4 Best Mindfulness Games for Kids (Our Review for 2023)

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Did you know that having fun can provide some of the best stress relief?

Games can provide kids with a source of eustress, which is the “good” type of stress that keeps people feeling alive. Eustress refers to the sense of excitement that you get from finishing a project, meeting a challenge, or even riding on a roller coaster. Everyone needs regular eustress in their lives (even kids), and games can provide that.

Another thing that greatly benefits children is mindfulness. People of all ages can benefit from practicing mindfulness, which is the act of bringing a gentle and nonjudgmental attitude to the present moment.

From our youngest years, mindfulness can help decrease anxiety and increase happiness. Think about it: Adversity begins in infancy with the struggle to communicate what you need to your caretakers.

As children grow up and become teenagers, life grows even more complicated. At every developmental stage, mindfulness can help kids cope with their feelings.

While mindfulness may seem boring to children, there are some games that incorporate this practice that are fun.

While children are enjoying playing these games, they may not even realize that they are practicing or learning mindfulness as they go. Having fun by playing games can help children feel less overwhelmed by stress, and improve their attitudes towards life.

Here, we will review four of the best mindfulness games for kids that are on the market for 2019. After reading these reviews, you will be able to have a better idea of which game might work best for your family.

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Teach children mindfulness using the Best Mindfulness Games for Kids.
4 Best Mindfulness Games for Kids (Our Review for 2023)