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Game nights nowadays offer plenty of options for fun for the entire family and kids of all ages.

But when there are teens involved, you may want to think about preparing something a bit more engaging for them… otherwise they’ll stay stuck to their smartphones.

One game that can keep them interested is “Would You Rather” questions for teens. This is a type of conversation or party game, perfect for icebreakers, in which the player is given two options for a particular scenario.

When preparing for this kind of game, it’s very important that you keep your type of audience in mind.

Especially because they are impressionable young teens, you need to prepare a variety of questions that would be fun and wholesome enough for them to answer and participate in.

Why Ask Would You Rather Questions?

The benefit of asking Would You Rather questions for teens goes beyond simply being able to break the ice. It could also be an effective way to gain some insight into their mindset and values… as well as clue you into what’s been going on in their life.

Many times, listening is the best way to read between the lines and figure out what you may be missing. And for adults working with teens, such as teachers or counselors, a child’s answers in this game could provide some very valuable information on how to best approach a particular situation. 

On the part of the teenager, meanwhile, it puts them in a position wherein they have the opportunity to be a little bit more reflective about their answers. While it’s a quick and fun game, it could also start off a deeper curiosity about why they answered the way they did.

So in a way, it’s a good exercise for self-assessment as well. Not to mention, the fact that it makes for a much less awkward way of sharing their opinions and communicating not only with their peers, but also with the adults in their lives. 

So without further ado, here are some Would You Rather questions you can use for your next game session with teenagers:


Would you rather…

  1. Host a slumber party or go to your friend’s place?
  2. Borrow your friend’s clothes or do a trade?
  3. Receive friendship bracelets or give one?
  4. Share a secret voluntarily or leave your friend to guess? 
  5. Be in all the same classes or just be in the same club? 
  6. Text/chat or call?
  7. Come to school wearing the same hair color or the same set of clothes?
  8. Only have 30 minutes to hang out with your friend or a whole day but while babysitting their younger sibling as well?
  9. Watch a movie or hang out at the park/mall?
  10. Share your fries or buy one each?
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Would you rather…

  1. Be an only child or have siblings?
  2. Be the eldest or youngest?
  3. Be the one to inherit the family business or not?
  4. Be in charge of setting the table or clearing the dishes? 
  5. Share your bedroom with your brother or your sister? 
  6. Have your own pet or share a family pet?
  7. Wear your sister’s hand-me-downs or wear your dad’s clothes?
  8. Have a meal at the dining table or in front of the TV?
  9. Go hiking or stay at the beach?
  10. Fly out or go on a road trip for a family trip? 


Would you rather…

  1. Stay indoors or go outdoors? 
  2. Play virtual reality or physical games?
  3. Hang out at a cat cafe or visit a museum?
  4. Write on a notepad or type on a tablet?
  5. Post images or video reels?
  6. Bake cookies or cupcakes?
  7. Knit the sweater or buy the sweater?
  8. Have the entire day to yourself but you can only walk to go places, or be driven around in comfort but with an early curfew?
  9. Use a cheat code for your game but lose respawn/healing powers forever, or unlock all achievements but you’ll never be the winner?
  10. Watch the concert of your favorite band as VIP from the backstage but you can only see their backs, or be front and center but in the crowd?


Would you rather…

  1. Lose your phone or your laptop?
  2. Facial recognition or fingerprint security?
  3. Buy Product A as soon as it gets released or wait until Product B arrives and then you buy Product A?
  4. Bluetooth connection or USB cable?
  5. Have a full phone battery charge but no WiFi signal, or strong WiFi but you can only access Math tutorial channels?
  6. Stream shows or watch Live TV?
  7. Watch shows with ads for break or nonstop marathon viewing?
  8. Upgrade to the latest media entertainment center but lose your phone, or keep your phone and your phone only? 
  9. Get a jammed printer or a bricked phone? 
  10. Know your best friend’s phone security pin or email password?


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Would you rather…

  1. Eat melted ice cream under the sun or a fresh bowl of all the vegetables you don’t like?
  2. One hamburger with a sad beef patty or a whole spread of vegan sandwiches complete with the works?
  3. Have one slice of your favorite pizza everyday or unlimited boxes but only once a year?
  4. Dine-in or Take-out?
  5. Cook for the family or call for delivery? 
  6. Burnt bread or undercooked meat?
  7. Spill salt on your plate or hot sauce?
  8. Mint chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
  9. Eat all you can for $1 but a glass of water is $100 or $100 but you can only eat eggs?
  10. Be allergic to chips or allergic to desserts?
  11. Have desserts for breakfast or breakfast for dinner? 

Pop Culture

Would you rather…

  1. Have real-life Avengers or Justice League?
  2. Be on the island of Survivor or on the island of Lost? 
  3. Be your normal, non-celebrity self or shoot to stardom because of Catfish?
  4. Get the Golden Ticket or the Golden Buzzer?
  5. Be stuck in an elevator with Ryan Reynolds or Deadpool?
  6. Get dropped off to school every day by Carpool Karaoke but it’s only James Corden, or fly first class for life but always with your least favorite artist of all time?
  7. Have Antman’s powers or the Hulk?
  8. Be best friends with Ironman or Tony Stark?
  9. Be snubbed on the red carpet or be the star of Roast Night? 
  10. Have your music player stuck on loop on a Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus song? 
  11. Be the undefeated champion in Jeopardy or in American Ninja Warrior?
  12. Have a taste of superstardom as a one-hit wonder or enjoy consistent recognition of mediocre success?


Would you rather…

  1. High heels or platform wedges? 
  2. Casual or formal?
  3. Stylish or comfortable?
  4. Skater boy or surfer dude?
  5. Fall fashion or winter style?
  6. Blend in or standout?
  7. Fashion-forward or retro?
  8. Tropical prints or ironic statement shirts?
  9. Cropped pants or bell-bottoms?
  10. Denim on denim or plaids and prints?


Would you rather…

  1. Go camping and sleep in a heated tent but with no shower, or to have a heated shower but sleep in a tent with no heater?
  2. Stay in a haunted luxury hotel out in the open wilderness?
  3. Patch up the grasses on a golf course or count the coins in a vending machine?
  4. Hike up a steep incline or roll down from a steep hill?
  5. Eat something familiar but spoiled or eat something fresh but unknown?
  6. Get lost in a new city with a friend but no mobile phone, or by yourself but with free access to any store or restaurant in the area?
  7. Swim in a lake at night or enter a cave during the day by yourself?
  8. Walk up to your school crush and leave a note with your number or video call them to start a conversation? 
  9. Be left behind by your parents at the grocery or the carnival? 
  10. Get your phone confiscated for a week or be grounded to stay home for a month?
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Would you rather…

  1. Ask your crush out or wait for them to notice you? 
  2. Be the third wheel at your best friend’s date with their partner or have your best friend be the third wheel at yours? 
  3. Watch a movie or go on an adventure on the first date?
  4. Split the bill or pay dutch?
  5. Date someone smart and funny but plain-looking, or gorgeous but boring?
  6. Meet their family for the first time at home during dinner or at a family event outside?
  7. Date someone older or younger?
  8. Date someone outgoing but corny or sweet but extremely introverted?
  9. Drive together on your first date or meet at your date place?

Future Self

Would you rather…

  1. Be a small fish in the big city or the big fish in the little town?
  2. Work for an ideal boss or work for yourself?
  3. Put up your own business or get paid for creating ideas for others’ business? 
  4. Invest in your own home or have the freedom to travel anywhere at any time? 
  5. Stay close to home or move as far away as possible? 
  6. Gain weight or lose hair? 
  7. Own a sports car but always get stuck in traffic or drive your parents’ old family wagon but always have the green light?
  8. Hosting parties or attending one as a guest?
  9. Be rich but unlucky or successful but unfulfilled?
  10. Be somebody else or stay as you? 
  11. Win the lottery at 21 or be in the top Forbes 400 at 40? 

Final Thoughts on Would You Rather Questions for Teens

While all of these questions are designed primarily with fun in mind… it could also have the upside of providing some insight as to your teenager’s personal biases and how these may affect their decision-making. Although their answers need not be taken too seriously, it would definitely still help widen the understanding about how their thought process works… and bring you two closer together in the process.

You can also learn more about biases that you can most commonly see in real life by reading about these seven self-serving bias examples that you may not always recognize, although they are everywhere around you.

Finally, if you want to ask better questions, then watch this short, 20-minute course to learn how to have a great conversation with virtually anyone.

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