5 Red Herring Fallacy Examples to Fight Irrelevant Information

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In literature circles, a red herring is a narrative element that is meant to mislead readers by providing irrelevant information. For example, an author might introduce some plot point to distract the reader and mislead them so the ending is more surprising. Red herrings also pop up in rhetoric and argumentation. A red herring fallacy … Read more

5 False Equivalence Examples to Know Before Your Next Argument

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false equivalence example | what is false equivalence | what is a false comparison called

In general, drawing comparisons between things can be useful. However, comparisons are not always apt and we sometimes end up drawing comparisons between things that are actually not alike. A false equivalence is a type of logical fallacy in which a person attempts to draw an equivalence between two things based on the presence of a few … Read more

6 Straw Man Fallacy Examples & How You Can Respond

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straw man fallacy examples | straw man fallacy examples in media | funny straw man fallacy examples

In the context of a debate, it’s always good practice to make sure you clearly understand your opponent’s position before you respond, so you can argue against their actual views. Unfortunately, good practice doesn’t always come through and people end up misrepresenting other people’s views.  A straw man fallacy is a kind of logical fallacy … Read more

6 False Dichotomy Examples & How to Counter Them

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false dichotomy examples | false dichotomy examples in politics | false dichotomy examples in real life

In 2001, then-president George W. Bush was quoted making the following statement to Congress in response to the attacks on 9/11: “Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” In the time since, President Bush has been criticized for his all-or-nothing … Read more

7 Slippery Slope Fallacy Examples (And How to Counter Them)

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slippery slope examples | slippery slope examples in real life | slippery slope meaning and examples

Say you’re debating a friend over the topic of marijuana legalization and they say this: “If we legalize recreational marijuana, then marijuana will become normalized in public life. If marijuana is normalized, that will make it more likely that children and other impressionable people will partake. Before you know it, everyone will be doing drugs! … Read more