9 Best Vegan Apps to Focus on Clean Eating

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Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle is now easier with the help of technology.

These days, there is a wide selection of apps that can support your journey into a healthy and ethical life. Today, we’re sharing with you our selection of the best apps that help you stay on track with your dedication to clean eating.

Some of these apps help you find the best eating establishments that serve vegan dishes, even when you’re traveling out of the country. Others provide nutritional information and great-tasting, plant-based recipes that extend far beyond vegan sandwiches.

Some of the apps featured today provide support for kick starting a vegan way of life, supply you with information to make wise buying decisions, and carry your voice in the vegan community.

Here are the nine best vegan apps that you can try today.

9 Best Vegan Apps to Focus on Clean Eating

1. Happy Cow

happy cow | veggie alternatives app | vegan weight loss

Take the stress out of looking for a vegan restaurant wherever you are in the world with Happy Cow. This is the go-to app for ensuring that your trip to an eating establishment does not turn out to be a disappointment because they don’t serve anything vegan.

For US locations, the app allows you to have food delivered to your address.

The app currently lists over 130,000 restaurants and other eating establishments in nearly 200 countries. This helps you eat clean even when you’re on the road.

Happy Cow costs $3.99.

For iOS | For Android

2. Shopwell

shopwell | apps for vegetarian nutrition | vegan restaurant app

Shopping can be daunting if you are a vegan. In addition to making sure you’re eating clean, you want to be certain that the products you are buying are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal products. However, merely reading product labels is not a guarantee that the item you’re getting is truly vegan-friendly.

This app can help you make wiser shopping choices. You can create your own dietary profile and set it up to specify that you are a vegan. The app then provides product recommendations according to your specifications. There’s no longer any guesswork involved when you buy something from the grocery.

The app’s latest feature allows you to list your favorite foods and share them with others. This way, you can share your recommendations and finds with fellow vegans and family members to create awareness.

Shopwell is a free app.

For iOS | For Android

3. Gonutss – Vegan Translator

gonutss vegan translator | air vegan app | best vegan apps

How many times have you been thwarted in your attempts to create vegan versions of conventional recipes? The main reason is often that you cannot find the right substitute for a non-compliant item in the list of ingredients.

Gonutss solves this problem. It is the best vegan cooking assistant app, and works by providing a database of vegan substitutes for conventional and non-vegan ingredients for meal prep, baking, and cooking.

Now you can indulge your cravings and ensure that you stay on track with your commitment to clean eating.

Gonutss is a free app for both iOS and Android.

For iOS | For Android

4. Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen

dr greger's daily dozen | best vegan recipe apps | apps for vegetarian nutrition

You may have heard of Dr. Michael Greger, author of the books How Not to Die and How Not to Diet. Dr. Greger’s books identify some of the healthiest foods, and recommend that we consume them for their benefits.

This app takes the lists from his books and creates a tracker to ensure that we’re consuming the optimal servings of each food item each day.

The app also features a weight tracker to motivate you to meet your weight loss goals.

This is a free app, available for iOS and Android.

For iOS | For Android

5. Buycott

buycott | vegan restaurant app | apps for vegetarian nutrition

Veganism involves more than the simple avoidance of meat in our diets. It is a way of life that looks after the welfare of animals and the planet. This app provides an avenue for vegans to join advocacy groups that they care about.

For example, you can join campaigns to stop animal testing in products. Plus, the app is quite helpful in ensuring that you only support products that are manufactured using ethical standards.

Through Buycott, you can scan a product’s barcode and learn about its manufacturing history. Then you can make a decision to purchase it or not based on the information supplied by the app.

Buycott is a free app.

For iOS | For Android

6. BevVeg

bevveg | vegan kickstart app | veggie alternatives app

If you want to make sure that your wine or beer is vegan, this app can help you look it up. BevVeg contains over 1,000,000 beverages in its database, so it is easy to check if what you’re drinking is vegan, or if the company that manufactures your favorite wine or beer is linked with non-vegan practices.

Moreover, you can purchase your beverage of choice through the app. In addition, companies that want to be certified as “vegan” can also apply through the app.

You can download the app for free.

For iOS | For Android

7. 21-Day Vegan Kickstart

21 day vegan kickstart | vegan weight loss | air vegan app

Whether you’re just starting out as a vegan or you’re an old hand who wants to stay on track with your eating habits, this app can help you establish the habit until it becomes second nature.

This app features a wide array of plant-based, oil-free recipes created by the nutrition experts at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The recipes are delicious and healthy.

Furthermore, the app provides meal plans, grocery lists, videos, tips about nutrition, and daily inspirational messages to ensure that you stay on track.

The premise of the app is that it takes 21 days to build a habit. It provides support for this length of time, with an option to extend.

This app is available for free.

For iOS | For Android

8. Oh She Glows

oh she glows | apps for vegetarian nutrition | vegan kickstart app

If you’re looking for delicious, well-researched, plant-based recipes, then this app is your best ally. Not only does it feature mouth-watering vegan dishes, the stylish photography and eye-catching interface are a visual feast to enjoy as well.

The app lets you search for a recipe based on dish type, the season, key ingredients, and more. Recipes are conveniently available offline. Moreover, you can add your notes to the recipes, as well as strike out ingredients if you are using substitutes or modifying a recipe.

Oh She Glows can be downloaded for $1.99, with in-app purchases.

For iOS | For Android

9. Vegan Amino

vegan amino | best vegan apps | best vegan recipe apps

From time to time, it is good to get together with people who share your interests and values in life. These days, one of the best ways that a vegan can do this is through a social media app.

Vegan Amino is one of the best apps to help you connect with other vegans in the world. As with other social media platforms, you create a profile and then can chat and interact with other vegans.

Follow influential vegans and get inspired by their posts. You can also establish your own following and inspire others in this lifestyle.

In addition to making it possible to interact with fellow vegans, this app also has an extensive encyclopedia that brings you to vegan recipes, blogs written by vegans, a restaurant guide, and helpful info about nutrition.

This app is available for free.

For iOS | For Android

Final Thoughts on the Best Vegan Apps

Thanks to technology, it is now easier to stay on track when you’re following the vegan way of life. There are different apps available that support this lifestyle.

Some of these apps are designed to help you make the best decisions when it comes to buying products. Others help you create tasty, plant-based, highly nutritious meals. Meanwhile, other apps let you connect with others in the vegan community.

We hope that you have found a favorite among the apps we featured today. Perhaps you’re already using some of them.

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Stay healthy and happy!

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9 Best Vegan Apps to Focus on Clean Eating