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We all look forward to the weekend.

Whether you’re planning to paint the town red or simply stay at home and go all-out hygge this weekend, the feeling of total freedom and relaxation begins when work ends on Friday.

To bring some levity to your day, we’re sharing with you this collection of funny Friday memes.

Unlike Wednesday, with its hump day memes that help you power through a long workweek, memes dedicated to Friday give you permission to relax into your weekend so you can focus on doing what you truly love.

Here are the best memes we've rounded up for you.

1. So Glad You're Here

We’ve waited the entire week for you, Friday. Glad you’re here. It’s so good you made it!

2. Freedom!

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No matter what kind of week you’re having, it’s a relief to get out the door at the end of the work week. Feel free to burst into a song or skip on your way to the sidewalk. We will sing along with you.

3. Let It Waft In

Ah, the smell of freedom. The prospect of utter relaxation. It is the aroma of endless possibilities and having time for yourself this weekend. Enjoy!

4. Sweet, Blessed Relief

Finding out that something you’ve been looking forward to is actually happening is priceless. Now, get out there and celebrate!

5. Pretty Please?

Who could resist this cuteness? I hope someone up there hears this kitty’s pleas, looks into its eyes, and grants us eternal Fridays. Keep at it, Puss.

6. It's Tattooed in My Brain

It’s like having an internal alarm system. I can sense when Friday’s about to happen, even before it’s here.

7. My Vibe When Welcoming the Weekend

If I could afford it, I’d go all out and get a marching band, fireworks, and red carpet. Friday deserves the warmest of welcomes.

8. The Feeling Is Upon Us

I feel it in my bones when Friday’s upon us. I notice an immediate dip in my productivity and an almost uncontrollable urge to rush out the door the moment the clock says it’s time to go.

9. Gotta Rush, the Weekend's Waving

I got my running shoes on. Maybe I should have worn my leggings. Here I am, warming up for the dash out that door a few minutes from now.

10. Thank Heavens

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There are different entities credited with inventing the weekend, including the ancient Romans, British workers, and Henry Ford. Even if there’s no consensus on who was responsible, we thank whoever it was for the 48 hours we can be free from work and get in touch with the other aspects of our lives.

11. Will It Work?

Has anyone tried this? Care to tell us if it worked?

12. The First One Is Fish

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Fantastic and freedom are a couple of “F” words that we like, as well. How about you?

13. Slay

It takes nearly superhuman effort to accomplish these things throughout the week. If you’ve dealt with them, congratulations. Drinks are on us.

14. Happy Friday – Gangnam Style

It’s Friday! A happy dance is in order. Imagine yourself doing PSY’s dance moves as you head out the door.

15. Insert Maniacal Laughter

If you’re one of those people who consider the weekend to be the time for mischief-making, just make sure you’re not doing anything illegal. Also, keep safe.

16. It Does

We’re not in denial here. We are sure this is true, and you’ll never convince us otherwise. End of discussion.

17. Happy Dance

A happy dance is in order as the weekend approaches. They should make it mandatory in all workplaces, don’t you think?

18. So Precious. Bless Him

This is a picture of pure bliss. Many of us look like this upon waking up and knowing that it’s Friday and the weekend has finally arrived.

19. Until Monday Then

Friday is always a busy time for us. With so many things calling our attention outside of work that day, we figure everything else can wait until Monday.

20. A Full Report From the Pond

And everything is going according to plan. Have a happy weekend!

21. Big Happy Grin

Can you feel that vibe? This meme makes us so happy that the weekend is here.

22. Do as Chuck Says

Chuck Norris is a force to be reckoned with. When he tells us to chill because it's Friday, we chill.

23. Carefree Friday

We look forward to Fridays like this guy with his carefree attitude. He looks like he’s totally ready to go off on new adventures. Take us with you!

24. The Most Beautiful Feeling

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Who could resist the beautiful feeling of sinking into your bed after work on Friday? It’s therapeutic, I tell you. If you haven’t planned anything big for the weekend, we totally understand. Enjoy the rest!

25. I'm on This Ride

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But if you want to do something big this weekend, this meme is your inspiration. You can take it literally or figuratively. Either way, it will be memorable.

26. That's Right

Generally speaking, Friday afternoons are for zoning out and entering daydream mode. Whatever work you give workers on that day will be on Monday’s wait list.

27. Taking Self-Care Very Seriously

This, my friends, is pure bliss and the ultimate act of self-care. Nothing provides complete peace of mind like going to bed knowing you can wake up late and take everything slow the next day.

28. Yes and Thank You

You’ve got money in your pocket and time on your hands. Can you say hallelujah?!

29. Come at Me

You may look like a donkey barreling at me, Friday, but I still welcome you with open arms!

30. You've Endured Enough

We know it’s been a rough week. Let us get you a drink to help you relax.

31. It's Going to Be a Wild Ride

This ride involves heading out of town for the weekend. You might see the sights or meet new people. One thing we can guarantee, though: It’s going to be wild.

32. Appearance Counts, I Guess

Fridays make it hard to do real work, and we’re glad there’s a meme that tells it like it is. Some people just make appearances, then work gets rescheduled to Monday.

33. Thank God for Coffee

It’s almost the weekend and we’ve got caffeine buzzing in our systems. This should be interesting.

34. Time for Self-Care

If anyone calls, tell them you’re busy. Staying at home in your bathrobe with a glass of wine in one hand is a very important part of self-care.

35. It's All Just in Your Head

A huge shout out to the people who are our age. These days, most of us are just reliving the memories of those insane weekends when staying out all night partying seemed like a requirement.

36. Louder Please

If there’s something you want me to do, it can wait until Monday.

What? It’s important? Okay, I’ll deal with it on Monday.

37. Let's Rock

Yes, we’ve finally made it to the close of the week! We survived the work week. Now let’s ride away and paint the town red.

38. It Goes Well With Everything

There are a few moments in an adult’s life when they can truly say they’re experiencing bliss. Waking up to a Friday is one such moment.

39. Feeling Weird

The weekend’s here. What a relief!

40. You Have Permission to Go Crazy Today

It’s the best we can do. Just make sure you don’t hurt yourself on the way out, okay?

41. Stay Fabulous

For those who opt out of going crazy, you have permission to stay fabulous. Enjoy your weekend!

42. Throwing Shade on Thursdays

Wednesdays get recognition as Hump Day, but Thursdays don’t have a specific title. Instead, they are the day before Friday. Sorry, Thursdays.

43. Be Careful on the Way Home, Folks

It looks like someone can’t wait to start their weekend. Keep safe out there, folks!

44. Indeed!

We wholeheartedly agree that this is a day where we should have time for ourselves. We’re so happy, we’d levitate if we could.

45. Our Prayers Are Finally Answered

We thank the heavens for this break from work. We have 48 whole hours to do what we love.

46. Time to Do the Happy Dance

We understand if you want to do a happy dance when Friday comes. In fact, we encourage it. Come to think of it, why don’t we create an official choreography to celebrate Friday?

47. High Five Everything

The Oxford Dictionary defines a high five as “(a) gesture of celebration, congratulation, or greeting, in which two people slap each other’s palms…”

Friday is good for giving high fives because you’re celebrating the upcoming weekend, congratulating each other you’ve made it through the week, and greeting someone who’s coming out of the workplace.

Up here, it’s Friday!

48. Hope You're Ready

I’m waving both arms. I’ve been ready since Monday.

49. We’re Getting There Soon

Can you stand the suspense?

50. Morgan Freeman's Announcement

We’d definitely pay attention and take the weekend more seriously if Morgan Freeman was announcing the date. We’d also expect at least a couple of life-changing experiences over the weekend.

51. It Is the Biggest Deal There Is

Folks, Friday’s arrival is the biggest deal there is. Make no mistake about it.

52. Did Someone Mention My Favorite Word?

Just heard that the weekend’s here. I’m overwhelmed.

53. The Moment We've All Been Waiting For

We’ve waited all week. Hurray, it’s finally here!

Final Thoughts on Funny Friday Memes

There you have it—funny memes for Friday and the weekend.

Maybe one or two of the memes featured here resonated with you. Which ones were your favorites?

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this list as much as we enjoyed compiling it.

We also hope that you’ll have an enjoyable and memorable weekend, whatever your plans are. Keep safe out there!

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