You’re Reading Food Labels All Wrong – 4 Items to Closely Examine

You’re Reading Food Labels All Wrong – 4 Items to Closely Examine

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A huge component of fitness or weight-loss comes down to developing healthy eating habits. Exercise will only take you so far – Fueling your body with the right food is critical.

Unfortunately, choosing healthy foods can be more challenging than it seems. Take a quick look at a food label and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. What makes a food healthy? What should you really be looking for on those labels?

Research has shown that more than 1 in 3 people do look at food labels, but less than 10% actually know what they are looking for! It’s no wonder obesity has become such an epidemic – Most people don’t know what they are actually eating.

Building Healthy Eating Habits: The CSSI Method

There is a way to simplify the process of finding healthy foods. It involves a 4-step process known as the “CSSI Method”.

Instead of counting daily calories, adding up grams of fat, or analyzing vitamin dosages, the CSSI Method focuses on the most crucial aspects of establishing a healthy diet.

In essence, it helps you answer the question, “Is this a great food for me to eat?”

For example, the second “S” in CSSI stands for sugar, but the goal isn’t to make sure you “only eat X number of grams of sugar” each day. The goal is to build up your familiarity with foods that are high in sugar so that you aren’t unknowingly consuming much more than you might think.

Take a look at the below infographic (provided by Make Your Body Work) to learn how to use the CSSI Method – Then go to your kitchen and see if your food passes the test!

The CSSI Method: Find Foods For Weight-Loss

Infographic by Make Your Body Work

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