subjects, speed reading is a must in order to stay on top of things.

Peter Kump has decades of experience teaching people from all walks of life how to speed read. In his book, he shares his knowledge through in-depth, step-by-step instructions on how to read faster while retaining information.

People with busy schedules appreciate this book. It allows them to set their own pace in learning speed reading, as well as choose their own materials.

There are tons of exercises found within the book. In addition to the exercises, there are drills and diagrams that are designed to hone one’s speed reading skills until mastery is achieved.

6. Essential Speed Reading Techniques by Katya Seberson

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A lot of speed reading techniques focus on increasing the words you can read per minute. However, reading comprehension is often sacrificed, especially when one reads at rates of 500 words or more.

Essential Speed Reading Techniques: How to Become a Better, Faster Reader takes a different approach to teaching you how to become a faster reader. It does away with techniques such as skimming and scanning.

Instead, Katya Seberson explains the science behind reading and shares her techniques for upping your reading speed while retaining comprehension.

The book comes with individualized exercises to help you understand what your own strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to reading. Not only will you become a faster reader, you’ll also become a more efficient one.

7. Speed Reading by Kam Knight

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The average time to finish a 200-page book is four hours, but Speed Reading: Learn to Read a 200+ Page Book in 1 Hour promises to teach you how to finish it in just an hour.

In this book, Kam Knight teaches techniques through simple analogies. The practical tips and exercises help to strengthen your eye-brain coordination while reading.

Knight’s techniques focus on speed and comprehension. It does away with the usual skim and scan techniques that are popular in other speed reading books.

Final Thoughts Speed Reading Books

Whether you’re studying or working, speed reading is a useful skill for success and well-being.

We hope that you’ve found a book or two on this list that can help you master speed reading.

The techniques do work, and the best way to apply the authors’ tips is to read, read, and read some more.

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