7 Vision Board Examples & Ideas for Musicians

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Are you stuck in a creative rut with your life as a musician?

Is it difficult to see where your musical career is headed?

Are you still puzzling over what you want to accomplish with your music?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a vision board can help give you a clear idea of what lies ahead.

A vision board is also a powerful manifestation tool that clarifies your goals, inspires your passion for music with excitement and creativity, and brings success to your endeavors.

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What is a Vision Board and How Does It Work?

Vision boards are usually poster-sized collages that visually represent a person’s goals. These days, it’s possible to create vision boards online through an app or website.

The goals that go into a vision board can include something general that you want to achieve in life or something related to a specific area (e.g., career, health, or relationship).

Those who use vision boards, including celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry, and Ellen DeGeneres, acknowledge how effective they can be in manifesting what they want in life.

Vision boards work through the Law of Attraction, the principle by which positive thoughts attract positive results. For example, believing that what you want most in life is within your reach will manifest the very thing you believe in.

When you visualize the manifestation of your goals and dreams on a daily basis with the use of your vision board, you’re priming your senses to be alert for opportunities and situations that can manifest these dreams and goals.

What are the Benefits of a Vision Board for Musicians?

We’ve already mentioned the general ways a vision board can help musicians. Here are some specific benefits of a vision board for those who consider music a major part of their lives:

  • Vision boards give you the opportunity to be really specific about what you want out of your musical career.
  • If you’re currently stuck, a vision board can infuse creative energy into your music.
  • Vision boards serve as a reminder about why you chose to be a musician, and hopefully inspire you to bring the energy every time you perform.
  • Creating a vision board is another fun way to express yourself.

If you’re ready to create a vision board for musicians, we’ve got some awesome examples and ideas for you.

We hope these examples will inspire you to gather your vision board supplies and start working on the visual representation that will transform your dreams into reality.

1. Music Makes Us Human

via Your Literary Prose

A vision board can be your source of encouragement, especially during rough times. This example features several encouraging quotes from various sources, making us smile and reminding us that rough days are only temporary.

If you are waiting for your career in the music industry to take off, a vision board like this can serve as a friendly reminder to never stop believing in your vision.

2. My Music Dreams

via Pinterest

While some people start bands in their garage and dream of becoming rock stars, others take the academic route and enroll in music school, and perhaps even dream of performing in the opera.

Whatever path you take toward your career in music, a vision board (such as the one above from a music student) provides the focus and inspiration you need to achieve your dreams.

3. Wait for It

via Pinterest

Here’s an example of an image-rich vision board. Pictures take up a majority of the board’s space, allowing us to really focus on visualizing sensations.

When you’ve been working with vision boards for some time, you’ll find you are more attuned to situations in your life that evoke the same sensations you feel when you’re visualizing the manifestation of your goals.

When you’re open to these signals and willing to take the opportunity, you are more likely to reach your goals.

4. Vision Strip

via Create Wellbeing LTD

Looking for something more offbeat? If a regular vision board does not inspire you that much, perhaps this vision strip is worth a try.

As an alternative to vision boards mounted on stiff poster-sized paper or cork boards, this vision strip is made out of a strip of fabric.

Various ephemera, such as printouts of quotes, postcards, and photographs, are placed along the length of the cloth, representing the goals that the creator of this vision strip wants to achieve.

5. Make It Happen

via LH Agenda

Here’s an example of a digital vision board. You can easily create one on a website or an app you download on your device.

One of the most popular apps for vision boards is Canva, which provides templates, images, and quotes for creating the most eye-catching boards. Here are 10 Steps to Create a Vision Board on Canva.

6. Express Yourself

via Creative Indeed

In this example, the creator really went to town embellishing their vision board. And why not?

Not only is a vision board a visual representation of your goals, it’s also an expression of who you are and who you aim to be.

7. Do It with Passion or Not at All

via Chloe McDonald

Finally, here’s another example of a vision board in digital format. If you ever find yourself wondering why you’ve chosen to be a musician, a board like this can help you remember, and at the same time empower you to keep pursuing your dream.

Final Thoughts on Vision Boards for Musicians

Vision boards have been used to manifest people’s goals in many different scenarios. For example, some have used vision boards to manifest material things in their lives. Meanwhile, others have used these boards for self-improvement and personal development.

The fact that people use vision boards is a testament to their efficacy as a manifestation tool. Be ready to dream big, because when you use a vision board, your dreams are likely to come true.

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Finally, if you don’t know how to get started with this strategy, then check out this FREE printable worksheet and a six-step process that will help you create the PERFECT vision board.

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7 Vision Board Examples & Ideas for Musicians