55 Quotes About Honesty and Having Integrity Throughout Life

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Honesty and integrity are the two most important traits one needs to have in order to be successful and happy in life. It’s not surprising that great leaders throughout history are often described as trustworthy and full of integrity. You’ll also notice that opportunities for career advancement are numerous for those who are people of … Read more

31 Good Excuses to Miss Work on Short Notice (EXAMPLES)

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The need to take a day off on short notice from work happens to all of us. Life happens, and when it does, we need to take some time to take care of the circumstances that come our way. Sometimes we may need to go into work later than scheduled, and other times we may … Read more

7 Integrity Stories with a Moral Lesson About Honesty

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Many would say that integrity is very rare nowadays. Everyone’s all about becoming famous or well liked… and it doesn’t matter if they lie and cheat their way to the top. Many situations can be really tempting to stray away from your values and morals. But when you have integrity, you should be able to … Read more

77 Integrity Quotes to Build Your Character

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Integrity is one of the most sought-after and also one of the most misunderstood character traits. It is often defined simply as straightforward honesty. A couple other definitions are “doing the right thing” and “being reliable.” But what exactly is integrity, and why does society put such a high premium on it? Having integrity is … Read more