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Our personality is developed practically from birth and is the foundation of our individuality. What you do with that personality is what defines your character. I don't believe it is an overstatement to say that a person’s character is the most critical aspect of what a person becomes.

Four out of 10 people possess characteristics of a Doer personality. This article looks at the traits and characteristics of a Doer-type personality, as well as its possible advantages and disadvantages.

What Is a Doer Personality?

The Doer personality type describes both a thinker and a feeler. The “Doer” is an ESTP, one of the 16 personalities identified by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs based on Jung's Personality Test, which is an acronym for Extraversion (vs. introversion), Sensing (vs. intuition), Thinking (vs. feelings), and Perceiving (vs. judging). Because of their ability to make quick decisions, Doers can accomplish a lot in a short time. 

However, a Doer personality does not necessarily make these decisions based on logic, but rather on instinct and gut feelings. This can make them seem a little irrational because they are unsure how they arrived at their conclusion. They are often good at making split-second decisions, but not good at thinking things through. 

A person who is a Doer is more likely to be courageous, challenging, persistent, difficult to intimidate, hardworking, and generally happier than a person who is more of a thinker. At the same time, though, Doers can sometimes be a little stubborn… or, to be more diplomatic, highly determined. In extreme cases, a Doer would gladly jump off the edge of a cliff to follow a friend, regardless of the dangers lurking below.

You could also imagine a person with a Doer personality as a brave knight, attacking and taking on challenges consistently to finish their duties. The Doer doesn't pay much attention to the small details and often tends to ignore them because Doers focus on their primary objective, big or small. The Doer can be easily distracted by another task that appears more exciting or compelling, yet will never give up as long as there is something left to do.

9 Signs You Have a Doer Personality

1. When you begin a project, you have a specific end goal in mind.

Individuals with a “Doer” personality don't jump into a project headfirst. They keep their excitement in check long enough to create goals and devise a strategy for achieving them. The best Doers take the time to consider and prepare ahead of time.

While it may seem like it, having a Doer personality doesn't mean being impulsive. Doers aren't looking to rush into something and get it over; they want to do things right the first time around. Thus, they take their time to set realistic goals and develop a plan to accomplish those goals. Doers also tend to break down large projects into various small tasks. Doers can then manage and prioritize the different functions and consider all the other variables that may change or come up.

2. It's important to recognize your achievements.

Doers know when to quit. They regularly set aside time to celebrate their successes and development, and relax and recharge their bodies. Doers are always looking for their next task as soon as they have completed the previous one. People who do things ensure that their accomplishments are recognized by including a time for celebration in their overall strategy from the outset.

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Doers are always looking for their next task as soon as they have completed the previous one.

Everyone is different, and their goals and lifestyles go hand in hand with these differences. For example, “Doers” take on a lot at once because they're always working on getting things done as soon as possible through effective organization and efficient time management. This way, they can enjoy the fruits of their labor all that much sooner, but it also means they lack downtime to relax or slow down. That's why Doers make sure to organize small celebrations to reward themselves for the work they've accomplished, so they don't wear themselves out. The last thing Doers want is to become burned out.

3. You like being busy but want to see the fruits of your labor.

“The active” attitude is something people with a Doer mentality like, but they don't let it cloud their judgment. They want to see evidence that their efforts have paid off. They utilize timetables to keep track of their development, so they don't squander their time.

Doers set goals and check them off one by one. You like to keep busy and don't like to waste time. You know when to stop working and when to go out and play. You're driven to achieve success. While you may appear to be on the go constantly, you're able to balance your ambitious personality with a healthy dose of moderation. You enjoy setting goals and checking them off your list.

4. You have an extroverted personality.

Most people with a “Doer” disposition tend to be extroverts, mainly if their occupation demands that others constantly surround them. They have a seemingly limitless supply of energy, which they use to inspire others. But this doesn't imply that introverts aren't self-efficient people. When working alone, introverts hold the top position (and play). Consequently, employers must refrain from making snap judgments about their more reserved workers.

While the idea of an extrovert is usually tied to the concept of being a party-goer, the truth of the matter is that most extroverts are “people-people.” They are quick to make friends, talkative in group settings, and don't mind being the center of attention. However, it’s important to note that not all people with this personality type are the same. Being outgoing, open, and talkative doesn't make you an extrovert, but efficiently initiating conversation and making connections with others does.

5. Self-motivation is a choice you make.

Self-motivation is a hallmark of people with a Doer personality. They are eager to put in the time and effort necessary to raise their “score” daily. Every time they complete a project, they set new and more difficult objectives for themselves. They also have the humility to employ tools that will assist them in achieving their goals.

It's true. Self-motivation is a personal choice. However, that doesn't make it easier to be a self-motivated person. Many people with the Doer personality traits have learned to self-motivate daily. By raising their performance levels to a place where they feel their hard work is paying off, they start to see their lives improve. It may look like they have it all together from the outside, but in reality, they have the same ups and downs that we all do. It's just that they can dust themselves off and keep going when others would throw in the towel. 

6. You take a step forward.

Volunteering comes naturally to those who have a “Doer” personality type. Even if they don't get paid, they like participating in activities that demand genuine effort. Volunteering is admirable, but those who excel at it make sure to set aside time for relaxation and rejuvenation as well. They plan their volunteer activity so that they don't get too exhausted.

Volunteering is a passion for people with a Doer personality, and they make the most of their time doing so. They understand how to approach the people and causes they want to help and support. They know how to make the most of their time by focusing on the most important things. Doers understand how to manage their time and energy effectively. They know how to be proactive on various projects and focus on the result rather than the process. They enjoy getting things done because they are goal-oriented, even if they are not paid for it.

7. You enjoy the company of similarly motivated peers.

It's easier for Doers to collaborate when working toward the same objectives. They understand that the best way to compete and collaborate, without anybody feeling disappointed, is to work together as a team. They locate, or better yet, they build a supportive network of individuals who have similar aspirations to their own.

Doers like to work with others who are motivated like themselves. Research has shown that people with a Doer personality are more motivated when working with others. It's also easier for others to measure progress when working in a group. A Doer is a person who has the drive and the ability to get things done. They are often entrepreneurial and have difficulty working with people who are not focused on the end goal. If you have a Doer personality, you can always create a supportive network of peers and motivate one another. You like to find people who understand your goals and work together to achieve them.

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8. You can balance quantity and quality in your work.

Despite their desire to achieve more, practical Doers don't compromise quality. Even though they are motivated by a desire to maximize output, they are equally concerned about the quality of what they do. They do frequent self-assessments or seek reliable sources while working on a project.

Doers are people who are motivated to achieve more than most others. They're compelled to maximize output, but they don't compromise on value. Their desire to achieve more is often accompanied by a passion for the quality of what they do to be impressive. While being a Doer isn't always the easiest way to approach a project, the quality that comes from being a Doer is undeniable. People in this category can establish symmetry between quantity and quality.

9. You can advise by doing.

By the act of doing, Doers like to impart their knowledge. People with a Doer attitude make it a point to encourage people to ask questions, and they're always willing to answer them and provide commentary.

Doers are generally most comfortable when teaching by doing rather than merely saying. These are the people who, when asked for advice, will happily explain and demonstrate the appropriate solution. Joining the ranks of teachers, mentors, and coaches, Doers are comfortable giving advice, providing examples, explanations, and clarifying problems through practical illustration.

Final Thoughts on Doer Personality

A person’s character is indeed formed through their choices… not necessarily the personality they are born with. Also, one's character is not the same as their personality, but they are closely related.

In this article, we hope to have helped you learn about the Doer personality type and the characteristics that come with it. By understanding different personality types, you can better understand yourself and others. Read this article about finding your strengths to understand how you can leverage your natural inclinations to be successful and happy in your career and personal life.

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