14 Best Financial Calculator Apps for iPhone and Android

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best financial calculator apps | tvm calculator | calculator apps download for mobile

Most of us appreciate advice that helps us build smart financial habits. But what if that advice comes from an app? Would you still take it? I hope you would because a financial calculator app can help assess your financial health. It can track your spending habits and your purchasing power. Further, it can educate you … Read more

11 Best Shared Family Calendar Apps & Organizers [2023 Update]

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best family calendar app | family calendar google | best shared calendar app for family

Has it become a challenge to keep track of your family’s schedule? Just for the week, the household’s schedule could involve ballet recitals, baseball practices, play dates, camping trips, family hobbies, and your spouse coming home for dinner with his boss on Thursday. Oh, and it is your turn to carpool your kids and their … Read more

How to Plan Your Day: A 7-Minute Habit

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how to plan your day | how to plan your day for optimal productivity | how to plan your day pdf

Have you ever heard someone say, “You can get money back with time, but you can’t get time back with money,” or anything that relays a similar message? Basically, this is saying that if you lose money, you will have a chance to earn it back. However, if you lose an hour, you can’t replace … Read more

5 SMART Goals Examples for Organizational Skills

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smart goals for organizational skills | organizational skills goal examples | smart goals examples

Being well-organized is an essential part of daily life, whether at home, on the job, or at school. However, staying well-organized is a challenge that many face. There are various organizational skills we all need to master. Being able to plan, be physically organized, engage in teamwork, being proactive and motivated are just some of … Read more

6 Ways to Downsize & Simplify Your Life

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how to downsize your life | how to downsize your life and save money | simplify your life

Anyone who is active on the internet has heard the phrase, “TikTok made me buy it.” And…many of us can directly relate to this saying. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been up late at night scrolling through TikTok, only to turn to Amazon to buy something that was definitely going to change … Read more

50 Best Frugal Living Tips to Save Real Money in 2023

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frugal living | frugal living meaning | best frugal living tips

When you think about someone who lives a frugal lifestyle, does your mind automatically picture someone who is putting tight restraints on their spending, and therefore missing out on some things that you believe make life so wonderful? Well…yes and no. Living frugally simply means that you’re intentional with how you spend your money. You’re … Read more

9 Steps to Make a Bucket List of Your Dreams

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how to make a bucket list | make a bucket list meaning | bucket list ideas

If you’d like to accomplish your dreams, but aren’t sure where to start, you can benefit from learning how to make a bucket list. This can help you organize the experiences you’ve always wanted to have, so that you’re excited and prepared to go out and actually experience them.  If the thought of getting organized … Read more

11 Time Management Activities & Exercises for 2023

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time management activities | time management activities examples | time management exercises

What’s one of the big secrets to success? Time management. Successful people are able to juggle their priorities and avoid spending too much time on any one thing–especially if it isn’t an activity that is going to help them get to wherever they’re going. People who celebrate success have a track record of making sure … Read more

10 Free Printable Family Chore Chart Templates for 2023

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Use these 10 free family chore chart templates to help organize your teens chores and other responsibilities.

If you are reading this… you have kids. And your kids have chores that you would like them to do. Like them to do. Remember those words. You’d like them to help out around the house.  Help out with their siblings.  Yada, yada. But whether or not they actually do it… that remains to be … Read more

Vision Board Purpose: 7 Benefits of Using a Vision Board

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benefits of a vision board | vision board ideas | psychology behind vision boards

The law of attraction combines affirmations and creative visualization to reframe one’s thinking by replacing self-limiting thoughts with a more empowered attitude. Think about that for a second. Affirmations (positivity) and creative visualization (your own art) can work together to help you power through imaginary barriers by making you believe in yourself. When positive thinking … Read more