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If you’re looking for movies about getting a job, today’s collection is just what you need.

Getting a job can be a challenging experience, but it is also very rewarding.

A job hunt is an opportunity to learn more about yourself. For example, your answers during interviews provide insights about your core values, skills, strengths, and limitations.

Moreover, when you’re looking for a job, you get to know a lot of different people. This is one way of honing your social and communication skills.

The movies featured in this collection impart useful tips and reminders not only for landing your dream job, but also on how to navigate life’s challenges.

Get comfy and check out the following films!

1. Nightcrawler

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This psychological thriller is about Lou, a small-time thief who stumbles into a new career as a freelance cameraman selling video footage of grisly crimes and accidents on the streets of LA.

Motivated by the lucrative nature of his new job, Lou begins staging some of the scenes to get better impact and sell his footage for a higher price.

Despite its dark theme, Nightcrawler reveals some key takeaways that are useful for jobseekers:

·Mastering the art of negotiation is a key to success.

·You can achieve anything you set your mind to. Just remember to keep it within legal and ethical limits!

2. The Intern

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This lighthearted film is about a retired executive who is bored with his retirement and applies as a senior intern at an online fashion store. Once hired, he reports directly to the store’s founder, who has personal troubles to overcome.

The film’s main tagline is “Experience never goes out of fashion,” and this is true when it comes to any job. Your experience adds value to your output and performance.

Also, since the film’s setting is an online fashion store, viewers are reminded that if we want a good job, we have to dress for the role.

3. The Devil Wears Prada

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This movie is an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Lauren Weisberger.

Viewers are introduced to Andy Sachs, an aspiring journalist who recently graduated from university.

She gets hired as a personal assistant to Miranda Priestly, editor-in-chief of a famous fashion magazine and one of the most influential personalities in the fashion world.

Her job puts her right in the middle of the glitzy, glamorous, and cutthroat world of fashion. To survive, Andy must learn the ropes of the industry and earn the respect of an overly demanding boss.

The movie reminds jobseekers that when you’re starting out, you’ll most likely have to tolerate an entry-level job that you don’t necessarily love.

It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth staying, or if you’d be better off gaining experience elsewhere. [Here are 7 quizzes to help you find out if it’s time to quit your job.]

Finally, never sacrifice your core values just so you can fit in at your workplace.

4. Hidden Figures

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This biographical film was released in 2016 and is based on the life of three African American women who contributed greatly to NASA’s success during the Space Race.

The story illustrates how these women encountered constant discrimination in society and yet were determined to rise above it.

Through their abilities and quiet courage, they helped shape the country’s history.

This movie is a reminder to us all that grit is one of the determining factors for success. It empowers us to always believe in ourselves.

In addition, this film is an affirmation that brilliance knows no color, race, or gender.

5. Erin Brockovich

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Julia Roberts won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of the main character in this film.

The movie is about the struggles of Erin Brockovich, an unemployed single parent who finally finds a job in a law firm.

A discovery she makes in her new job sets in motion a huge class-action suit against a corporation accused of endangering the health of residents in a city.

This movie is a reminder for viewers and job seekers to never be afraid to take on big challenges.

The movie also encourages us to always do the right thing, despite the obstacles we might face. What we do isn’t just for our own sake, but also for the next generation’s.

6. Office Space

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If you’re in between jobs right now, this movie might inspire you to reflect on what your dream career really is.

This is the story of several employees who are dissatisfied with their jobs. One of them learns that his coworkers will be let go due to downsizing, prompting them to plot revenge against the company and their boss.

Office Space has a couple of important messages for job seekers and bosses alike.

First, having a clear vision of where you’re headed is important, both in your personal life and at work.

Second, it is important to treat everyone with dignity. You never know the potential consequences of treating others poorly, whether they’re your employees or superiors.

7. Chef

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This movie is about finding your niche and using it as a jumping-off point to do great things.

In this film, we are introduced to Carl Casper, head chef at one of LA’s high-end eateries. He loses his job after he has an emotional meltdown caused by a food critic’s scathing review.

What follows is a cross-country road trip where he rediscovers himself and reconnects with the people he loves.

This movie is a heartwarming reminder that even if we fail in the most spectacular fashion, the important thing is to use that failure as a learning opportunity.

Also, the film calls us to step out of our comfort zone and try something new. Who knows? What we discover along the way could change our lives.

8. Free Guy

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This action-comedy film was released in 2020. It is the story of an ordinary man living an ordinary life who discovers that he’s actually a non-player character (NPC) in a video game.

Guy is a banker who’s lived his whole life in Free City—but Free City is actually a video game developed by a company called Soonami Studio.

In the film, Guy the NPC encounters a character called Molotov Girl who paves the way for Guy to develop self-awareness.

The movie teaches viewers that they have unique contributions to make, whether at work or in society. It also empowers people to take charge of their lives, welcoming opportunities to become better.

9. The Nanny Diaries

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The Nanny Diaries is based on a novel written by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus. It is about a young woman who, while trying to find herself, lands a job as a nanny for a wealthy NYC family. [Here are 101 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Out Who You Are.]

In the film, Emma is forced to take the nanny job even though it is completely mismatched with her educational background.

Sometimes, in real life, there are no job openings for a person’s specific skills, so the jobseeker has no choice but to take whatever is offered.

Through Emma’s experiences with her employers and her ward, we are also reminded that there are some things money can’t buy.

10. Coyote Ugly

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This movie is about a young woman’s pursuit of her dream to become a singer/songwriter. She heads to New York to try her luck.

To finance her stay in the city, she auditions and is accepted as a bartender at the Coyote Ugly bar.

She befriends the other bar employees and develops a relationship with someone who is supportive of her dreams.

This movie shows that persistence is an essential quality in getting the career of your dreams.

Along with persistence, believing in yourself helps overcome the hurdles blocking your way to success. Plus, it helps to have a group who’s supportive of you and cheering you on along the way.

11. The Social Network

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This movie is an adaptation of the book The Accidental Billionaires written by Ben Mezrich. It is a biographical film about Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard days, when he created the social networking website called Facebook.

When Facebook became the most popular social media site in the world, it turned Zuckerberg into one of the world's youngest billionaires—just a few years after launching the website.

However, the success of his creation brought complications to his life, with friendships broken and lawsuits filed against him.

The film has a lot of important takeaways for the jobseeker, including:

  • Envision your success in everything you do.
  • Focus gets you to where you want to be.
  • When you have the skills or talent, money will find you.

Final Thoughts on Movies About Getting a Job

There you have it—a wonderful collection of movies about getting a job.

Being employed is a safeguard against the unstable economy and the volatile status of the labor market.

If you’re currently on a job hunt, we hope that this collection becomes a source of inspiration for your future career.

All the best in your search!

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