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Many of us are on a quest to discover our purpose in life.

If you’re on this journey, we hope that today’s article featuring the best find your why worksheet examples can help in your search.

When you know your life’s purpose, each day is infused with meaning.

There is a sense of excitement every time you wake up.

It feels like everything you’re doing is for a higher purpose.

Self-awareness is the key to finding your life purpose. When you know your true values, your capacity and limitations for doing things, and your deepest desires, you’ll also discover the well-spring of your own “why.”

In addition to giving meaning to your actions and decisions, knowing your why can give a number of benefits.

The Benefits of Finding Your Why

Here are some of the important reasons for discovering your life’s purpose.

  • Helps you live longer. Results of a long-term study published in the Psychological Science journal reveal that people who have a strong sense of purpose in life, especially those who are at retirement age, tend to live longer than those who do not.
  • Strengthens your health. People who feel that their lives have meaning tend to demonstrate better physical and mental health than those who don’t see meaning in their lives.
  • Clarifies your focus in life. When you know your purpose, you shape your decisions and actions according to this purpose. You do away with the unnecessary, giving you the opportunity to focus on what’s truly important.
  • Makes you brave. When you’re living a life of purpose, you learn to trust that all your actions are infused with grace. This allows you to make decisions that you’d normally be afraid to make when you are still figuring out your life’s purpose.

How to Use a Worksheet for Finding Your Why

A worksheet for finding your why is a simple yet powerful tool to guide you to your destiny.

To maximize the full potential of worksheets in uncovering your life purpose, commit at least an hour of quiet time to answer the reflection questions and activities.

Find a quiet spot where you will be undisturbed for an hour or so. Gather some writing materials or a gadget you usually use for recording your thoughts.

You might want to play some music if it helps put you in a contemplative mood.

Finally, make sure to review what you’ve written to uncover your why.

Read on for a collection of worksheets we’ve rounded up to help you achieve your destiny today.

1. Discover Your Life Purpose

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Download the PDF

Have you ever felt like nothing significant ever happens in life? Do you easily get bored with your daily routine? This could be an indicator that you have not yet discovered your life’s purpose.

If you’re struggling to know what to do with your life, our worksheet provides five useful steps to finding your purpose. There are several writing prompts to help you reflect on what it is that gives you meaning and a sense of satisfaction. Through this template, you are encouraged to:

  • Reflect on your worth
  • Listen to your heart
  • Welcome your purpose
  • Ask yourself significant questions related to finding your life purpose
  • Reflect on the myth of “one”

Once you’ve completed this guided reflection, you’re well on your way to living in alignment with your true purpose in life.

2. Know Your Why Checklist

finding your why worksheet | finding your why worksheet simon sinek | finding your why exercise

Download the PDF

Looking for a guide to finding your true purpose in life? We’ve created this simple checklist to be step-by-step guide to the process of discovering your why. It features a list of 12 items that lay out the steps for finding your life purpose, with checkboxes before each item to help keep track of your progress in self-discovery. Every item is a writing prompt.

These prompts are a combination of what-if scenarios, recollections of memories, and reflections on people’s reactions during some of your key interactions with them. Below each writing prompt is space for you to write down your answers. We encourage you to take your time in completing the items on this checklist. When you’re finished, you’ll have a better understanding of your unique purpose.

3. A Golden Circle Worksheet for Finding Your Why

The concept of the Golden Circle was popularized by Simon Sinek, author of numerous self-improvement books, including Start With Why (How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action).

This concept from the Golden Circle attempts to explain the reason some people and groups/organizations are capable of influencing others and recognized for their outstanding contributions.

In this worksheet, Roselle Ebarle adapted the concept of the Golden Circle for individual goals. It features a brief explanation and concrete examples for discovering your own purpose.

Furthermore, it helps you define what you are. Through the worksheet, you can develop an action plan on how to achieve your purpose and discover your core why, or life’s purpose.

4. A Guide Book for Self-Discovery

What are the indicators that someone has not found their why yet?

Based on Janine Ripper’s first-hand experience, these symptoms include:

  • Being in a state of constant anxiety
  • Excessive drinking and eating
  • Excessive dieting
  • Overworking
  • Being on antidepressants

When she finally discovered her why, she wrote this guidebook to help others in the same situation she was in.

It contains 10 sections and their corresponding guide questions. Each section builds upon the previous one, so we recommend answering the worksheets in order.

We have high hopes that, after answering this guidebook, you’ll have a clearer understanding about your purpose in life.

5. Rebekah’s Life Questionnaire Worksheets

This three-page questionnaire/worksheet is the perfect tool for discovering your life’s purpose. The questionnaire consists of a series of writing prompts for self-awareness and deeper understanding of your purpose.

A section of this worksheet allows you to reflect more deeply about the choices you’ve made and your commitment to walk the path you’ve chosen.

6. Job Crafting

Finally, we have this Job Crafting worksheet from Positive Psychology.

The premise of this worksheet is that it’s not necessary to switch jobs in order to find your reason for being, or ikigai.

It’s merely a matter of making sure that you spend more time doing things you love and things that matter.

This worksheet requires you to log your activities on a typical day. Hopefully, you’ll find that you’re doing things that are in alignment with your true purpose.

However, if you discover that this isn’t the case, then you can now make adjustments to ensure that the activities that are important to your happiness and well-being do not fall by the wayside.

7. Realizing Your Life’s Meaning and Purpose Worksheets

People who know and understand their purpose tend to be more passionate and have a sense of deep commitment to everything they do in life.

This self-awareness serves them well when encountering adversity and supports success in their endeavors.

The worksheets found on this website are designed to help you discover your purpose in life. This discovery will develop your ability to any adapt to obstacles you may encounter, create an exciting vision for your future, and guide your decision-making.

The worksheets are found in the Resources section of the webpage. Click on the “Downloadable Handouts” tab for a directory of worksheets you can download for free.

8. A Workbook for Finding Your Life Purpose

This workbook brings you closer to the fulfillment of your life’s purpose and to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of having.

With a total of 69 pages, this workbook provides in-depth information to help you understand the following:

  • The importance of having a life purpose
  • The difference between imposed and real purposes
  • The self-preparations necessary before discovering your life purpose
  • The steps for finding your purpose
  • The ways you can apply your purpose in actual situations

9. Purpose Pack

The creator of this worksheet believes that each of us is instilled with a sense of purpose. This worksheet helps you uncover why you choose to do what you do.

The worksheet consists of 18 pages. Some of the activities and writing exercises you’ll encounter in this worksheet include:

  • My Life Experiences Timeline – Creating a visual timeline that features milestones and turning points
  • My 10 Purpose Questions – 10 writing prompts to uncover and reflect on your purpose
  • My 27 Inspirations – Things that inspire you to get out of bed every day
  • My Traits and Abilities – Space for enumerating your key characteristics
  • What I Know About Me – Writing exercise about what you have learned about yourself

The download link to this worksheet is found at the end of the original post at Sources of Insight.

10. Finding the Source of Your Ikigai

This worksheet features incisive questions that allow you to reflect deeply on your life’s purpose. Spaces are provided for writing down your answers.

To help with finding your ikigai, an ikigai map template is included in this template. It allows you to discover what you love, what you’re good at, what matters to you, and what you can be paid for.

Finally, this worksheet helps determine the activities aligned with your unique purpose to enrich your life and strengthen your relationships with others.

11. Questions You Need to Ask to Find Your Purpose

Sometimes, we don’t immediately find what we’re looking for because we’re looking in the wrong places or asking the wrong questions. This worksheet guides you to ask the right questions in order to find your life’s purpose and connect with it.

It features nine essential questions that help you to know yourself on a deeper level, pinpoint your unique purpose, and determine how aligned your life is with this purpose.

The worksheet features a motivational quote from Nelson Mandela that says, “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

12. Knowing Yourself Workbook

This 21-page workbook is your guide to knowing yourself, helping you figure out what you truly want in life.

It encourages you to be more observant about yourself, noticing your thoughts and answering thought-provoking questions that reveal your authentic self and uncover the core values that serve as your foundation as you live out your life’s purpose.

13. Rediscovering Yourself – A Workbook

This workbook was designed to help middle-aged people figure out a new purpose as they journey through midlife.

Parents of grown children can often be overwhelmed when their lives are no longer overwhelmed by taking care of their children’s needs. This workbook helps them get reacquainted with themselves.

The activities in this workbook are designed to be worked on for 10 days, giving you the chance to get in touch with your most authentic self and create a new purpose for this new stage of your life.

Final Thoughts

Finding your why can be a challenging, life-long task.

Self-awareness tools such as a find your why worksheet can bring you closer to your goal.

Hopefully you’ll find this collection of worksheets helpful in discovering your true purpose.

In addition, we invite you to check out the following posts as additional resources to help define your why.

Finally, if you want to take your goal-setting efforts to the next level, check out this FREE printable worksheet and a step-by-step process that will help you set effective SMART goals.

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