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Looking for ways to help children succeed in life?

One way is to teach them good, healthy habits. You might also want to teach them how to set goals.

Goal setting is a life skill that guarantees success for anyone who masters it.

Children benefit greatly when taught how to set goals early in life. An article in Oxford Learning reveals that goal setting can help students achieve more in their academic performance.

A goal setting worksheet for kids is a great way of introducing them to the concept of setting goals.

For today’s post, we’ve rounded up some of the best examples of goal setting worksheets that children can use to set their first big goals and learn supporting skills for achieving them.

A Quick Guide to Goal Setting for Kids

Adult assistance and guidance are necessary when letting kids set their goals for the first time. Here are some tips for helping them set goals:

  • Brainstorm together to identify a major goal.
  • Discuss why the goal is important.
  • Set a deadline for achieving the goal.
  • Create an action plan together. Ensure that each supporting action is doable for the child.
  • Use a tracker or regular face-to-face check-ins to track progress, discuss obstacles, and (possibly) revise some aspects of the action plan.
  • Celebrate.

For more details on how to help kids formulate and succeed in their goals, check out this guide about Goal Setting for Kids.

Meanwhile, continue reading below to check out the examples we’ve got for you.

1. Goal Setting Worksheets for Kids

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Download the PDF

We created this SMART goal setting worksheet specifically for kids. This brightly colored worksheet features guide questions/writing prompts for every letter of the SMART acronym.

The questions encourage children to reflect on what they truly want in order to formulate specific goals and create action plans to achieve them. There are enough spaces beneath each guide question to write down answers or reflections about the goals they are pursuing.

2. My Big Goal

Printables can make goal setting a simpler process, especially for kids who are learning about creating major personal goals for the first time. This template is designed for older kids’ use.

It features writing prompts that allow the user to reflect on a major goal. The worksheet has designated spaces for writing down a main goal, as well as several mini-goals with their respective action plans.

A section for writing down the dates when the mini-goals are achieved keeps the goals time-bound. This is an opportunity for kids to learn about one of the aspects of effective goal setting and better time management.

3. Goal Setting Skills to Help Kids Thrive

This set of printables provides fun activities that introduce kids to the concept of goal setting. There are 14 pages filled with useful goal setting tools guaranteed to help kids achieve their goals.

Some of the worksheets found in this set include:

  • Weekly Goal Tracker Sheet
  • Daily Goal Tracker Sheet
  • Monthly Goals Templates – with spaces allocated for every month of the year
  • Goal Planner
  • Goal Ladder
  • Goals Checklist

All worksheets are created for children’s use, with cute color schemes and age-appropriate designs.

4. Student Academic Goal Setting Sheets

This worksheet introduces children to the concept of SMART goals. To recap, SMART is an acronym that refers to goals that are:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Relevant

T – Time-Bound

In this worksheet, a guide question accompanies each letter of the SMART acronym to help users clarify their goals. A ladder represents the progressive nature of the goal-setting process, where the lower steps are the actions one must take in order to reach the top step (the goal).

5. Bubble-Themed Goal Setting Sheets

This worksheet is designed for use in class to introduce the concept of academic goal setting for a particular class subject.

There are circles of different sizes, and a prompt or label is found in every circle in the worksheet.

Some circles have prompts for you to write things you want to get better at or what you want to learn about (in the classroom).

This worksheet also encourages the user to do some self-reflection and assess their skills and abilities related to their academic goals.

6. Goal Setting and Coloring Page

Looking for a goal setting system that will appeal to younger kids?

Here’s a goal setting template and coloring sheet in one. It features a black-and-white picture of a hot air balloon floating among the clouds.

The clouds have spaces for writing up to three goals. Children can color the page once they’ve identified the goals they want to work on.

[Need more coloring pages templates? Check out these Growth Mindset Coloring Pages for Your Kids or Students.]

7. Goal Brainstorming Worksheet

This brainstorming worksheet has more than enough space to write a mind map or create a brain dump during goal planning.

In addition, on the upper portion of the page, there are spaces for writing the specific goal you want to accomplish and its deadline.

Final Thoughts

To recap, teaching kids the concept of goal setting provides them with an essential life skill—one that they can use at any point in their lives to achieve success.

The goal setting worksheets for kids featured in today’s post are some of the best for introducing goal setting concepts to children and teaching them to plan how to achieve their goals.

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