The Importance of Being Punctual at Work [HCP]

Punctual Habit

Why is it important to be punctual at your job? This is what you’ll learn in today’s Habit Change Profile. First we’ll cover how a  punctuality  habit can help you improve your job success.  Then I’ll provide a simple strategy where you can permanently change the “lateness habit” and become an early arrival who gets … Read more

5-Minute Trick to Minimize Your Processed Food Diet [HCP]

Pink Donuts

Today, I’m starting a brand new blog series: “Habit Change Profiles” (HCP) Each post will talk about a single bad habit that many people have and will provide simple, “quick fix.” My recommendation is to incorporate each into a 30 Day Habit Challenge where you work on making this subtle change into your daily routine.  … Read more

How to Read 30 Minutes of Nonfiction Every Day [30DHC]

Education shouldn’t end after school. To live a better life, you should make a commitment to read and improve  your mind. This is especially true if you’re self employed like me Really, the only way to stay competitive in my field is to develop the reading habit. The entrepreneurial market is constantly evolving, so you … Read more

How to Stop Drinking Soft Drinks and Beer [30DHC]

Soda-Beer-Habit Challenge

We all know that soda and beer aren’t healthy to drink. But have you ever looked at the nutritional value of these beverages? What amazes me is how many calories and chemicals are packed into a single can. More importantly, I never took the time to see how many of these drinks I consumed in … Read more

How a Daily Morning Routine Energizes and Enhances Your Day [30DHC]

Morning Routine

A daily morning routine can have a huge impact on your ability to get things done. Do you feel groggy in the morning and slowly build momentum?  Or do you hop out of bed, ready to attack the world?  To be honest, many people aren’t morning people. We’ll often get out of bed, eat food, … Read more

One Habit at a Time: How You Create Lifelong Routines

Bad Habits

It’s hard to develop new habits. We are so used to doing the same thing over and over again, so it often seems like it’s impossible to make a permanent change. There is a major a reason why most people fail with habit development: It’s impossible to change multiple habits at the same time.  Changing … Read more

Why Small Wins are a Powerful Way to Form Habits

Small Wins and Mini Habits

What are small wins? Small wins are progress points on your way to your goal. For example, say that your main goal is to get out of debt. This can be a daunting and discouraging task because it involves a lot of moving parts.  Focusing on small wins helps you break down a large goal … Read more

What is Neuroplasticity?

Is it possible to change a bad habit? Can you replace limiting behaviors with good habits? That’s what many people claim is possible through Neuroplasticity. So what is neuroplasticity and how can it help you develop good habits? Put simply, the concept of neuroplasticity is defined as: Neuroplasticity nu̇r-ō-pla-ˈsti-sə-tē The way the brain reorganizes itself … Read more