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A vision board for teens is not only a fun way to gain clarity about your dreams, but also a solid strategy for turning those dreams into reality.

Many people, including celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, Kellan Lutz, and Cardi B, have acknowledged the positive contributions of their personal vision boards to their success.

But what exactly is a vision board and why do you need one?

What Exactly Is a Vision Board?

A vision board is simply a collection of images and texts that visually represents your goals in life. The Law of Attraction is the underlying principle that governs the creation and use of a vision board.

Vision board owners should set aside a few minutes every day to visualize the realization of their goals.

Vision boards were traditionally mounted on poster paper and placed in a prominent location where their owners could view them several times per day.

Today, there are also portable vision board planners. In addition, there are online vision board apps and websites that allow you to create vision boards and view them on your gadgets.

If you’re serious about reaching your dreams, a vision board is going to help you do so more quickly.

Here are some awesome benefits of creating a vision board.

The Benefits of Vision Boards for Teens

1. Keep teens motivated to go after what they really want in life. A vision board can fuel your desire to do what’s necessary in order to reach your dreams.

2. Keep teens focused on their goals. A vision board helps you identify and put aside things that are not important. It is a great tool for keeping your attention on the things that matter and get you closer to your goals.

3. Unleashes creativity. Creating a vision board is a fun activity that has life-changing benefits. The process of making your vision board engages all your senses. Moreover, taking the time each day to visualize the fulfillment of your goals promotes the development of your imagination. A stronger imagination leads to more creativity.

Keep reading for an awesome collection of vision board ideas and examples that transform dreams into reality.

1. Modern Muse

This vision board incorporates picture and text cutouts from magazines, as well as artwork done by the board’s creator herself.

When creating a vision board, you need to first think of the goals you want to achieve. It might take you several days to figure out your priority goals, or you might have them in a few minutes.

The next step is to gather the materials you need for making a vision board.

If you’re planning on creating a traditional board, then you might need some poster paper, several magazines, glue, scissors, and some supplies for embellishments. You can check out this post for the basic supplies you’ll need for making a vision board.

2. Personal Dream Wall

A blank wall is also a great surface for putting up a visualization spot for your goals or dreams, as shown in the example above. Perhaps you’ve already tried creating something like this?

3. We Are All Connected

Vision boards are also a great tool to keep you on track with your health goals. The board is your daily reminder to embrace healthy habits so you can fulfill your dream of a healthy and fit body.

4. Dream Big

In this example, the creator only used words in their vision board. These words are cutouts from different sources, including magazines and printables.

The variety of fonts makes this board aesthetically pleasing and fun to look at.

5. Art, Mindfulness, Inspiration

Here’s a vision board that takes inspiration from a link chart that’s used to analyze the connection between pieces of information. That piece of string symbolizing the connection between several goals can help you visualize the realization of your goals more vividly.

Many of the goals you set for yourself are connected to each other in different ways. For example, creating a rock-solid study routine requires the implementation of several new habits. Working on these smaller goals and achieving them are the foundation for manifesting a major goal.

Would you consider trying this kind of vision board layout?

6. Focus and Manifest

Traveling is a great way to appreciate culture, meet new friends, and learn about yourself. If traveling is one of your major goals, you might want to try creating a vision board with a similar setup as the above example.

This board is mainly a collage featuring postcards of different places around the world and photographs of exciting activities and breathtaking views.

A vision board like this one works very well with a summer bucket list.

7. Your Daily Reminder and Inspiration

Don’t have a firm surface available to set up your vision board? A section of your bedroom wall works just fine.

In the example above, the vision board’s creator used postcards and motivational quotes laid out above their work desk to give them the daily motivation they need to reach their goals.

8. Stars Are Aligned

Here’s a dreamy vision board design that you might want to try for your next set of goals. It features symbols from the magical and psychic realms.

However, note that even though you incorporate magical elements into your vision board, the fulfillment of your goals also depends on your own efforts and willingness to act on opportunities that help bring your dreams to reality.

9. Show Up for Your Dreams

Speaking of effort and being receptive to opportunities, here’s an example of a vision board that helped its owner realize what she truly wanted from life.

The owner created this vision board without any specific goal in mind, instead allowing her intuition to choose the images and form the layout using cutouts from old National Geographic magazines. This process helped her discover what her heart truly desired, which was to live sustainably and in alignment with her gifts.

Upon realizing this ultimate desire, she took it upon herself to put in the effort and create the life she dreamed of.

10. Flowin’ and Glowin’

Self-care is very important at any age. This vision board features self-care goals that, when accomplished, elevate your sense of well-being.

When creating a vision board, you can use whatever materials and supplies you have on hand. In this example, the creator used different kinds of pens to write the motivational quotes that dominate the board. Some cutouts were also incorporated in the overall layout.

11. Empowered Hopes and Dreams

Like the rest of us, most young people want a secure home environment, opportunities to travel and see amazing places, success in their academic life, and a happy family. These aspirations are all represented in this digital vision board.

12. Ephemeral September Visions

Looking for examples of different design elements for your vision board?

The owner of this board digitally collaged images that resonated with their goals. They then laid these images out on a journal notebook, along with pieces of lace and other ephemera to create a mixed-media vision board.

13. It’s Now or Never

Do you prefer a monochromatic vision board? This example features motivational words and quotes, as well as cutouts of images that galvanize the board’s owner into positive action.

14. Color-Centric Vision Board

Meanwhile, if you are looking for ideas for colorful vision boards, here’s one featuring an eye-catching color scheme in blue and pink. You might want to try something like this layout when making your own vision board, using magazine cutouts, printables, and/or stickers in your favorite colors.

Final Thoughts on Vision Boards

Creating a vision board for teens is a wonderful way to be aware of your own goals so you can intentionally work toward their fulfillment.

We hope that, through this article, you’ll be inspired to start making your own vision board.

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