Show Notes for “10-Minute Digital Declutter”

Thanks for purchasing the audio version of 10-Minute Digital Declutter: Simple Habits to Pare Down, Unplug, and De-Stress from Online Overwhelm.

I know what it’s like to listen to audio content. You hear an important link, but can’t immediately write it down. So I’ve put together these show notes of every link that’s mentioned in 10-Minute Digital Declutter.

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Let’s get to those notes…

Social media tools:

Email tools:

  • Declutter Your Inbox – book by Steve that can help you successfully tackle your email issue
  • – allows you to make a decision about every list subscription.  Within a few minutes you can remove your email address from every list—all at once.
  • Boomarang extension – creates reminders for specific tasks

Most popular calendar tools:

Project management software

Music and podcast apps

Evernote – a great notetaking app

List Making Apps

Calendar Apps

Collaboration Apps

Goal Setting Apps

Password Apps

Syncing and Cloud Based Apps

Cloud-based backup programs

Naked Security – reports that the average person uses over 150 websites that require a login and passwords

Password Managers

Programs that find and eliminate duplicate files

Some of the best anti-virus and security programs include:

Computer tuneup programs

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