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Novice to Expert: 6 Steps to Learn Anything, Increase Your Knowledge, and Master New Skills

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Don't know how to get started with a new skill?

If so, then my book, Novice to Expert: 6 Steps to Learn Anything, Increase Your Knowledge, and Master New Skills, can help. Here, I show you how you can learn anything… without spending lots of money… without dedicating thousands of hours to the process… and often without leaving the comfort of your home.

How to Learn Anything

Novice to Expert helps you develop a talent with the right mix of practice, motivation, and coaching.

You will learn:

  • 6 Proven Resources to Teach Yourself a Skill
  • The #1 Technique for Taking Actionable Notes
  • 13 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Picking a Skill
  • Two “Must-Have” Apps to Manage a Knowledge-Based Project
  • 8 Steps to Deliberately Practice a New Skill
  • 6 Habit-Learning Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

Throughout Novice to Expert, you will discover how to work at a skill during your spare time so it doesn’t interfere with your busy life.

Get Novice to Expert

The Novice to Expert eBook is available on Amazon!

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Don’t Own a Kindle Reader?

Some people have had trouble accessing these books in the past, because they do not own a Kindle . But you do not need a Kindle to read these books. (I read all my books on the iPhone.) Here are an assortment of ways you can read this book on other devices:

In short, it’s really simple to read Amazon Kindle books – No matter what type of device you use to access the Internet.

Here is the download link again:

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