Beat that cold with Echinacea tea

Echinacea tea is an herbal tea known for its strong immune system boosting properties.

Since it is an “herbal tea” it is not actually made from the tea plant and will not contain caffeine or any of the basic tea benefits, unless some regular tea is blended in.

However, that is not to say that Echinacea does not have some great properties (it does!) just that those are properties that derive from the Echinacea plant.

Echinacea tea is known primarily as a tea that supports a healthy immune system. It fights germs, boosts the immune system, and is good for all around healthy day-to-day living.

If you are sick or looking to avoid an oncoming cold this herbal tea is one of your best bets to help combat the illness. It may not keep you healthy, but it will help to allieviate some of the annoying symptoms, keep the cold at bay…and may just keep you from getting sick in the first place. Mixing some Echinacea tea into an existing tea habit is a great way to keep yourself healthy.

There are quite a few notable Echinacea tea benefits. All of these benefits have had scientific experiments backing them up as well as years of anecdotal evidence.

Echinacea Tea Benefits:

• Improved Indigestion
• Fights Gum Disease
• Combats Fatigue
• Relieves Migraines
• Dulls Pain
• Fights off the Flu
• Relieves Tonsillitis
• Combats ADHD
• Relieves Arthritis Pain
• Helps Cure Colds
• Clears Skin Problems
• Stress Relief
• Combats Urinary Tract infections
• Relieves Strep Throat

As you can see, Echinacea is a great tea to have when you have something wrong and want to give the ole' immune system a bit of a boost.

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