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How well do you know yourself?

Being aware of who you truly are can be very valuable, especially when it comes to your self-confidence. But although many of us would like to say that we’re self-aware, only a few people actually are.

In an article published in Harvard Business Review, psychologist Tasha Eurich reveals that in a study of self-awareness she did with her colleagues that involved 5,000 participants, only around 10–15% were truly self-aware.

You can gain a lot from knowing yourself, and a well-designed self-awareness test can help get you there.

Many self-awareness quizzes are available online, and most of these tests only take around five minutes. Today, we’re featuring the best of them in this article.

Before diving in to these online self-assessment tests, let’s discuss how self-awareness benefits you.

The Advantages of Being Self-Aware

Self-awareness is a beneficial habit that you can develop. When you truly understand yourself, key areas of your life reap the benefits. Specifically:

  • It allows you to understand what works and what doesn’t work in your life.
  • It empowers you to make better decisions that benefit you.
  • It allows you to better regulate your mood.
  • It fosters better personal relationships.
  • It enhances your creativity.

Read on for our recommendations of the best online self-awareness quizzes you can try today.

1. Insight Quiz

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via Tasha Eurich

This online quiz takes five minutes to complete. It is a subset of Tasha Eurich’s original 70-item self-assessment questionnaire.

The premise of this quiz is that your answers only provide one side of your personality. To get a different perspective of who you truly are, you also need the input of someone close to you.

When you’re done answering the 14 questions in this test, you need to submit your name and email address. The you are required to enter the name and email address of a friend who can answer another set of questions about you.

Only after your friend has answered their version of the test will you get your result.

2. The LoGreco Self-Awareness Quiz

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via Bruno LoGreco

The results of this quiz will help you reach your highest potential.

It takes an average of five minutes to answer this set of multiple-choice questions. Each statement asks you to rate how well a description fits you.

The results are immediately available after you finish the quiz. These results are grouped according to the number of points a test-taker has accumulated from his or her answers.

Each group represents the personality types as described by the author of this online test. A test-taker can belong to one of the following groups:

  • Optimistic, with a positive attitude.
  • Possessing good self-awareness, but may suffer from some insecurities and limiting beliefs.
  • Has a tendency to quickly lose motivation.
  • Bases their actions and decisions on fear.

Overall, this quiz helps you identify areas of improvement within yourself, and also highlights the strengths that you can further develop to help reach your highest potential.

3. Typefinder Personality Test

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via Truity

If you are looking for a Myers–Briggs type of personality test, you might want to try Typefinder.

First, a bit of history.

The original personality test was developed by a mother-daughter team made up of Katharine Cook-Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers.

Myers and Briggs applied Carl Jung’s concept of the four psychological functions that humans possess in order to experience the world around them.

Myers and Briggs used combinations of these functions to come up with 16 unique personality types. The theory is that each one of us has a dominant personality type.

Typefinder is a self-awareness quiz that identifies your dominant personality type.

The test has 130 questions, and users spend an average of 15 minutes  on the quiz.

After completing the test, you are given an overview of your results featuring the key points of your personality type. Unlocking the full report requires a small fee.

4. NERIS Type Explorer

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via 16 Personalities

Just like the Typefinder test, the NERIS Type Explorer test is also an offshoot of the Myers-Briggs personality test.

After taking the free online test, you’ll know whether you belong to one of the following groups:

  • Analysts
  • Diplomats
  • Sentinels
  • Explorers

This knowledge can help you understand how your personality type influences different areas of your life.

5. Level of Awareness Tests

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via Higher Awareness

The higher your level of awareness is, the more you can manifest meaningful and wonderful life experiences.

This test reveals your level of awareness. There are 14 questions, and all of them encourage you to look within and encounter your:

  • Personal beliefs about relationships
  • Sense of self
  • Goals and dreams

The test results provide an overview of the stage you are at in your journey toward awareness. It provides suggestions about where and how you can apply your awareness to develop your gifts and share them with others.

6. How Self-Aware Are You? Quiz

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via ProProfs Quizzes

Knowing how self-aware you are does not only benefits your spiritual life, but also your professional life. (Check out our favorite enlightenment apps to help your spiritual journey.)

This online test was designed for that specific purpose.

This test contains 10 questions. For each question, there are three choices. The results are given at the end of the test.

These results provide helpful and eye-opening suggestions to help you excel in the workplace.

7. iNLP Center Self-Awareness Test

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via iNLP Center

Are you ready to discover the deepest aspects of your personality? If so, this test can help.

This test from the iNLP Center has 12 questions, each of which presents five choices. Your job is to choose the option that resonates with you the most.

An interpretation of your answers is given once you’re done with the test. The results page also gives you your score.

Once you have your score, you also are told which category best fits your level of awareness.

The categories include:

  • Blindfolded
  • Living in a Dark Room
  • Peripheral Blinders On
  • Enlightened

The results page also provides suggestions on how to overcome the challenges of your current level in order to advance to the next stage of self-awareness.

Final Thoughts on Self Awareness Tests

There you have it—the best self-awareness tests you can use to get to know yourself better.

Self-awareness is hard work, requiring commitment and a healthy dose of self-love.

But when you’ve done the work and developed the self-awareness habit, you’ll appreciate how it makes your life more meaningful and beautiful.

For more resources on self-awareness, you might want to check out this empowering article on 15 ways to fearlessly love yourself more and go through these self-reflection questions to understand yourself better.

Alternatively, you could head over to this post for over 80 self-love affirmations to help build your confidence.

Finally, just be yourself. The world needs someone like you.

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7 Self-Awareness Tests to Truly Understand Yourself