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Are you constantly juggling your responsibilities to get important things done?

Do you feel a growing resentment for your tasks because they prevent you from spending time with your loved ones or enjoying your hobbies?

Are looming deadlines and due dates making you panic?

To keep your sanity, perhaps it’s time to get a daily planner.

In its simplest form, a daily planner is something that provides an overview of your schedule and tasks for the day. Traditional planners usually come in book form. These days, however, digital and printable planners have also become popular.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Daily Planner?

People who plan their days tend to be happier and less stressed than those who just wing it.

This actually makes a lot of sense.

Using a daily planner helps you keep track of your daily tasks and schedule, increases your productivity at work, lets you run a household more efficiently, and practically organizes every aspect of your life.

It is an organizing and productivity tool that:

  • Functions as a brain dump where you can write down all your daily tasks, appointments, ideas, and errands for the day.
  • Improves your time-management skills.
  • Provides a sense of purpose as you move from one daily activity/task to the next.
  • Serves as the “command center” for goals and daily to-dos, providing all the information you need at a glance.
  • Gives you a sense of control and order, despite your hectic schedule, thereby minimizing overwhelm and stress.

In this article, we’re sharing with you a collection of printable daily planner templates. These templates are free and specifically designed by their creators to help you become more efficient and productive.

Hopefully, you’ll find a daily planner template among the ones featured here that fits your needs for organizing your schedule and tasks for the day.

11 Daily Planner Templates

1. Simple Daily Planner

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Download the PDF

Our very own planner features a simple interface. It is ideal for those who are looking for a straightforward template to help keep track of their daily tasks and schedules.

This planner has a calming blue theme. A box at the top right of the page allows you to indicate the date and the day, and a blank list has checkboxes at the end of every row. You can put a check mark in each box as you accomplish each item in your list. At the bottom of the template there is space reserved for writing a positive affirmation.

2. Daily Planner for Students

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Download the PDF

Are you looking for a planner template to help organize your academic life? Here’s one we designed primarily for this purpose. This template has all the necessary elements to help you keep track of your daily schedule, top priorities, and things to be done.

It also features a mood tracker, a place for writing the date, and space for your quick notes for the day. The daily scheduler has one-hour intervals so you can plot your schedule from 6 am to 9 pm.

3. Daily Planner with Time Blocking

This template is ideal if you are looking for a way to consolidate all your daily schedules, errands, tasks, and appointments. With everything in one place, you won’t miss anything you need to be reminded of.

This way, the day runs smoothly.

This template has the following features:

  • Day of the week
  • Date today
  • Water tracker
  • Meal planner (for three meals)

There are also spaces allocated for writing down the following:

  • Time blocking schedule (one-hour intervals, from 7 am to 7 pm)
  • Priorities
  • Task and to-do list
  • Notes

4. Organize Your Day

The beauty of using a daily planner is that you can prioritize the most important tasks of the day so it’s more likely for you to get them done before the day ends.

This template helps you become more organized and efficient in managing your daily schedule. Similar to the previous example, this template contains features that allow you to stay on top of what needs to be done.

If you’re looking for an elegant design that’s ideal for your daily planner at work, the example above is worth a try. It is one of many available designs at the creator’s website.

Clicking on the image at the creator’s website allows you to access a PDF version of this template that you can print or download.

5. Daily Planner With Half-Hour Slots

If you’re looking for a template with a minimalist or black-and-white color scheme, here’s one that also features a time-blocking scheduler.

It has spaces allocated for writing down:

  • Today’s goals
  • Important to-do’s
  • Remember to (reminders box)
  • Notes

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6. Dry Erasable Daily Planner

If it’s a reusable planner you’re looking for, here’s a template to try from thelove(d)welling.com. You can print out a single page and laminate it so that it can be used multiple times. All you need is a dry erase marker and a prominent spot where you can put this to remind you of your daily schedule.

This template lets you keep track of the activities for the day, such as the following:

  • Top five list (goals, tasks, or errands)
  • To do’s
  • Daily routine (early morning, mid-morning, afternoon, and evening)
  • Appointments
  • Water intake

7. Today’s Plan

This minimalist planner has spaces reserved for writing the day’s schedule, notes, and a to-do list.

Near the bottom of the template page is a meal planner and a couple of trackers—one for tracking your daily water intake and another for exercise.

8. Set Priorities

If time blocking is not your thing, here’s a daily planner that does away with it. Instead, there are several other useful features to make sure you’re aware of your daily priorities, meetings, and tasks.

This template also has ample space for you to write down notes and other important reminders that do not fall into the above-mentioned categories.

9. Intentional Daily Planner

Daily planners can help you start each day with intention. They elevate your experience from being merely on autopilot to actually living each hour with a clear purpose.

This template is aptly named the “Intentional Daily Planner,” indicating the main benefit you can gain from using it.

As with most planner templates found in this collection, this sample provides spaces for the following:

  • Today’s schedule (with hourly time blocking from 5 am to 11 pm)
  • Today’s top priorities
  • Today I am thankful for (short gratitude list)
  • To do list
  • Meal plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks)
  • Notes

It comes with a water tracker and is available in a pastel pink theme.

10. Daily Schedule Organizer

Here is another daily planner with a time-blocking feature to help manage everything that goes into your daily schedule.

Whether you’ve got appointments to keep or work-related tasks to finish—or if you’re taking care of chores or running errands—this planner references the most important tasks that need your attention first.

This template also provides space for your meal planner, to-do list, and top three goals.

11. The Productive Day Planner

This daily planner is part of a productivity set designed to jumpstart your productivity in 14 days.

There are spaces designated for the following:

  • Main goal for the day
  • Three main tasks
  • Scheduled appointments/calls (up to five items, with time and detail for each)
  • Notes

This template also features a Pomodoro-style time tracker for target tasks. [Check out this post for an in-depth discussion of the Pomodoro technique for time management.]

Finally, three columns at the bottom of the template allow you to list tasks according to their level of priority: Must Do, Can Wait, and Tomorrow.

Final Thoughts on Printable Daily Planners

Using a daily planner template gives you a sense of control over your schedule. It minimizes the stress that comes from having so many things to take care of.

Having a daily plan encourages you to live with a sense of purpose. It increases your level of happiness and gives you a profound sense of fulfillment, especially when you’ve accomplished everything on your daily to-do list.

Hopefully, this collection of printable daily planners will inspire you to use this tool for effective time management.

After reaping the benefits of using daily planners, you might also want to see how weekly planner templates can boost your productivity.

Explore several ways to incorporate time blocking into your productivity habit. Here’s a useful guide on how to get started on time blocking to master your schedule.

Finally, if you want to level up your productivity and time management skills, then watch this free video about the 9 productivity habits you can build at work.

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