4 Best Mindfulness Games for Kids (Our Review for 2022)

Teach children mindfulness using the Best Mindfulness Games for Kids.

Did you know that having fun can provide some of the best stress relief? Games can provide kids with a source of eustress, which is the “good” type of stress that keeps people feeling alive. Eustress refers to the sense of excitement that you get from finishing a project, meeting a challenge, or even riding … Read more

4 Best Mindfulness Games for Adults (Our Review for 2022)

Practice mindfulness with the 4 Best Mindfulness Games for Adults that are fun and effective.

Have you ever noticed how when you are having fun you are able to put life’s stressors aside and just be happy for a little while? Having fun while playing a game will not only reduce your stress in the short term, but can also have lasting effects that make you a more relaxed person … Read more