5 Best Essential Oil Diffusers (Our Review for 2020)

5 Best Essential Oil Diffusers (Our Review for 2020)

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At a Glance: Our Picks for the Best Essential Oil Diffusers

Looking for the best essential oil diffusers? Want to disperse your essential oils quickly, easily and safely around a large volume of space? Not sure which diffusers are the best? Look no further.

In this comprehensive review of the best essential oil diffusers we give you the important properties to consider when buying any aromatherapy diffuser, then break down the top five models in different categories before crowning our BEST essential oil diffuser. Enjoy!

Essential oils have been known to have a variety of beneficial properties, including helping you to relax, improving your mood, and boosting your immune system. One increasingly popular method for taking advantage of essential oils is to use a diffuser to disperse them into the air.

Our Picks for Best Essential Oil Diffusers

Don't have time to read the entire review? Then check out this table for a quick look at our favorite essential oil diffusers.

dgh-table__imageMost Visually PleasingMost Visually PleasingVicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser (300ml)CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
dgh-table__imageLargest CoverageLargest CoverageURPOWER Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier (500ml)CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
dgh-table__imageBest for Small SpacesBest for Small SpacesInnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser (100ml)CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
dgh-table__imageBest for Medium Sized RoomsBest for Medium Sized RoomsInnoo Tech Essential Oil Diffuser (300ml)CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
dgh-table__imageBest for BudgetBest for BudgetURPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser (120ml)CLICK HERE FOR PRICE

Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

There are a number of essential oil diffusers available, and they range from ones that you can carry in your pocket to fan-based ones that diffuse essential oils to a few square feet of space.

A variety of diffusers are described in the video “choosing essential oil diffusers”, (see it here) but the best and most effective diffusers are ones that use ultrasonic vibrations. These versions are simply safer and less mess than other (often heat-related) styles of diffusers.

There are several advantages to ultrasonic essential oil diffusers. To begin with, they allow you to absorb essential oils over the longest period of time, and they tend to use oils the most efficiently.

Ultrasonic units use 2.4 million vibrations per second to turn oil and water into a mist. Heat can break down the properties of essential oils, which makes them less effective, so ultrasonic vibrations are the best way to disperse oils.

The Benefits of Essential Oil Diffusers

Using an essential oil diffuser can also be a very safe way to make your home smell good. While children and pets can knock over or burn themselves on candles or incense, diffusers only use oil and water. The worst thing that may happen if someone bumps into a diffuser is that something will be spilled.

Although one of the most common uses of an essential oil diffuser is to provide fragrance for an area of your home, there is a wide range of other benefits to using an essential oil diffuser. Essential oils have a number of properties that could improve your health, put you in a better mood, and make it easier for you to sleep. For example, many people find that an essential oil diffuser with chamomile or lavender oils helps them sleep better.

If you struggle with respiratory issues, diffusers may also be helpful. Essential oils like tea tree oil have antimicrobial properties, and oils like peppermint and eucalyptus might be able to make it easier for you to breathe and clear out your airways. The antimicrobial properties of oils could enable you to avoid getting sick or help to speed up your recovery.

Diffusers can even be used to repel insects. Many flying and stinging insects dislike cedarwood and clove, and using a diffuser near a window may help keep pests away from your home.

What to Look for In an Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils can be expensive, so you want to be sure that you're getting the maximum benefit from them. When shopping for an essential oil diffuser, you should look for units that have large enough water reservoirs to allow them to run for hours without being refilled.


A large reservoir will also allow the diffuser to create enough mist to provide fragrance for the area the diffuser is placed in. Additionally, it's important that diffusers automatically shut off when they run out of water so they don't waste electricity or burn out.


A good diffuser will allow you to determine just how much mist you want. Depending on where you're keeping your diffuser, you may want more or less fragrance. There are a variety of diffusers that will enable you to change how often they release mist or how much mist they produce.


Another feature that you may want to look for is a timer that allows you to set how long your diffuser will run. You may not want your diffuser to run all night if you use it to help you sleep. Besides, running all the time may also result in the diffuser going through oils faster than you'd like.


Other factors you may want to take into account are how quiet a unit is and if it is easy to use and clean. If you're using your diffuser to relax or help you concentrate, the last thing you want is an annoying noise distracting you. Additionally, if your diffuser is difficult to use, tends to leak, or needs to be cleaned more than once a week, you may end up using it less because you consider the process a hassle.

Night Light

Finally, a number of electric diffusers also have the ability to act as night lights. Many people find dim lights to be soothing, and if you have children, you may also find a lighted diffuser to be beneficial. Diffusers with lights should allow you to adjust the brightness of the lights or to turn them off entirely.

Best Essential Oil Diffusers for 2020

1. InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Portable Ultrasonic Diffusers with Color LED Lights

If you're looking for a portable diffuser that you can use in smaller areas, the InnoGear 100 milliliter Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser could be an excellent choice. The diffuser is incredibly quiet, and it's small enough to fit just about anywhere.

Along with providing the benefits of essential oils, this diffuser also functions as a night light. You can choose from one of seven colors or allow the unit to cycle through them like a rainbow. If you have children, this may help them sleep at night by improving their breathing and providing some dim illumination. The diffuser may also be a good option if you need additional moisture while you sleep since it also works as a humidifier.

The InnoGear essential oil diffusers can provide about three hours of mist in continuous mode and about six hours when it is set up to mist on for 30 seconds and then mist off for another 30 seconds. It holds about 100 milliliters of water, and all you need to do to use it is to fill it with water and put in a few drops of essential oils. Buttons on the front allow you to adjust the settings for lights and mist.

The unit is small, and it is quite portable. This might make it a good choice for an office, a small room, or the nightstand by your bed.


  • On the intermittent setting, you can get six or more hours of use.
  • You can change the color and brightness of the lights, and it makes an excellent night light.
  • The diffuser only produces 35 dB of noise, which is just louder than the ticking of a clock.
  • It automatically shuts off when the water basin is empty, so you can run the diffuser while you sleep without worrying about it burning out.
  • The diffuser is small and portable enough that you can take it with you.


  • It appears that many of these diffusers are lemons and will break within a few uses, but InnoGear will replace a faulty unit for no charge.
  • The lid can be very difficult to get off, and if you don't put it on correctly, it can get stuck.
  • Some people find the light to be too bright to use in a bedroom even on the dimmer setting.
  • The plug is on the bottom of the unit, so it can be difficult to plug the diffuser into the power adapter without spilling water.

2. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser 120ml Aromatherapy Diffuser Portable Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier

Designed for small to medium-sized rooms, the URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser holds 120 milliliters of water and can be used as a night light, humidifier, and diffuser. The system is easy to use and only needs to be cleaned once a week.

To use the diffuser, you simply need to fill the reservoir with water up to the fill line and put in a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Buttons on the front of the unit allow you to adjust the light settings and to choose your mist setting.

Since the unit lights up, you may find that it works as an excellent night light for you or your children. A combination of soothing lights, essential oils, and humidified air could help you fall asleep faster and wake up more refreshed.

This URPOWER diffuser will turn off automatically when it runs out of water. It can provide around three hours of steady mist or about six hours of mist when it turns on and off every 30 seconds.

If you're looking for an affordable and simple-to-use diffuser, this might be a good choice. It is easy to clean and can be used just about anywhere you need to fragrance or moisturize the air.


  • The URPOWER diffuser is both a humidifier and a diffuser, so you are able to benefit from moisturized air as well as essential oils.
  • This unit fills an area up to 215 square feet with mist.
  • You have the ability to set the diffuser to have the lights on or off, and there are two levels of brightness if you choose to have them on.
  • It is very quiet, so it won't keep you awake if you run it while you sleep.
  • You can choose between two mist settings, which allows you to determine how much fragrance you want in the air.
  • The lights will work even if the unit is not producing mist, so you can just use it as a night light.
  • You can turn off the lights and just use the unit as a diffuser.


  • Some units seem to die fairly quickly, and others appear to produce a very low mist output.
  • The lid for the unit can easily become stuck, and it can be nearly impossible to get off again if this happens.
  • It is easy to spill water once the reservoir is filled, and this is especially true when you are trying to plug the diffuser into the power adapter.

3. Innoo Tech Essential Oil Diffuser 300ml

Designed for mid-sized rooms, the Innoo Tech Essential Oil Diffuser 300ml works as a diffuser, a humidifier, and a night light. This unit also has a built-in fan that helps to disperse essential oils across a wider area and more evenly than units without fans.

The diffuser is able to produce mist quickly, and puts out up to 50 milliliters of mist every hour. Per Innoo, this diffuser can spread mist across 30 square meters of space, so if you need a diffuser that will work in larger areas, this might be a good option for you.

The unit allows you to choose from a number of colored lights or have the lights cycle through all seven colors. There are two brightness settings for the lights, and you are able to operate the diffuser without any lights on.

The unit also operates fairly quietly, only producing 35 decibels of sound. It is louder than the ticking of a clock, but it is not as loud as an air conditioner. If you're looking for a diffuser that you can use while sleeping, you may want to consider this one.

4. VicTsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

VicTsing's 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser may be a good option if you're looking for a diffuser that can run for a long time and provide fragrance for a large space. This attractive unit, which is available with a light or reddish-brown wood grain, can run for hours while putting out a continuous mist that covers up to 82 square feet of space.

According to VicTsing, it produces 30 milliliters of moisture per hour. Along with being able to create a continuous stream of scented mist, you can also use a timer to set the unit to turn off after one, three, or six hours.

This VicTsing essential oil diffuser is very easy to use. All you have to do is to take off the lid and put in water and a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Cleaning the unit is also simpleā€”it just involves using detergent and water or vinegar and water to eliminate any leftover oil.

The lid comes off easily, which is a good and a bad thing. You don't have to struggle with it, but it also makes spills more likely if you bump into it.

In addition to being an essential oil diffuser, the unit can work as a night light and a humidifier. You may also find that the lights from the unit are soothing even when you are not trying to sleep. They also have a bright and dim setting.


  • This diffuser is easy to use and clean, and it only needs to be cleaned about once a week.
  • The unit has a large reservoir, and it can produce mist continuously for up to 10 hours.
  • You don't have to worry about the unit burning itself out because it has an automatic shutoff switch for when it runs out of water.
  • The unit can provide up to 30 milliliters of moisture per hour, which can be especially helpful during dry winter months.
  • You can just run the unit as a humidifier.


  • When the unit runs out of water, it beeps when it shuts off. This may wake you up if you're running the unit at night.
  • Even when the lights on the unit are off, there is a small light that indicates the diffuser is running. If you are sensitive to light, this may be a drawback.
  • The wood grain may begin to peel off if the diffuser gets wet too often or is exposed to too much moisture.

5. URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

The URPOWER Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier is an all-in-one unit that diffuses essential oils and works as a humidifier, ionizer, and night light. It can provide up to 10 hours of continuous mist, which covers up to 430 square feet of space.

If you are looking for a diffuser that is able to improve the air quality in your home in a variety of ways and can also provide extensive coverage, this could be a great option. Along with offering you the benefits of moisturized air and essential oils, this unit may also be able to remove particles like dust and allergens from the air because it releases negative ions, which attract and eliminate debris from the air.

The diffuser features a timer that allows you to set the unit to run for one, two, or three hours, as well as continuously. Additionally, you can set the mist to a fine or strong spray. This diffuser only needs to be cleaned once a week, and automatically shuts off when it runs out of water.


  • A large water capacity of 500 milliliters allows you to run the unit for 10 hours, and the larger reservoir allows it to quickly fill up large spaces with scent.
  • Multiple light settings allow you to use the unit as a night light or to create a soothing dim illumination.
  • This diffuser operates quietly, which lets you run it while you sleep.
    Its lid lifts off easily, so it is easy to refill the unit without spilling water or oils.
  • The unit can be used just as a humidifier.


  • Some people find it annoying that the unit beeps every time you press a button.
  • There is a beeping noise when the unit turns off, which can be frustrating if you're using it while you sleep.
  • The buttons are located at the bottom of the unit, and it can be hard to see them depending on where you place the diffuser.
  • If you are not using water-soluble essential oils, the scent may only last for the first hour or two.


If you're interested in the best essential oil diffusers, your goal is probably to improve your health and sleep. On this basis, the URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier is the top choice. This unit is able to offer great coverage for large spaces, and it features a variety of options that allow you to control how long it runs and how much mist it puts out.

One of the biggest selling points is that it can produce mist for an area more than double any other diffuser we looked at. You could produce enough mist to fill the space in an apartment or a small home with just two or three of these units.

Further, the humidifier and ionizer may help to boost the air quality in your home. This unit may make it easier for you to breathe and sleep at night, and if you struggle with respiratory issues, this could be especially beneficial.

While there are a few issues with the unit, there's nothing that keeps it from doing its job well, and many of the drawbacks are based on people's personal preferences.

The URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser features everything you'd want in a diffuser, including a large water reservoir, the ability to select how long you want it to run, and the ability to choose the level of mist you want.

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5 Best Essential Oil Diffusers (Our Review for 2020)

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