11 Best Movies About Happiness & Finding Life Satisfaction

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movies about happiness | best movies about happiness | movies about happiness and life

Movies can do more than entertain us. They can stir our emotions. Sometimes, a movie can be a real tear jerker. Also, they can make us feel joy. Most often, the best movies are the ones that take us on a journey from one emotion to the other. We experience catharsis as we live vicariously … Read more

Values VS Goals: Which is Better to Pursue?

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values vs goals | values vs goals examples | these values are means to achieve goals of life

Values and Goals are two simple, but powerful, words that should be carefully understood. Many people don’t know the difference between the two… and I can’t blame them. As I write this post, I wonder whether one can truly live a successful life by focusing on only goals or only values? But before you think … Read more

8 SMART Goals Examples for Improving Your Interpersonal Skills

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smart goals examples for interpersonal skills | examples of smart goals for relationship building | smart goals for presentation skills examples

Are you looking for ways to improve your interpersonal skills? Interpersonal skills are a set of people skills that include communication, listening, conflict resolution, and even empathy. So it’s no surprise that they are essential for building healthy personal and professional relationships. Whether you want to work these so-called “soft skills” for personal or career … Read more

19 Fun & Creative Things to Fill a Notebook With

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things to fill a notebook with | empty notebook ideas | 130 ways to fill a notebook

Do you want to keep a journal, but you just don’t know where to start? We are certain it’s not for a lack of trying. You want to fill up a notebook, but you are struggling to get the creative juices flowing! You’re stuck at the starting line staring at a blank page. Don’t worry… … Read more

How to Communicate with Someone Who Shuts Down

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how to communicate with someone who shuts down | how to communicate with a man who wont communicate | when a man shuts down emotionally

We would all agree that communication is key in any relationship… whether in a marriage, dating relationship or with our children and other family members.  In addition, communication is essential on the job. We need to be open and honest with our bosses, co-workers and employees. Same goes for our neighbors and friends. Our doctors, religious … Read more

How to Overcome Your Fear of Success: 7 Steps

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how to overcome fear of success | fear of success psychology | signs of fear of success

What is this feeling? You have thought about your dream job forever… worked your way up. You’ve gone through an interview or two and feel like you are close enough to reach out and grab that brass ring.  But as you approach the third and final interview, doubt enters your mind. Do you really want … Read more

171 Random Questions to Ask People Throughout Your Life

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random questions to ask | random questions to ask funny | random questions to ask people

As you go through life, you’ll meet a lot of different people. Talking with others can help you grow as a person. Equipping yourself with an arsenal of random questions to ask people is a great way to spark interesting and enlightening conversations. They can also help you with personal and professional success. What is … Read more

15 Steps for Distancing Yourself from People Who Hurt You

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distancing yourself | distancing yourself from a friend | distancing yourself quotes

People can be toxic. In fact, research shows that 80 percent of Americans have been emotionally hurt – whether at work, school or home.  It can be a friend dragging you down or that jerk you can’t avoid at work. It could also be a close family member who thinks having blood ties justifies lousy behavior. Whoever it … Read more

101 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Out Who You Are

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I love self-reflection. Sometimes I go on long walks in the early morning or late evening when few people are around so I can be in my own head. Doing so enables me to “think out loud” while feeling at one with nature. At home, I often play flute-based meditative music to help me start thinking about … Read more

9 Signs You Have a Doer Personality

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doer personality | doer personality type careers | doer personality traits

Our personality is developed practically from birth and is the foundation of our individuality. What you do with that personality is what defines your character. I don’t believe it is an overstatement to say that a person’s character is the most critical aspect of what a person becomes. Four out of 10 people possess characteristics … Read more