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Is your birthday just around the corner? Have you always wanted to have the perfect birthday, but don't know how or where to begin? As luck would have it, we have 85 fun things to do on your birthday in 2024, so you can have the best birthday ever!

Whether you enjoy elegant ideas, chill nights or a birthday surrounded by friends and family – we are sure to have something on this list that you will want to include in your birthday wishes.

Why Celebrate Your Birthday?

Your birthday marks a special occasion. It's a time to honor yourself and everything you have accomplished over the year. It's a celebration of life and everything you wish to achieve. Children look forward to their birthdays every year. As we grow older, the magic fades away, and adults don't put much effort into the occasion.

It's important to celebrate your birthday because you deserve to feel happy. Adults who celebrate their birthdays feel more loved and better about themselves on their special day. You deserve a time where you spend it with family friends, and away from responsibilities.

We should be considered lucky to celebrate another year in life. No matter how your life is right now, whether you are struggling or succeeding, you deserve a day dedicated to yourself. So, instead of brushing it off, here are 85 fun things to do on your birthday!

Party Ideas

Are you bored of the usual kickback and want to spice things up? Create a theme for your party and invite friends to create the birthday party of the year! If you struggle to make friends, you may benefit from reading How to Meet People and Make Connections to find lifelong friends. Even if you invite a small group of people to your birthday, you and your guests will have a great time with these party ideas.

  1. Murder Mystery Night
    Host a murder mystery where you and your guests' role play characters to solve a crime.
  2. Costume Party
    Ask everyone to come dressed as their favorite celebrity.
  3. Treasure Hunt
    Create clues to find treasures hidden in your home. You may need help from friends on this one.
  4. Play a Sport
    Create team names and take a trip to the park to throw the ball around.
  5. Taco & Ice Cream Bar
    A taco and ice cream bar is a perfect buffet for everyone.
  6. Hire a live painter
    Live painters are a great way to keep the memory of your birthday.
  7. Pup Party
    Ask your guests to bring their dogs so they can party as well.
  8. Disney Party
    Treat your inner child and throw a Disney-themed party.
  9. ABC Party
    Anything But Clothes Party is a lot of fun. It makes for great conversation starters as you and your friends find what you can wear.
  10. Potluck
    Have guests bring a dish from a designated country. Everyone can enjoy a dish from around the world.
  11. Drink & Video Games
    Set up a few consoles around the home and let your friends wonder to each station. Throw in some cocktails you can ensure everyone will have a good time.
  12. Casino Night
    It's time to dress fancy and set up some poker tables. Set your home up like a high-class casino and gamble your heart away (legally).
  13. Theme Night
    Theme nights offer you the freedom to choose a specific party, such as the 80s or prom night.
  14. Rent Food Trucks
    You can rent out your favorite food trucks and overeat on all the delicious foods.
  15. Laser Tag
    Adults can bring out their inner child as they run through obstacles and aim towards their friends in a friendly competition.
  16. Rent a DJ
    You can create your nightclub and party with your DJ that plays all your favorite hits.
  17. Rent out a movie theatre
    Have the theatre to yourselves and have your friends watch your favorite films.

Out on the Town

A night out on the town offers plenty of fun for you and your friends. Check out your local listings and special events in the city. There is always something to do downtown. If you'd like more ideas, you can check out 31 Free and Fun Things to Do at Night. Otherwise, we guarantee a great night out for your birthday.

  1. Karaoke
    Everyone loves karaoke. The point of karaoke is to unleash your inner pop star and let your voice belt out.
  2. Book a Party Bus
    Take a party bus around the city. You can drink, enjoy company, and dance around as you reach your destinations.
  3. Escape Room
    Escape rooms are fun, scary, and are a great way to bond.
  4. Party Bike
    A party bike takes you around the city to famous destinations while drinking and enjoying the sights.
  5. Rent a limo
    Maybe you want to be a little fancier this year. Arrive in class to dinner and watch others turn their heads to see who pops outs.
  6. Bar Hopping
    Grab a drink, check out the style, and head out. How many bars can you hit in one night?
  7. Dance at a Club
    If you love to dance, you should spend your time at the club. Be safe and let the music take you away.
  8. Restaurant Hopping
    Just like bar hopping, make reservations for your favorite restaurants. Enjoy appetizers, main courses, and desserts at three other places!

Solo Ideas

Are you an introvert? If you enjoy alone time, you have the right to spend your birthday however you like. You don't need to invite friends or family to celebrate your birthday. You can do it all on your own. You don't want to experience introvert burnout on your special day. So here are birthday ideas you can do yourself.

  1. Photoshoot
    Take your phone and a stand into a safe and secluded area. Dress nice for the occasion and have yourself a mini photoshoot.
  2. Set Goals
    Your birthday is a great time to sit down and write what you would like to accomplish next year.
  3. Buy yourself a gift
    Your birthday is the perfect time to buy yourself something special with no guilt.
  4. Create a Vision Board
    A vision board is a way to positively visualize your future. You can check out our Ultimate 6-Step Guide to make a Vision Board to help prepare for you birthday.
  5. Get a Piercing or Tattoo
    Mark your birthday as the occasion to finally build the courage and get something meaningful displayed on yourself.
  6. New Skin Care Routine
    Set aside your birthday as a time to treat yourself to a new skin routine and try different products your skin may enjoy.
  7. Write a letter to yourself
    Writing a letter is a therapeutic and honest way of communication with yourself.
  8. Begin a New Tradition
    Create a tradition that you can look forward to each birthday.
  9. Shopping Spree
    Everyone loves a shopping spree. Be sure to save money for yourself so you can go crazy buying everything you like.
  10. Memory Lane
    Check out childhood photos and reminisce.
  11. Check off Bucket List
    Find one thing you can accomplish to check off your bucket list.
  12. Hair & Makeup
    Get your hair and makeup professionally done to feel confident and unique on your birthday.
  13. Self-Reflection
    Think about everything you appreciate about yourself and want to change.

Extravagant Ideas

You will love this list if you want to go all out for your birthday and enjoy the finer things. After a long year of accomplishments, you deserve to reward yourself for reaching your goals. You also deserve to reward yourself by just surviving another challenging year. Either way, save your money far in advance to enjoy these elegant birthday ideas!

  1. Party on a Yacht
    Rent out a yacht and invite friends to party like millionaires.
  2. Rent a mansion
    Rent a mansion for the night and see how the 1% lives.
  3. Private Island
    Rent out your private island and relax on the beach without any distractions.
  4. Hot Air Balloon Ride
    Book a ride in the sky and see how beautiful your city is from above.
  5. Tour a winery
    Enjoy the sweet tastes of wine and cheese platers.
  6. Rent a hotel suite
    Rent out an entire hotel floor and enjoy the night with friends.
  7. Party Destination
    Find a perfect place to travel, like Vegas or New York City.
  8. Rent a Private Jet
    Enjoy a plane all to yourself and travel anywhere in the world.
  9. Spa Day
    Enjoy an entire spa package with sauna, massage, facials, the works!
  10. Bathe in Hot Springs
    Hot springs provide excellent skincare and make your entire body relaxed.
  11. Black & White Ball
    Get dressed up and put on an extravagant ball with a full bar and catering.
  12. Hire a Private Chef
    Bring a professional chef straight to your home and enjoy private service.
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Get Your Heart Pumping

Adrenaline seekers know how to have a good time. If you want an immediate rush of life, you may want to spend your birthday with intense activities. However, it's essential to stay safe physically and mentally during your workouts. A rush of a high-intensity exercise can give you quick and elevated moods, but it won't last long.

Remember to take care of yourself mentally before you engage in the stunts. Make sure you are in good physical health before attempting anything on this list. The same goes if you invite anyone else along. Stay safe and have fun!

  1. Bungee Jumping
    Pick qualified professionals with a permit before you agree to jump off a cliff!
  2. Cliff Diving
    Find the safest cliffs to dive straight into the ocean or a lake.
  3. Amusement Park
    Decide to ride every roller coaster in a park before the end of the day.
  4. Helicopter Ride
    Take a ride on a helicopter over the city or to a remote destination.
  5. Bike Ride
    Take a ride through the town, in the woods, or on the beach.
  6. Trampoline Park
    Jump and bounce around obstacles or put on a game of air dodgeball!
  7. Rock Climbing
    Obtain proper equipment before you adventure up a wall!
  8. Scuba Diving
    You will need to be a certified scuba expert before heading out into open water.
  9. Water Rafting
    Find trusting friends that you can take to this heart-racing activity!
  10. Sky Diving
    Everyone should jump out of a plan at least once in their life. Enjoy the ultimate adrenaline rush and fly through the sky.

Become One with Nature

If you want to spend your birthday filled with calm and serenity, you will enjoy a day spent with nature. It lowers stress and provides you with a sense of peace. If you want to enjoy your birthday surrounded by nature's sounds and beauty, you will love these birthday ideas.

  1. Camping
    Find the perfect location to set up a tent or an RV and let nature guide you through the day.
  2. Bird Watching Tour
    Local parks provide bird watching tours to find native birds in your community.
  3. Plant a Garden
    Start a garden and bring nature to your own home.
  4. Nature Walk
    Enjoy the sounds and beauty of nature through a walk in a famous national park.
  5. Climb a Mountain
    Prepare with food, water, and dress for the occasion. Climbing a mountain is a great accomplishment.
  6. Stargazing
    Drive out to a secluded area and watch the stars as you reflect on the past year.
  7. Picnic and wine
    Enjoy a simple walk to the park and enjoy a nice picnic.
  8. Visit the Zoo
    Enjoy the magnificent animals that roam around the world.
  9. Cabin in the Woods
    Rent a cabin out for the night and relax on your private property.
  10. Adopt a Plant
    It takes patience and dedication to care for a plant. Keep nature alive within your home.

Stay Home & Relax

This list is meant for people who wish to spend a chill day at home or a quiet night out. Your birthday does not have to pull out all the stops with bells and whistles. You can enjoy your party however you like. Even though it is important to celebrate a birthday, maybe you still prefer the attention away from you? Here is a list of everything you can do at home, for yourself, and other people.

  1. Binge your favorite series
    Take the entire day to re-watch your favorite television show.
  2. Staycation
    Book a local hotel and order room service.
  3. Splurge on your favorite foods
    Take a trip to the store and buy all your favorite foods – no limits.
  4. Get Creative
    Do something creative to spark your imagination, like painting or pottery.
  5. Try something new
    Do something you have always wanted to try but were hesitant.
  6. Plan a vacation
    If you can't take a vacation on your birthday, maybe plan a trip for another day.
  7. Self-Care
    Take the day and give yourself a nice bath, facial or read a good book. You can also use these self-care routines to develop good habits to practice throughout the year.
  8. Cook your favorite dinner
    If you love to cook, plan a special meal for yourself and some friends to enjoy.
  9. Donate
    Pick a charity and donate some of your earnings.
  10. Sleepover
    Have an adult sleepover where you watch movies, drink, and gossip with friends.
  11. Visit a retirement community
    Spread your happiness to an older generation that would enjoy your company.
  12. Cooking Class
    Take a cooking class and learn a few new things in the kitchen.
  13. Real Estate Listings
    A tour around a local listing and enjoy looking at potential real estate.
  14. Volunteer your time
    Volunteer at a shelter or pick up trash.
  15. Adopt a dog
    Take a trip to the animal shelter and save a dog.

Final Thoughts on Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday

No matter how you decide to spend your birthday, be sure to celebrate it! It doesn’t really matter how or where… just that you do. You should spend a day that revolves around and appreciates you.

Every day that you are alive is one to be celebrated. It’s also an opportunity to start over or change course and try something new.  You only have a limited number of birthdays, so celebrate life and accomplish as much as possible with the time you’re given.

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