Steve SJ Scott – My Habit Books List

Steve SJ Scott – My Habit Books List

Hello!  I am Steve Scott. Also known as SJ Scott. As you might know, I've written numerous books on habit development. Books that will hopefully help you make a change for the better in your life.

The trick is to help YOU find the books that match your interests and what you would like to improve.  So in this section, I will briefly review my top books and show where you can grab them on your preferred platform.

Let's get to it.

Habit Stacking: 127 Small Actions That Take Five Minutes or Less

Want to improve your life, but don't have enough time?

Right now you could easily think of a dozen ways to instantly improve your life. Odds are, these ideas will only take a few minutes apiece to complete. The problem? You might feel like there's not enough time to do all of them. One solution can be found using the power of "habit stacking."

You will discover 127 quick habits that can instantly improve your life. Plus you'll discover how to create a simple routine (managed by a checklist) that you repeat on a daily basis. Even better, you'll discover a few tools that will keep you motivated and consistent. So even if you're completely stressed out, you'll still find the time and energy to complete these actions on a consistent basis.

Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking

Why This Book? We all experience the occasional negative thought. But if you always feel overwhelmed, then you need to closely examine how these thoughts are negatively impacting your lifestyle.

The solution is to practice specific mindfulness techniques that create more “space" in your mind to enjoy inner peace and happiness. With these habits, you'll have the clarity to prioritize what's most important in your life, what no longer serves your goals, and how you want to live on a daily basis. And that's what you'll learn in Declutter Your Mind.

Mindful Relationship Habits: 25 Practices for Couples to Enhance Intimacy, Nurture Closeness, and Grow a Deeper Connection

Feel disconnected from your spouse or partner? Struggle to keep your relationship fresh? Worried that everything will end in heartbreak?

If you want to build a deeper connection with your spouse or partner, then one solution is to build "Mindful Relationship Habits."

Mindful Relationship Habits will show you how to have a more mindful relationship by applying 25 specific practices. These habits will help you be more present with one another, communicate better, avoid divisive arguments, and understand how to respond to one another's needs in a more loving, empathic, and conscious way.

The Mindfulness Journal: Daily Practices, Writing Prompts, and Reflections for Living in the Present Moment

Want to make "mindfulness" a daily habit? Or experience more joy with everyday moments? Tired of life slipping by in a haze of distraction?

The Mindfulness Journal is your daily guidebook for living in the present moment and experiencing the richness of life by applying mindfulness to your work, your relationships, or even the most mundane tasks of your day.

With "The Mindfulness Journal," you will have simple activities to practice each day, and then you will write about your experiences with mindfulness, which reinforces your efforts.

This journal provides a total of 365 daily writing prompts divided into 52 weekly mindfulness topics. This arrangement gives you seven days to immerse yourself in each topic.

It is designed to awaken you to mindfulness in various natural moments throughout your day, as well as with some activities that may be new for you.

How to Quit Your Smoking Habit: Without The Stress or Weight Gain

Hate your cigarette habit? Want to quit without the stress or weight gain?

It's really hard to be a smoker. You're putting your health at risk. You waste hundreds of dollars each month. And you're quickly becoming a social pariah with your friends and co-workers.

Smoking also causes a feeling of powerlessness. You've probably tried to quit dozens of times, but failed miserably. So what's the solution? The answer is to use simple habit development principles to fight against your desire to smoke.

Learn how to:

  • Take control of your health.
  • Quit smoking without the fear of gaining weight.
  • Stop feeling like a slave.
  • Increase your physical fitness.
  • Improve your looks.

The Budgeting Habit: How to Make a Budget and Stick to It!

Struggling with your finances? Buried in credit card debt? Want a simple way to make a budget and stick with it?

Imagine what it would feel like to master your budget and not be in debt. All the money you currently pay to credit card companies can now be spent fixing up the house, taking a vacation, or investing in your retirement fund. You celebrate the holidays without dreading the credit card bill that is sure to arrive in January.

The solution is to re-frame your thinking by implementing a simple, step-by-step process that will help you master budgeting.

Master Todoist: How to Use a Simple App to Create Actionable To-Do Lists and Organize Your Life

Do you struggle with getting things done? Feel overwhelmed by your to-do list? Want a simple app to manage and organize your life?

Fortunately, the TODOIST app is specifically designed help you manage all your day-to-day tasks -- even when juggling dozens of projects. Todoist is widely considered to be the #1 to-do list app because of its simple functionality.

The goal of Master Todoist is to help you rethink your to-do lists. On the surface, you’ll find a walkthrough of all the app's features, but you’ll also discover many advanced strategies for focusing on the tasks that truly matter. You'll also discover how you can take massive action in your life by relying on a simple app that's trusted by over 5 million users. 

How to Stop Procrastinating: A Simple Guide to Mastering Difficult Tasks and Breaking the Procrastination Habit

Why This Book? The book is a straight-forward, systematic framework for building an action-oriented habit through all the areas in your life. Simply put: If you're someone who procrastinates, then this bad habit is limiting your success in a variety of ways. If you don't address this issue, then you'll reduce the likelihood that you'll achieve your major goals.

That's why it's critical that you focus on eliminating your procrastination tendencies by building what I call the "anti-procrastination habit."

Whether you're someone who lets the occasional task slip through the cracks or you always do things at the last minute, you'll discover an abundance of actionable advice in this book.

10-Minute Mindfulness: 71 Habits for Living in the Present Moment

Why This Book? You can be unconscious about your lifestyle choices, habits, and thoughts. You can be unconscious about your true values, life priorities, and deeper longings. And you're unconscious about living in the present moment because you're preoccupied by past regrets and worries for the future.

The solution is to incorporate mindfulness through your entire day — so you can enjoy inner peace and happiness. And the simplest way to do this is to build a series of mindfulness habits.

This book is for anyone who recognize the need to improve their focus, productivity, happiness, and peace of mind.

Novice to Expert: 6 Steps to Learn Anything, Increase Your Knowledge, and Master New Skills

Why This Book? We all want to expand on our existing knowledge. But sometimes it's impossible to stay consistent with a new skill or habit. It's easy to fall into the trap where you focus only on learning and never get around to implementing the information.

The truth is: You can learn anything… without spending lots of money… without dedicating thousands of hours to the process… and often without leaving the comfort of your home.

The Miracle Morning for Writers: How to Build a Writing Ritual That Increases Your Impact and Your Income (Before 8AM)

Why This Book? The Miracle Morning for Writers combines Hal Elrod's global phenomenon with Steve Scott's proven writing habit techniques (which helped him get on the Wall Street Journal bestsellers list). You learn how to take charge of your morning and maximize “the rest of the day" for your writing efforts.

Here's what you'll discover in The Miracle Morning for Writers:

  • How a morning routine can change every area of your life (Including your health, happiness, finances and relationships).
  • The proven strategy for “finding the time" to write–even if you have a full-time job.
  • Our method for selling lots of books (and the 8-step process to build it).

SJ Scott's: Productive Habits Book Bundle (Books 1-5)

Why This Book? Get FIVE of S.J. Scott's best-selling titles, each for under a $1. This bundle includes the following books:

1. 23 Anti-Procrastination Habits

2. To-Do List Makeover

3. Wake Up Successful

4. S.M.A.R.T. Goals Made Simple

5. Declutter Your Inbox

10-Minute Digital Declutter: The Simple Habit to Eliminate Technology Overload

Why This Book? This book is written for the person who is starting to recognize the danger of digital noise, but doesn't know how to live in this modern world without feeling overwhelmed. It's also for those who need a system for the information they do want. Not only will you get back more time, you'll also discover core strategies for maximizing the time you spend in the digital world.

If you have a desire to live an organized, simplified digital life — and to reclaim some of the time you spend with digital devices — then download 10-Minute Digital Declutter today.

10-Minute Declutter: The Stress-Free Habit for Simplifying Your Home