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There are many reasons why people consider quitting their jobs. But should they follow through with it?

If you’re currently on the fence about quitting or staying at your job, self-reflection is important, as it will help you determine your life’s purpose and sort out your priorities. You might want to see if what you discover about yourself is in alignment with your current job or employer’s values and mission.

There are quizzes to help determine whether or not it’s time to quit your job and look for something new. Today, we have compiled seven Should I Quit My Job? quiz recommendations for you.

These quizzes are helpful in determining if the next big step in your career is to stay or go.

The Benefits of Taking a Quiz About Whether or not to Quit Your Job

Some of the benefits of taking any of the online quizzes featured today include:

  • Helps you determine whether or not resigning from your job is beneficial to you
  • Provides practical suggestions on the steps you can take after determining whether or not you should resign from a job
  • Provides actionable steps for improving your work situation if the recommendation is for you to stay at your job
  • Offers suggestions as to the right career path if the results of the quiz determine that your current job is not a perfect match for you

The Top Reasons Why Employees Resign

The pandemic affected all sectors of the economy. Although restrictions are finally easing up around the world, the American labor market is still shaky.

Despite this economic instability, many people are quitting their jobs.

The Washington Post reports that approximately 4.3 million people quit their jobs in the US in December 2021. This phenomenon has been dubbed “The Great Resignation.”

Why do people resign? The top five reasons why employees quit in 2021 were revealed in a survey done by the Pew Research Center. These are:

  • Very low pay
  • No opportunities for advancement
  • Didn’t feel respected in the workplace
  • Child-care issues
  • Not enough flexibility in their working hours

Taking all of these into account, we present to you a collection of quizzes about whether or not you should quit your job.

1. The Ramsey Quiz

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This quiz has two parts, and each part consists of 10 questions. Depending on your answers, the quiz helps determine if you’re in the right role (Part 1) and in the right place (Part 2) when it comes to your job.

The results are provided immediately after you finish answering the questions. They give you insights into whether it’s time to look for a new job or if it’s better to stay put.

The results also provide suggestions and resources (e.g., videos and article links) on how you can improve your situation depending on the quiz’s outcome.

It takes an average of 10 minutes to complete this quiz.

2. Career Explorer's Quiz

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Career Explorer’s online quiz consists of 25 questions and takes an average of 3 minutes to finish.

In taking the quiz, you will be asked to rate (on a scale of 1 to 5) how much you agree or disagree with some statements related to your job.

Surprisingly, the results of this quiz reveal a lot about the real reasons you’re leaving your job. For example, the results may point to the root of your dissatisfaction with your job.

Conversely, the quiz can also pinpoint the source of happiness in your work. In both cases, this quiz offers suggestions for improving your job situation.

3. The Elpha Quiz

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Elpha is an online support community for women who work in tech. This quiz is primarily designed for women and asks users to rank statements related to their jobs on a scale of 1 to 10.

Each question encourages you to reflect on the situation at your current job. A standout question from this quiz asks you to rank work-related keywords in order of priority:

  • Compensation
  • Remote work flexibility
  • Growth opportunity
  • Company/personal mission alignment
  • Role security
  • Mentorship

After doing so, the quiz provides insight into your top priorities in life.

It takes an average of 2 minutes to complete this quiz. The results are emailed to you, so be prepared to provide an email address.

Results are provided in a scoring format, with the perfect score being 60/60. The email also contains suggestions on how to take action in order to improve or succeed in your situation.

4.'s “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” Quiz

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Designed with the guidance of’s resident psychologist Sabina Read, this quiz reveals the main factors that drive you in your career.

This quiz consists of 9 multiple-choice questions. Each question requires some self-reflection to arrive at an answer.

The results determine how confident you are in using your transferrable skills to succeed in your current job or in looking for a new one.

It takes a minimum of 10 minutes to answer this quiz. The results provide a paragraph of encouragement about whatever decision you make about staying with or leaving your current job.

There is also an expanded version of the results available in video format for users. The video consists of an explanation of and advice for your actions given by resident psychologist Sabina Read.

5. 360Learning Burnout Risk Assessment

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Burnout is one of the major reasons why people leave their jobs. It is a source of emotional and mental exhaustion that can also manifest physically.

Perhaps, without being aware of it, your current job has caused burnout. This test will help determine if that’s the case.

Knowing the results can help you make the necessary adjustments to reduce your exhaustion, and maybe even motivate you to resign and find a new job that doesn’t cause you so much stress.

This quiz has six questions and requires at least a couple of minutes to complete.

Results are given immediately after you take the quiz. They provide a score to determine if you’re burned out or not.

6. Quiz Expo's Test

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This quiz consists of 20 questions, which you need to answer with a “Yes,” “No,” or several variations of “Maybe.”

It helps determine if your work environment is toxic or healthy. [Check out some Strategies for Tactfully Leaving a Toxic Work Environment.]

The quiz takes an average of 5 minutes to complete. Results are provided immediately after the quiz and give you insights about how satisfied you are at your current job.

The results also have suggestions and words of encouragement for your next steps.

7. ProProfs Quiz

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This quiz helps you determine if your job is perfect for you or if it’s finally time to hand in that notice and look for another employer, or even become your own boss.

It consists of 15 questions that are all answerable by either a “Yes” or a “No.”

A couple of standout questions include:

  • Can you live with uncertainty?
  • Are you comfortable with failure?

The results determine whether it’s best for you to stay at your current company or make preparations for your exit so you can either work somewhere else or start your own business.

This quiz takes an average of 5 minutes to complete.

Final Thoughts

There you have it—seven online quizzes that will help you decide about your career prospects.

Have you found the right Should I Quit My Job? quiz from the ones featured here today?

With the current instability of the economy, having a job can provide you with insurance against financial hardships.

However, we acknowledge that not all jobs are perfect. In some cases, employers are even exploitative of their employees.

If that’s the case, it is important to carefully consider if it’s worth staying, or if you’re better off with another company or as your own boss.

Quizzes like the ones featured today can provide valuable insights to help with this crucial decision.

We wish you all the best in your career!

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