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Looking for the best ambient noise apps for enhanced focus and improved productivity?

These days, finding a peaceful environment in which to work, study, or attend to personal projects can be a challenge.

A cacophony of sounds can prevent us from getting things done. It could be the roar of heavy equipment in the construction site next door. Perhaps it’s the chatter of co-workers discussing the latest episode of a favorite show that you also happen to watch. Or it could be the din of children fighting while you’re working at home.

However, it’s not just noise that can become an issue. Sometimes, it can be too quiet. This can lull you into a stupor, which doesn’t help with productivity.

Why use an ambient noise app?

One way to overcome these distractions is to play some ambient sounds, which improve your ability to focus.

Science supports the use of ambient sounds to improve concentration. A study published in the Journal of Commercial Research shows that a moderate level of ambient noise enhances creativity and improves decision-making.

Today’s article features seven of the best apps that improve focus by providing background sounds.

If it’s difficult to stay focused on what you’re working on, these apps can help tune out distractions and provide ambient sounds to keep you on-task.

7 Best Ambient Noise Apps to Help You Focus and Increase Productivity

1. Rainy Mood

rainy mood | ambient sounds | background noise cancelling app

For iOS | For Android

Do you love the sound of rain?

Does the muffled rumbling of thunder relax you?

If so, then you might want to try this app for increased productivity.

Rainy Mood harnesses the restorative power of nature to help boost work performance.

A Fast Company article mentions at least a couple of studies that show the benefits we can reap from playing sounds from nature (such as flowing water or a soft bird call) in the workplace.

You can use the app’s mixer to mix nature sounds. Moreover, there are four customizable rain scenes you can choose from:

  • Classic
  • Countryside
  • Ocean
  • Café

The app is free, with in-app purchases (starting at $2.99) to unlock other features.

2. White Noise (Lite)

white noise (lite) | background noise for sleep | background noise for studying

For iOS | For Android

Research has proven that moderate levels of ambient noise boost creativity. In addition to this awesome benefit, White Noise (Lite) also supports better sleep quality. Users wake up feeling refreshed and capable of getting more things done.

Users love that they can mix their own ambient tracks for a more personalized experience.

Choose from over 40 looped tracks, such as:

  • White, pink, or brown noise
  • Sound from city streets
  • Beach waves
  • Purring cat
  • Rainstorm

In addition to these features, the app includes an alarm and timer system that gently wakes you up through audio that fades in and out, rather than through a jarring alarm tone.

The app is free to download and is part of the White Noise umbrella of services. It comes with an option to upgrade to a full version (price varies depending on the device you’re using).

3. myNoise

mynoise | best nature sounds app | background noise for sleep

For iOS | For Android

myNoise is one of the best for blocking out the noises that distract you.

myNoise has an extensive library with several categories that work well for every situation where you need ambient noise, such as:

  • Focusing in a noisy environment
  • Calming down
  • Getting good quality sleep

Pre-set sounds are also available for categories such as students with ADHD, people with tinnitus, and writers who needs inspiration.

The app has an adjustable mixer that you can tweak to get the ideal ambience while you work.

You can access myNoise through its website. It is also free to download, with in-app purchases.

4. Brain.fm

brain.fm | ambient sounds | background noise cancelling app

For iOS | For Android

The creators of Brain.fm use scientific methods to create “purpose-built” sounds in its library.

These soundtracks help you achieve desired mental states (e.g., relaxed, meditative, or focused). The app promises to improve your focus within 15 minutes of listening.

Furthermore, its creators are committed to constantly improve the app. To this end, they collaborate with psychologists and neuroscientists to provide the best user experience.

The app is downloadable for free, with an option to upgrade to a Pro version starting at $6.99.

5. Noisli

noisli | background noise for studying | ambient sounds

For iOS | For Android

Noisli helps you become more productive by tuning out noises that annoy you so it becomes easier to focus on getting important things done.

If you love keeping things simple, you’ll appreciate this app’s minimalistic interface. You’re immediately able to play the sounds once you open the app. It comes with a variety of ambient tracks, such as:

  • Crackling fire
  • Wind blowing
  • Rushing water
  • Rainfall
  • Train

You can also mix the tracks and control the volume of each type of sound. For example, you can combine the sound of rainfall and café chatter.

Once you’re done mixing your personalized ambient sounds, you can share your creations with family members, friends, and others through social media or a link.

This app can be downloaded for free, with in-app purchases.

6. Coffitivity

coffitivity | ambient sound app android | free background noise app

Some people feel more productive while inside a coffee shop. In addition to the moderate ambient sound in most cafés and coffee shops, the novel environment triggers the brain to become more creative.

If you love the coffee shop vibe but can’t hang out in one because of restrictions, you might want to try Coffitivity to simulate the experience.

This web-based app has a free version that gives you three sound modes:

  • Morning Murmur
  • Lunchtime Lounge
  • University Undertones

The Premium version, priced at $9 per year, gives you unlimited access plus three additional sounds:

  • Paris Paradise
  • Brazil Bistro
  • Texas Teahouse

7. Soundrown

soundrown | free background noise app | best nature sounds app

Soundrown is another web-based ambient sound mixer. It has 10 ambient tracks that you can mix to enhance your focus.

Each of these sounds has a volume control. Currently, the available sounds are:

  • Coffee shop
  • Rain
  • Waves
  • Fire
  • Birds
  • Night
  • Train
  • Fountain
  • White noise
  • Playground

A music track is also available (still in beta, this track plays Debussy’s Claire de Lune), and the website features helpful articles related to ambient noise.

This app is available for free.


There you have it—seven of the best ambient noise apps currently available. We hope you’ve found a favorite among the ones featured today.

Remember, regardless of what kind of ambient track you prefer, the important thing is that it helps you stay focused and get stuff done.

These days, more and more people are working remotely and studying online. This makes ambient background sounds more important work and study.

If you need further reference on how not to get distracted at work or while studying, you might want to check out this article for helpful tips.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for gadgets that can block unwanted noises while you’re sleeping, this review of the best white noise machines might be just what you need.

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