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Discover the habits that help you learn more effectively. ||  Learn more – Do More. Creating learning habits and routines can change your life

10,000-Hour Rule: Does It Take This Long to Master Something?

“Learning isn’t a way of reaching one’s potential but rather a way of developing it.” – K. Anders Ericsson In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell popularized the idea that it requires 10,000 hours of concentrated practice in order to possess what is considered a world-class skill in something. Whether you intend to become the most […]

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The Feynman Technique: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Fast

As a student (or someone interested in lifelong learning), there are many things competing for your attention. These can become major distractions whenever you need to concentrate. Fortunately, there are numerous learning tools that are proven to be effective in boosting your ability to fully comprehend your lessons. One such strategy that helps students understand […]

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How to Become an Autodidact (5 Steps to Be Self-Taught)

Being a self-directed learner (commonly known as an “autodidact”) can make a huge difference in your personal success. Instead of relying on a formal classroom, you take personal responsibility for your education and what you’d like to study. Many influential figures in history were self-taught. Leonardo da Vinci. The Wright brothers. Margaret Mead and Mark […]

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