137 Best Life Mottos to Live By Daily

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Are you sick of bad attitudes creeping into the world? It feels as if everywhere you look, you see and hear messages that attack your happiness. Whether it’s on TV, social media or just in daily conversations, you get blasted by this wall of negativity. Maybe you’re like me, and you want to combat this … Read more

15 Inspirational Poems About Life You Must Read Today

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It’s ok if you’ve been feeling a bit down lately. I think many of us are running on fumes–overwhelmed, overworked, and not living the life that we necessarily pictured we would. But, wallowing isn’t going to make things any better. You need to keep trying, continue moving forward, and take life by the horns. So … Read more

9 Printable Life Planning Worksheets & Templates

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Is life going the way you had planned? Do you need help figuring out what you truly want to happen in your life? Perhaps there are areas in your life that need improvement. How do you start working on improving these areas? Life planning can provide the answers you need. It helps you: Identify what’s … Read more

6 Steps to Complete the Dreamlining Exercise

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“Stick to the process, and the results will follow.” This is something that the CEO of my company reminds us of in nearly every morning leadership meeting. If you take the appropriate steps that you’ve been trained to do, it will lead to positive outcomes for the business. Everyone’s work will accumulate over time and … Read more

4 Steps to Write a Life Purpose Statement (with 5 Examples)

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We talk about a variety of things here on DGH, but a lot of it comes down to one common theme: how you can improve your sense of fulfillment in life. Think about it, we’ve talked about: Living according to your values Books that you can read to help you find your sense of purpose … Read more

9 Best Books on Finding Your Purpose in Life

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Have you found your purpose in life? If you’re still searching, we hope that today’s article, which features some of the best books on purpose, will be able to point you in the right direction. The journey to finding your purpose in life can be long and arduous, but the end results are definitely worth … Read more

35 Things to Do Right Now to Feel Better About Life

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Stuck in a rut? Just as we thought we were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with this pandemic, another wave is upon us, which has caused many of us to feel helpless. But even though this is a truly devastating time in history, you still have some control over your life. … Read more

15 Intermediate Goals Examples to Set for the Next Year

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We’ve talked a lot about your long-term goals and your short-term goals, but what about goals that fall somewhere in between? Your bigger life goals can feel overwhelming without breaking them down into manageable pieces–which can cause you to lose momentum and possibly give up because the payoff feels so far away. But, it’s also … Read more

5 Steps to Find Your Strengths in Life

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I’ve taken two career aptitude tests in my life. I took one of them about seven years ago, which said I should be an anthropologist. Like, fossils and stuff? I took the second one about three months ago. It turns out the first test was valid–this one also said I should be an anthropologist. I … Read more