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If you're not happy with the woman that you are, or the direction your life is heading… it’s not too late to change for the better and become whoever you want to be.

You can become a high value woman. 

Women come in all colors, shapes, and sizes… but if you're interested in becoming the type of woman who knows what she wants and goes for it, then there are certain non-physical traits that you should develop.

What is a High Value Woman?

A high value woman is one who carries herself with confidence and goes out of her way to take care of herself. She is not a snob, but she knows what she wants out of life and how to get it.

She handles every situation with finesse… and doesn’t settle for anything less than she deserves.

Before you can successfully transform into a high value woman, you must truly believe that you’re not only worthy of the title… but that you can achieve it!  You can’t second guess your abilities or your journey to success will take longer than expected. And that will frustrate you.

Regardless of the kind of woman you may have been in the past, or the one you currently are, you are just as worthy as any other woman of getting everything you want. And you should look at working toward becoming a high value woman as your birthright.

Why settle for less if you can improve yourself and gain so much more?

There are many benefits of becoming a high value woman:

  • People will gain more respect for you.
  • You will have more self-respect.
  • You will attract romantic partners of a higher caliber (successful, independent, supportive).

The following are 13 important traits you should develop if you want to become the ultimate high value woman.

You won’t be transformed into the “perfect” woman overnight… but if you make a plan and stick with it, you will begin to see results that you’ll continually develop.

Trait # 1 – She Exudes Femininity

This is the key character trait of any high value woman, but what exactly is femininity?

Femininity is what women exude when they embrace their feminine side completely. This doesn’t mean she wears nothing but skirts and stilettoes, although she may. It has more to do with how she carries herself as a woman.

While some women use their femininity to attract men for sex, who will then provide them with material objects and offer them other advantages… the high value woman does not engage in this type of behavior, as she has more respect for herself than to use her sex appeal for financial gain.

Being feminine means a woman is sensitive, without being overly emotional.

She's empathetic without showing too much sympathy.

There are many articles, videos and books that can help you embrace your femininity, so you can excel in this area.

Trait # 2 – She Has Self Confidence

A woman can't be considered high value if she lacks self-confidence, although be mindful of the difference between self-confidence and over-confidence.

A high value woman is highly confident, without being conceited or believing that she's better than other people.  She's simply comfortable with herself and who she is, and it shows.

If you’re not as confident as you’d like to be, there are plenty of ways to improve in this area. Simply sticking with your goal of becoming a new woman and seeing progress can work wonders for improving your self-confidence.

Trait # 3 – She Is a Social Butterfly 

A high value woman is very adept at socializing with others. She makes friends with ease, can jump in and contribute to any conversation and is able to handle herself gracefully… even in situations where others would normally feel uncomfortable.

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A high value woman is very adept at socializing with others.

A high value woman can ward off unwanted advances, without causing the person to feel angry or hurt. 

The more you work on your other skills towards becoming a high value woman, the more comfortable you will feel socializing with others.

If you can become self-confident, becoming a social butterfly will come naturally.

Trait # 4 – She Takes Pride in Maintaining Her Appearance and Health

A high value woman loves herself in a healthy manner, consuming a healthy diet and staying in shape. She makes sure she always looks and feels her absolute best!

A high value woman usually sticks to an exercise plan… and may even include meditation, yoga, and other relaxing practices in her regime to ensure her stress levels are carefully controlled.

If you’ve been neglecting your health, but you’ve always wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, then you can still make positive changes in your life to make your mental and physical health a priority. 

One step at a time… you can start by eliminating one negative habit and replacing it with a healthy one. For instance, give up that extra cup of coffee in the morning and go for a walk instead. The natural high and endorphins will be just as effective at waking you up.

Trait # 5 – She Genuinely Cares About Other People

A high value woman honestly cares about others and will go out of her way to help those in need.

She also believes in treating others the way she wants to be treated… so she’s always happy to be around others and people enjoy being around her.

You may be the type of person who cares for people, but people don’t view you as such. It can take a bit of work to prove you truly care, but it’s certainly not impossible.

Trait # 6 – She Oozes Positivity

High value women don’t engage in gossip or spread negativity.

Living a lifestyle filled with positivity helps the high value woman to thrive… and this positivity is often contagious. People love being around optimistic people because they feel good and significantly more positive themselves as a result.

If you feel that negativity follows you, don’t worry. You can change it. There are numerous books, videos, articles, and websites that can help you to become more positive.

Trait # 7 – She Has Healthy Romantic Relationships

Whether she prefers marriage, or simply dating, a high value woman does not allow herself to become involved in dangerous or toxic relationships.

She will stand by her significant other and offer constant support, but she will expect the same in return. If she fails to receive that, then she will quickly move on to a more suitable partner… one who better deserves a woman like her.

If you always seem to attract needy or troubled men… this will change as you continue to work on improving yourself in other ways. Soon enough, you will notice that you’re starting to attract higher-caliber men.

Trait # 8 – She Doesn’t Allow Herself to Be Taken Advantage Of

This doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships… but all relationships. 

Whether it is a boss, a lover, family member or even a friend who is attempting to take advantage of her… the high value woman will speak out in an authoritative manner and put them in their place. She will not allow this type of treatment to take place.

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You’ll see that your self-confidence will improve in no time, by learning to stand up for yourself.

This is a skill that not every woman possesses automatically, but with work, can be learned. Anybody can work up the courage to defend themselves.

If you’ve always felt awkward speaking up when someone else is attempting to run over you, your self-esteem has likely taken a blow.  But by learning to stand up for yourself, you’ll see that your self-confidence will improve in no time.

Trait # 9 – She is Emotionally Healthy and Secure

This is not to say that a high value woman never cries or becomes emotional, but it simply means that she’s able to manage her emotions appropriately.

A high value woman will not have outbursts or play “head-games” with her mate. She doesn’t provoke arguments, doesn’t exhibit mood swings and is all-around emotionally stable.

If you feel you need some work in this area, there are many ways to improve on it. Try keeping a gratitude journal, practicing meditation, stress reduction and improving your sleep.

Trait # 10 – She is Committed to The Practice of Constant Self-growth

We can all find ways to improve ourselves on a regular basis, but a high value woman is always on the lookout for them. She is proactive. 

She doesn’t shy away from criticism from others, but instead embraces it to help her enhance her skills… rather than choosing to take the critique personally.

It can be hard to accept constructive criticism at times, but if you look at it as a tool for self-improvement rather than an insult, then you will succeed in the end.

Trait # 11 – She Sets Higher Standards for Herself

To become a high value woman, you need to set higher standards for yourself and refrain from accepting anything less.

This is true when it comes to jobs, relationships, and many other aspects of your life. You should believe that you deserve better, and then you will strive for it.

Trait # 12 – She is Comfortable with Self-expression

A high value woman is not nervous about expressing herself, regardless of the situation. She freely expresses herself, while also taking others’ feelings into consideration.

If you have a difficult time expressing yourself, you will find that keeping a journal and sticking with your plan to become a high value woman will help you improve your ability to express yourself.

Trait # 13 – She Has Class

Many people assume that a classy woman is a conceited woman… but this is not always the case.  Besides, judging a book by its cover is never a good idea if you want to make the most out of life and take every opportunity to learn from others.

A high value woman does not feel she is better than anyone else… she simply has a certain amount of class that makes her attractive.

If you want to become classy, you’ll have to learn some etiquette. Try refraining from swearing, practice good posture and have proper manners.

Practice makes perfect, so if you need some time to practice these new skills, that’s okay. You will eventually see positive changes.

Final Thoughts on Traits of a High Power Woman

If you liked this article and are psyched about the possibility of becoming a high value woman, tell yourself that it’s possible.

Believe it is possible.

Create mantras to make it so.  

We can always improve ourselves and become anyone we want… but it can take time, patience and hard work. If you're motivated and ready to put forth the necessary effort, and know what you want from life, then you're already one step closer to becoming the high value woman that you desire to be.

There are also reading materials and informative videos that can help you with your transformation. If you like reading self-help books, they can certainly help you on your quest to becoming a high value woman, so be sure to check out our article that discusses 250 self-help books that can assist you on your journey of discovery and self-growth.

Finally, if you want to level up your productivity and time management skills, then watch this free video about the 9 productivity habits you can build at work.

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