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For many, when we speak of happiness and how to enjoy life, our minds are drawn to external things.  Those things consist of money in the bank, extravagant vacations, nice homes, cars, clothing… and other material possessions.

In addition, we may even speak about desiring better jobs, romantic relationships, and more time to spend engaging in our favorite hobbies.  Others prefer to live life to the extreme with many wild adventures and heart-pumping activities. 

While all these things are excellent ways to experience moments of joy on the outside, there is so much more to consider when seeking ways to truly enjoy life more… things that come from within and are reflections of our true internal happiness.

In this article, we will explore what it means to enjoy life more and suggest 27 everyday habits that will help you to better enjoy life.

What does it mean to enjoy life?

True happiness and joy come from within us and not external means.  

Think of our inner joy like a cake… and external things like finances, relationships, careers, hobbies, etc. are like frosting and decorations on the cake. 

Suppose the cake is baked correctly and has the right ingredients within it.  In that case, it rises nicely, and the frosting compliments the cake greatly.
However, if the cake breaks down and sinks in the middle or is broken or torn, frosting is often used to cover up what is wrong or flawed with the cake.  As a result, it can look good on the outside but not entirely whole underneath all the decorations.

We can have financial security, a family, the ability to travel, and many other things that make us happy on the outside.  But our internal happiness, joy, and peace give us the ability to truly enjoy life.

Many celebrities and athletes have had the outer things many of us desire and still committed suicide or have had mental health and substance abuse issues.  But unfortunately, it is not what is on the outside that counts, but what is inside that matter most. Our mental health and contentment has to come from within ourselves.

A friend of mine came into the office after being sick for a few days. She still didn’t feel 100%, appearing pale and somewhat congested… but she was dressed up, her hair done and she had makeup on.  When I asked how she was doing, she said, “I’m dressing the way I wish to feel.” If I give the appearance I’m feeling better, maybe my mind will follow.  

I found that an interesting approach and wondered if she were onto something. Can internal and external happiness coexist?  While I believe it’s possible, it’s the inner joy that is magnetic.  People are drawn to you and desire what you have when you have it.  You just hope over time they realize, as you have, that no amount of money or possessions can give them what they see in you.

When you are enjoying life, you are doing “you.”  You are comfortable in your own skin and confident in whom you have become as a person.  You won’t hold on to bitterness, hurt, and an inability to forgive because you realize that what didn’t kill you, made you stronger.  You took bricks that were thrown and built a fortress… and lemons you were handed and made lemonade.  

It's not something we have to learn to do overnight.  Still, we need to get into the habit of prioritizing our personal well-being.  Then, everything else will begin falling in line. Inner joy is the foundation upon which an abundance life of happiness is built.

Here are 27 Everyday Habits to Enjoy Life More

1. Pray and meditate. 

We are all called to a purpose greater than ourselves.  When we discover that calling, we will be drawn to things in life that are more fulfilling, rewarding, and satisfying.

2. Practice being thankful. 

Start a gratitude journal, make a habit of being thankful, and find the silver lining to life's clouds.   It is enriching and fulfilling to our inner being.

3. Singing your favorite songs.

In biblical scripture, it mentions that those joyful within would sing songs.  So those with inner joy tend to have a song in their hearts to keep them going, even when times are rough.

4. Get up early.

This will cause us to feel more productive and not like we have wasted our day.  Then, we are more likely to stay motivated to crush our goals.  This is also a good time journal your desires for the future.  

5. Give yourself grace.

Many of us are forgiving people, but we are hard on ourselves.  Remember, you make mistakes too, but it is not the end of the world.  So get up, forgive yourself, and keep moving forward. 

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Remember to give yourself grace and keep moving forward.

6. Use positive affirmations daily.

This is a powerful way to build yourself up and keep you from giving up when times get tough.  Positive affirmations and speaking positive words will increase your confidence over time and instill the peace you have been seeking within your heart for a long time.

7. Take responsibility for your actions.

The sooner we realize our responsibility in failed missions, projects, and relationships, the sooner we can heal from them.  Then, we will be able to focus on finding solutions and making things right.  That is a great feeling.

8. Getaway and spend time with nature.

Nature trips, hiking, camping, and even fishing can be done regularly to build up our inner being.  It can bring calm to our minds and give us a great time of reflection.

9. Practice awareness of the process rather than being moved by our emotions.

We often give up on processes when we are caught up in our emotions.  For example, if we are moved by our feelings, we will give up on relationships and careers at the first sight of conflict.  However, when we can find peace in the process, we can better work through issues.

10. Love yourself.

We are overall happier people when we love ourselves.  So instead of only being your own worst critic, be your biggest supporter as well.  You should look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful, handsome, intelligent, or awesome you are.  Others telling you the same will be icing on the cake.  

11. Get rid of clutter.

I don’t know about you, but I get tense in a mess, and my inner feelings of peace go out the window until I get things straightened out around me.  So if that is you too, try cleaning off that desk, organizing that closet, and getting rid of the clutter.  You'll find it helps you think more clearly and breathe more freely.

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12. Practice reading.

Reading is one of life's most simple pleasures.  Getting lost in the pages of a good book can relax you, enhance your mood, and bring you joy.  You can also use books as learning tools to gain vital knowledge in areas where you feel you lack strength, knowledge, or confidence.

13. Go for a walk.

Get out, get some fresh air.  Walking can be that place where you feel most at peace.  You are free to think and listen to your favorite music.  It can most certainly become your happy place to find great fulfillment without relying on external factors. 

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14. Get plenty of rest.

We weaken our ability to process things that happen when we are tired throughout our day.  It makes us less than our best, and most of all, we lack the inner joy we could be experiencing by just getting a full night's rest.

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When we are tired, we weaken our ability to process things that happen so get plenty of rest.

15. Protect the environment of your mind.

For inner joy and peace, we must protect ourselves from negativity in our surroundings such as acquaintances, social media, the news, etc.  It will steal our joy.  When you protect your mind, you are selective about who you let speak into your life. 

16. Learn to delay gratification.

Instant gratification is never truly satisfied.  It fulfills us for a fleeting moment, and then we experience remorse and regret.  Later we do it all over again.  It is better to delay gratification as we work toward things more lasting and meaningful. 

17. Think of ways to bless others.

We often say it is more blessed to give than to receive during Christmas time.  Yet, there is an unexplainable joy that comes with being a giver.  When this becomes your lifestyle, you can walk in continued periods of euphoria as you brighten the day of others.

18. Ask for help.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help if you struggle to find joy in life.  This is an underrated habit because we often feel we can fix things on our own.  However, sometimes we simply need somebody to help us. 

19. Look for the best in others.

One thing that hinders us from experiencing inner joy in life is to feel all alone.  However, suppose we were to take the focus off ourselves and see the best in others.  In that case, we become happier, more empathetic, and like someone understands us.  There is a joy in knowing you’re not alone.

20. Make your faith your focus.

Our faith can get us through the most challenging times.  It helps us have joy in the roughest moments, peace in turmoil, and shine through the moment is dark.  Lastly, it helps us keep our minds focused on what we hope to see even when situations may look impossible.

21. Look at how far you’ve come.

If you do any comparing in life, compare yourself now with where you were yesterday.  Find the joy in looking at the progress you are making.

22. Cut off self-sabotaging behaviors.

If we are not careful, we can get into the habit of doing bad things that mess up the good we are experiencing.  This is often done because we try to ruin a good thing before it somehow gets messed up.  So, we sabotage it to keep from feeling the pain of disappointment later.  However, this may be the time things actually do go right.

23. Quit comparing yourself to others.

Like the analogy of the cake and the frosting from earlier, we see their frosting and decorations when we compare ourselves to others.  Still, we don't know the condition of the cake underneath. 

24. Lean on your core values.

Stay true to the values that are most important to you.  Getting away from them will ruin your inner peace.  However, even when times get tough, leaning on them helps you not to lose focus and have peace of mind if things don't go as planned.

25. Block out all drama. 

Take an assessment of your life.  If people enhance your life, great.  If they bring drama, you may want to show them the door or, at the least, distance yourself and limit the amount of interaction the two of you have.  

26. Simply do things you love!

Go golfing, play basketball, go for a bike ride, or take a relaxing bubble bath.  Simply do the things you love.  That is how to enjoy life.  

27. Celebrate small successes.

If there is no one around to celebrate you, celebrate yourself and your life’s successes, no matter how small.  If no one else tells you how good you are doing, find joy in knowing it for yourself down in your heart.  This is how to enjoy life!  Let it fuel you to keep doing great. 

Final thoughts on 27 Everyday Habits to Enjoy Life More

According to studies, it takes doing something over 21 consecutive times for it to become a habit.  So, if you want to really enjoy life, you will need to pick and practice some of these 27 habits

Be sure to do them daily, and often, if you want to make a habit of enjoying life more. It’s the best way to experience inner joy, peace, happiness and fulfillment in life. 

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