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With the huge volume of information that bombards us these days, we are often compelled to read more in a short period of time.

In order to keep up, we need the ability to comprehend what we’re reading and retain the information.

Speed reading is a new skill worth developing as an answer to this need.

Being able to read fast is important. Not only will it give you more confidence—especially in social situations—it also opens doors to better opportunities in your professional and personal life.

There are apps that can help you achieve lightning-fast reading speeds, allowing you to read, comprehend, and retain more material than you were previously capable of.

Today, we’re sharing seven of the best speed reading apps available for iOS and Android devices. These apps were chosen based on how easy they are to use, how effective they are in helping you read faster and retain information better, and how well-designed their interfaces are.

Here are our top seven apps for speed reading.

Best Speed Reading Apps for Better Information Retention

1. Reading Trainer

reading trainer | accelerator speed reading app | free speed reading app

Reading Trainer is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app has been consistently listed as one of the top favorites because of its standout features that effectively help increase your reading speed and achieve better memory retention.

Instead of merely flashing words one by one on its interface, the app functions like a speed reading course. It contains 12 interactive exercises that are all designed to develop your speed in reading across a wide variety of genres.

This app supports several languages other than English, including Spanish, Turkish, and Russian.

The app costs $2.99, with no other in-app purchases.

For iOS | For Android

2. Reedy

reedy | best speed reading appreddit | accelerator speed reading app

With Reedy, you can choose three different reading options:

  • Regular reading
  • Text-to-speech
  • Speed reading

As with most speed reading apps, Reedy uses the rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) technique to allow you to read up to two times faster than your usual reading speed. It works by letting your eyes focus on one area of the page/screen, where words flash one after the other in the same spot.

The app can help you read up to 3,000 words per minute. Furthermore, with Reedy, it is easy to navigate through e-books, websites, and text from other apps.

The app is available for free. In-app purchases unlock some of the features, with prices ranging from $0.99 to $9.97.

For Android

3. Speed Reading: Concentration and Memory Trainer

concentration and memory trainer | speed reading app for pc | best speed reading app

This Android-exclusive app was developed to help users improve their reading speeds.

The app provides three sections for practicing your reading skills, including:

  • Reading
  • Training
  • Motivators

In these sections, you’ll find simulators that help develop your speed-reading skills, ability to recall information, and reading comprehension.

This app is free to download on any Android device.

For Android

4. REaD EyE

read eye | free speed reading app | best speed reading software

This app is quite new in the roster of speed reading apps. And it is not merely a speed-reading app—it also provides reading support for the following conditions:

As for speed-reading, the app can help you develop the skill using its user-friendly interface. You simply copy the text from any source and start the app, which then displays the copied text in an eye shape.

You can adjust the text’s font size with the flick of two fingers for more comfortable reading.

The app is available for free.

For iOS

5. Outread

outread | best speed reading software | speed reading app for kindle

If you need a thorough app for practicing your speed-reading and information retention skills, Outread is worth a try.

The app has syncing features and integrates with reading-list apps such as Pocket, Pinboard, and Readability. Outread keeps your place in any material you’re reading so you can pick up from where you left off.

You can choose between day and night themes, as well as from five different font sizes for your reading comfort.

With its stats features, it is one of the few speed reading apps that allows you to keep track of your progress when learning how to read faster. In addition, a built-in library lets you read classic literary works for free.

The app can increase your reading speed up to 1,500 words per minute.

The basic version of Outread is free. Upgrading to Outread+ costs $19.99.

For iOS

A Quick Note About Speed Reading

Speed reading is a great skill to have, but cannot be applied to all types of reading. That’s because that the faster you read, the less information you’re able to retain.

For example, if you are reading new material that requires you to remember all the details, then you’re better off reading the text slowly. The same goes for when you’re reading a highly technical or complex document.

Speed reading is also not applicable if you’re reading to relay information or teach someone else information you get from what you’re reading.

There are occasions, however, when speed reading can help you absorb and process information quickly. This applies to reading newsletters, memos, reports, and texts for timed reading comprehension tests.

Final Thoughts on the Best Speed Reading Apps

Many of the apps featured today are specifically designed to help you not only read faster, but also retain a larger percentage of information from what you’ve read.

We hope that this post can help you make an informed decision about which app to get for your own speed reading needs.

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