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35 Funny Night Shift Memes to Enjoy When Working Late

Looking for night shift memes? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got a collection of hilarious memes dedicated to those hardworking, sleep-deprived people perpetually assigned to the night shift.

While caffeine—in the form of coffee or energy drinks—definitely helps to keep you awake late at night, a dose of humor can also help wile away the long hours until sunrise/bedtime.

Enjoy the memes we’ve rounded up to keep you company on your shift. Let’s get to it!

1. It Was a Full Moon Night

after-hours shift worker jokes | moonlight shift humor | night shift survival laughter

via Everhour

Nurses know what we are talking about. To prevent mayhem, no one should reference the full moon or mention the Q word during night shift.

2. Pretty Easy

shift change humor | late-night worker memes | night shift challenges

via Joshpock3t on Reddit

Derek is in denial. Don’t be like Derek.

3. Jessica Also Says It's Not Bad

funny night job sayings | night shift memes for nurses | night shifter humor

via Memedroid

And here’s Jessica backing Derek up. What’s so great about night shift that some people can’t seem to give it up?

4. Bedtime

after-hours worker memes | night shift challenges | relatable night time humor

via Memedroid

Ever so slowly, the horizon starts to glow golden. From a distance, a rooster crows. Little by little, the sounds of a world waking up reach you.

This is the signal you’ve been waiting for. As the world becomes busier, you clock out and head for home. “I’m off to bed,” you say with a yawn to no one in particular.

5. Hiss!

late-night worker jokes | night shift worker quotes | night crawler humor

via imgflip

This is definitely a rude awakening. The person doing this will be looked upon with utmost disapproval.

6. Off to Bed

late-night job memes | night owl giggles | night duty laughter

via Memes Monkey

Let the world rejoice in another brand-new day. I know you night shifters are looking forward to the feel of a soft bed under your backs. Hurry home. You deserve it.

7. Time Warp

after-hours humor | work at night memes | humor for night workers

via Memes Monkey

Night shifters don’t go to sleep. They just go home to recharge their batteries. Then they’re good to go again for another 12 hours or so.

8. Sleep Disorder

night job laughter | sleepless night shift memes | dark humor for night shifts

via imgflip

It’s a modern problem, with no good solution. Welcome to the future.

9. Getting a Dose of Vitamin D

funny night shift moments | late-night shift worker humor | shift change giggles

via Memes Monkey

It’s ideal to get your vitamins from natural sources, so take the opportunity to catch some sun and vitamin D on your off day. You have to stay healthy if you’re going to keep working nights.

Just don’t forget the sunscreen.

10. Scoffs in Night Shift

3rd shift giggles | twilight shift worker memes | night crawler jokes

via Memes Monkey

I can’t help but roll my eyes at those day shifters complaining about their work load. Try the graveyard shift a couple of times and then let’s talk.

11. Sleep Is for the Weak

nocturnal shift memes | overnight worker jokes | moonlight shift humor

via Night Shift Life

What is sleep, anyway? Is that really something people do?

12. You've Probably Never Heard of Caffeine

night work humor | graveyard shift memes | late-night laughter

via Night Shift Life

Caffeine is the lifeblood of many who work the night shift. You’d think that caffeine courses through their veins, the way they seem to always have a cup of coffee on hand.

13. Trying Your Best

3rd shift humor | twilight shift memes | night shifter jokes

via Night Shift Life


14. It's a Whole Different Time Zone

3rd shift jokes | humor for night owls | twilight shift memes

via Night Shift Life

You must have realized by now that your friends who work the night shift operate in a different time zone. If it helps, imagine them living in another country that’s 12 hours behind you.

15. The Silence Is Deafening

night shift funnies | night time laughter | night shift worker memes

via Night Shift Life

It’s quiet. Too quiet. (Sobs quietly.)

16. Sunshine on My Window

shift change jokes | late-night antics | night shift relatable memes

via Katherine's Blog

This is why blackout curtains are a must-have for people who work the night shift. You might also want to check out some of these sleep gadgets and tools to help improve your sleep quality during daylight hours.

17. Rambling

after-hours shift humor | work at night laughter | humor for night jobs

via Katherine's Blog

Sometimes, it’s just too…. You know?

18. You Need Grit for the Night Shift

overnight shift jokes | night owl memes | night duty humor

via Tox1cRain on Reddit

Whether you’re a nurse, firefighter, paramedic, factory worker, or security personnel on night shift duty, we commend you for your dedication.

It takes a special person to willingly work throughout the night without succumbing to sleep and doing the work expected of them. Thank you!

19. I Don't Know Anymore

dark hours worker memes | work at night humor | overnight shift funnies

via Just_Eddie_7 on Reddit

If you have friends who are on graveyard shift, please be more understanding of them. They need your patience, especially if you’ve started receiving messages like the one above.

20. A Whole World of Difference

shift change memes | night shift giggles | night shift humor for nurses

via J_Ru on Reddit

How is it that the people who have the hardest jobs often get the least amount of appreciation? Out of sight, out of mind!

21. Fighting a Losing Battle

nocturnal shift memes | night duty jokes | sleepless shift humor

via PeeSeaBayBee on Reddit

It starts with promising yourself to not fall asleep, then it usually ends with promising yourself you’re just going to rest your eyes for 5 minutes. This is how zombies are made.

22. Buccaneers on the Night Shift

overnight worker jokes | funny night shift sayings | twilight shift humor

via TearDr0pRS on Reddit

Night shifts can be brutal, especially for those in health care. But with a crew you can rely on and caffeine in your system, you’ll make it.

23. Welcome to the Night Shift

night job memes | funny night shift sayings | shift work humor

via Nathan Young on Facebook

For some people, every night shift is as hectic as a Monday work day. Night shift is also a time when it is easy to lose track of time. Better keep a calendar nearby.

24. Fresh as a Daisy

night job jokes | night worker humor | humor for night shifts

via Savannah Moran on Facebook

While not everyone is as fresh as a daisy after a 12-hour graveyard shift, there are people who do it day after day (or night after night). Perhaps you even know somebody who constantly works the night shift.

They aren’t wilting, are they? I wonder what their secret is.

25. Stay Away From the Light

humorous night duty | graveyard shift giggles | night owl humor

via nurse.org

The light! It burns. Aargh!

26. Passing the Torch

relatable night time humor | overnight shift jokes | graveyard shift humor

via California Casualty

It really is, especially because someone pointed out that it was a full moon last night. Also, the coffee maker in the pantry is broken.

27. Night Shift's Face

sleepless shift worker memes | night work humor | nocturnal shift change

via Funny Nursing Quotes

This is the face of someone who has witnessed unspeakable terrors and survived to see the sun come up. It is a face that evokes both pity and admiration during the morning commute.

28. Caffeine Is Mandatory

moonlight shift worker memes | 3rd shift laughter | graveyard shift worker humor

via Everhour

Jokes and coffee are a must. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t survive.

29. All the Good Stuff's In It

night work jokes | night shift worker life | night shift survival humor

via Everhour

I’m telling you—night shift people are a different breed. They’ve probably developed a mutation that helps them do their jobs effectively, even though they’re only fueled by caffeine, rage, and painkillers.

30. Watch Out for Sundowners

moonlight shift memes | dark hours jokes | night crawler memes

via Nurse Buff

Does sundown make you feel uneasy? If so, you might be a medical staff member on the night shift. Handle with extra care.

31. Quick, Find a Cave!

funny night shift moments | night shift worker life | night shift survival jokes

via Nurse Buff

It’s best to stay under the shade or wear a hat when you leave work. Don’t want you getting sunburned.

32. Ha Ha on That

night shift life memes | night shift work-life balance | night shift survival tips

via Nurse Buff

Sorry for laughing. We can’t help it, really.

33. A Rare Meeting

Night Shift: Have a great day!

Early Shift: Good night! Sweet dreams.

34. All the Warning Lights Are Lit

This is how a vampire feels when a village mob finds their coffin and opens it under the glare of the sun. Just use the stake, already.

35. What's Your Support System?

To everything that keeps us going, thank you very much.

Thank you, caffeine. Also, thank you, awesome co-shifters.

Final Thoughts on Night Shift Memes

It’s finally daybreak and you’ve made it through the night. Hopefully, this collection of night shift memes helped you endure the dark hours of work.

As another day is about to start for others, we hope yours is winding down smoothly and that you’ll find yourself safely in bed soon, full of knowledge about how to fix your sleep schedule for better sleep quality.

Let me take this opportunity to say that we appreciate that you are willing to be deprived of sleep to be of service to others.

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