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Need a life map template for your personal story?

Whether you’re doing a life assessment or writing the first draft of your autobiography, having a visual reference about your past, present, and future lets you see your own life from a different perspective.

In this article, we’re sharing a collection of templates you can use to create your own life map.

Creating a life map using any of the templates featured below promotes deeper self-awareness and empowerment. It opens up new paths for self-improvement, success, and happiness.

What Is a Life Map?

Each of us has a unique life journey. At different points in our lives, we experience both setbacks and joyous moments.

A life map is a visual representation of your life’s ups and downs.

Often, it looks like a timeline and shows the chronological order of important events in your life.

Sometimes, it takes the form of a mind map, providing information about your past, present, and (possible) future, or about your personal traits.

What Are the Benefits of Creating a Life Map?

1. You get to know yourself better. Life mapping encourages you to pinpoint your strengths and core values. Knowing these helps determine your life’s purpose. Life mapping also spotlights personal traits you can improve on.

2. You develop a sense of clarity about your goals. Creating a life map can be an empowering experience that gives you a glimpse of the wonderful possibilities waiting for you in the future. It’s like a roadmap for manifesting your personal vision.

3. You become accountable. It’s easy to blame others for the unfortunate events in your life. However, a life map helps you realize that you are solely responsible for making your dreams a reality.

4. You get excited for the future. A life map also shows how you can move forward. With all the possibilities waiting on the horizon, all you need to do is take the first step.

1. Charting Your Destination Template

This template gives you some perspective on where you are right now in terms of age, motivations, location, job, hobbies, and likes.

From there, you can also chart at least three possible future destinations for yourself by reflecting on at least two possible pathways for every destination, your location, your job, and your age.

You can download the template here.

2. Personal Timeline Ruled Template

Here’s a template you can use for creating a detailed personal timeline. Primarily designed for use in tracing your ancestry, this template is useful for providing in-depth information about significant events in your life.

If you’re including future goals in your life map, this template has sufficient space for you to write details of your plans for achieving your goals.

3. Personal Timeline + World Events

Record your family or personal history more easily with the help of this personal timeline template.

You can record the significant events in your life and see what historic event took place around the same time.

4. A Roadmap

This template depicts a roadmap that can be used to represent your life journey.

As with any roadmap, this one features several road signs. Each sign can represent a milestone or important memory.

Proper attribution to the template’s creators is a requirement for downloading a free copy of this template.

5. Progress Roadmap

This template features a roadmap to success. It is primarily a goal planner and tracker. However, it is a versatile template that you use to chart your personal success.

It has five main boxes featuring the process of achieving your goal. These serve as markers for major milestones in your life as you track your own origin story.

6. Mind Map in Pastel Colors

If you’re looking for a brightly colored template to create your life map, here’s one that features pastel colors.

This cluster-type template allows you to group key moments (e.g., past experiences, present situation, and future plans/goals) to give you a visual representation of how life has been and show you the possibilities ahead.

7. Contemplative Mind Map

This editable template features a cute central image and elements to help chronicle your life journey. You can add more elements to the template to represent milestones and key life experiences that you want to celebrate and/or commemorate.

8. Showcase Your Life

Need something straightforward? Here’s a simple template for your personal timeline.

You can use this template to showcase, in chronological order, the special and important moments of your life, whether they’re joyful or sorrowful ones. It is a wonderful way to track your personal development and see how far you’ve come.

9. 3-Step Flowchart

The three boxes in this template can represent the past, present, and future.

Each time period flows into the other, showing you how your past experiences influence what happens in the present.

In turn, the events of the present have an impact on the decisions and choices you make for your future.

Final Thoughts on Life Map Templates & Worksheets

To recap, life maps are a visual representation of significant moments in your life, whether these moments are happy or sad ones.

They help users develop deeper self-awareness and a sense of accountability.

In addition, life maps can help clarify goals, allowing you to look forward to new possibilities.

Hopefully you’ve found a life map template suitable for your needs in today’s collection.

We support your efforts to discover your purpose in life and stay accountable in your pursuit of your own success and happiness.

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